Oct 4

6 Week Setback

Groin Tear + Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies

The results of the MRI came in last week. It’s an understatement to say it was depressing… Also why it’s taken me so long to get this online. I didn’t really want to write a hyperbolic melodrama… (hyperbolized?)

Cold Hard Facts

The MRI showed 2 stress fractures. One is just inflammation (the first stage of a stress fracture) in an area on my sacrum. The second one is on my left pubic bone and is actually showing some splitting of the bone (stage 2 of a fracture). I’m sure I’ve been feeling this and mistaking it for just muscular stiffness/tenderness/weakness. This is surely the reason I favor that area.

Pubic Bone Stress Fracture

Pubic Bone Stress Fracture 2

I also had a small tear on my left groin/adductor, the muscle/tendon that attaches to the pubic symphysis and the femur. I believe this was larger at one time and one of the initial symptoms along with a tear in my lower left ab muscle. However, I think Eric and I have been doing a great job rehabbing these. The ab tear didn’t even show up and I feel back to 100% up there.

Last, the Osteitis pubis was still showing up. It was actually kind of grotesque to look at on the the image (Dr Wilder was AMAZINGLY helpful by making 15 minutes for me to go over the MRI images. That was a HUGE psychological help for me since I’m so visual). The pubic symphysis is supposed to be smooth and round. Mine was all lumpy.


What This Means

So the first thing the stress fractures mean is that I’m taking 6-8 weeks off anything impact related (running). I also want to be a LOT more careful about what kind of pain I subject myself to in the groin area. It’s important to let that bone just heal. That’s really all I can do for it.

However, I DO need to keep working on rehabbing that groin, which requires stressing and massaging it (removing scar tissue). So there’s a fine line between enough and too much. Once again, different types of pain. I am getting into the water quite a bit these days. Aquajogging is becoming a routine. Up to 55 minutes at a time in the pool. I just need to be doing something. I also felt like I had JUST gotten to the point where I was feeling a bit of fitness returning and I don’t really want to have to got through that 2 to 3 miles at a time thing again. That was frustrating.


The Conclusion

So the whole thing just came at a bad time. And that made it a bit worse. I was up to 42 minutes on a run the day before I got the news and not feeling too bad. However, I can admit that probably wouldn’t have stayed the case in the long run. I would have regressed.

It is VERY nice to know what I’m dealing with though. I’m incredibly grateful to be allowed to take that MRI. I’ll emerge from the water in 6-8 weeks (well 5-7 now), get a followup x-ray, and hopefully get the green light to go run.

Adios til then




Man, I really messed myself up though huh?


  • Do you know the original cause/causes of these problems Macklin?

    • Yeah. I strained an ab muscle back in April while… sneezing on a run. Epic story right? Anyways, all other problems kind of stemmed from that. I’m pretty sure things were compensating and stuff was getting all out of whack in my pelvic area. It was pretty bad at and after nationals. Called it quits for a while before coming back to c’ville in August and working with docs to diagnose/rehab it. Took this long to pinpoint the problem

  • Your epic sneezing story made laugh so much I had to comment – partly because I’ve just been diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis too (and want to ask how long your recovery took?) and partly because my physio thought I was completely crazy when I said my lower abs hurt when I sneezed!
    I used to like sneezing (and can almost sneeze on demand) but now it’s just a pain :(

    But anyway, I found your site by scanning for OP MRI images similar to mine on Google and yours was a close match, so I’m hoping you’re recovery time can give me an idea of what I might expect?
    (I heard of a Gaelic footballer who recovered from very severe OP in about 19 weeks) I’m nowhere severe though.

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