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Nov 26

Thankful for… Things

Thank you + Yes you · 4 Comments

Aww, so thankful

Easy topic. Often boring topic. What can I possibly be thankful for that isn’t obvious? Well let’s see.

I’m thankful that:

  1. I can tell how cold it is outside by touching my wall.
  2. Jeans never look dirty.
  3. Snow here melts as fast as it falls.
  4. People say you can run a 10k at least 60s faster at sea level than you can up here.
  5. Short hair looks good regardless of how awkwardly you sleep on it.
  6. I can get from my bed to my bathroom in 3 steps.
  7. There’s a pink wine and it has a cool name.
  8. Psych is releasing season 7.
  9. There’s a coffee shop close enough to walk to regardless of weather conditions.
  10. When you wear holes in your clothes, they just get cooler.
  11. Based on recent conversation polls, women prefer Depp as a pirate to Bloom as an elf. (Cause who wants to be an elf…?)
  12. Einsteins makes a pumpkin bagel AND pumpkin cream cheese.
  13. There’s an Einsteins on the way back from all workouts.
  14. I can end this list on any arbitrary number.

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Aug 17

Mr Suicide Sheep

Music Video · Comments Off on Mr Suicide Sheep

Discovered a character who calls himself MrSuicideSheep, SuicideSheeep, and SheepyMixes on YouTube today.

Another great find for the general coding soundtrack. He has very similar musical tastes to myself and has gone through the trouble of curating a few hundred mixes. Unfortunately, he’d enabled ads so every now and then you’ll have to alt-tab. Bah.

Aug 12

Blackmill – Melodic Dubstep

Music Video · Comments Off on Blackmill – Melodic Dubstep

Easily my favorite artist right now. Just a 20 year old brit, he’s the only guy who’s entire collection I can put on a YouTube playlist and just let go.

Aug 11

If I was a Photographer…

Photo · Comments Off on If I was a Photographer…

…these are the kind of shots I would try to take.

Flying Cat

31 more pics here – Cat Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

Jul 10

Another Excellent Piece of Parenting

Parenting · Comments Off on Another Excellent Piece of Parenting

Excellent Parenting

May 8

Intermission Time Sanity Post

Skiing + Video · Comments Off on Intermission Time Sanity Post

Well, in order to stay sane while the Flyers teeter on the brink of elimination, I punched up YouTube to watch a few of my comfort videos. This one is just soo effing cool I can’t help but share (and can’t believe I haven’t before).

Many can piece together sweet videos of epic scenery. But FAR fewer can take the last place in the world I’d wanna live and make it look so darn sexy! God that’s inspirational. Clips like this are inching me towards that moment when I feel compelled to invest in learning how to do that… Continue reading »

Apr 16

This Guy Deserves A Medal

What a champ · Comments Off on This Guy Deserves A Medal

This Guy Deserves A Medal

Mar 24

A New Parenting Approach: Shame

Comic + Parenting · Comments Off on A New Parenting Approach: Shame

My parents could have used this trick back in ’99.

Shame is Underrated

Mar 23

Adventure Ideas

Extreme Fun + Music Video · Comments Off on Adventure Ideas

These would be cool to do:


Mar 22

Homeschool Reunion

Denver + Homeschool Reunion + Travel · 2 Comments

I am now on the flipside of one of the most memorable adventures of my life.  The past two action-packed weeks were the culmination of 6 months of planning with my childhood and fellow homeschooled besties with testies (and one wife). All footage is from Colorado, which ended up being a central location and great adventure platform for the eight of us.

There are a whole heck of a lot of talking points. I could have written a full-fledged blog post everyday. Truth is though, this whole writing thing is kinda tiring after 48hours of catching up on work emails. I’m gonna try something new and let some pictures do the talking (though I help out with some captions). Continue reading »

Mar 12

Mountain Men

Boulder + Homeschool Reunion + Travel · Comments Off on Mountain Men

The first week in Santa Cruz went almost as well as I could hope for. Could have been better if that coffee shop barista had accepted my proposal to come to Denver for two weeks… As a track captain once told me, “Can’t win ’em all”.

But now it’s time to reveal a plan that has been in the works for over 6 months. It’s time for a distinctly different kind of fun. Mountain fun. Mountain fun with the homeschooled boys of New Hampshire! Continue reading »

Mar 5

The Setup, Wines, and Purple Haze

Biking + Santa Cruz + Wine · Comments Off on The Setup, Wines, and Purple Haze

The past 48 hours have been fairly boring from an adventure standpoint. I’m just taking care of all of the things I need to get locked down before I leave for Colorado on the 6th. I’ve taken care of the big things.

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Mar 2

The Verdict

Santa Cruz + Travel · 7 Comments

Well, in the end I went with the little tiny studio I first picked out on Craigslist over 3 weeks ago. In years to come I will forget that I even waffled over hundreds of other places (I hovered over Craigslist channels like Cathal hovers over Xbox headlines), and warp this story to be love at first sight. Actually, had it been sunny instead of stormy the morning I checked it out, I’d like to think I would have taken it immediately. Yes, that will be my story down the road…

My First Solo Apartment

So I apologize this is going to lack so much detail. Truth is I’ve done very little web work this week and I’m a bit behind. Gonna play some serious catch-up today. There is so much I’d love to share, funny little things I see and stories to tell. But it seems there’s never the chance or time to tweet/blog about it while I’m living it. I suppose that’s how it should be. That said, I’ll try and write a little something daily, and I promise it will get more training oriented here soon. But on to the apartment…

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Mar 1

Where to Live… Hmm

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on Where to Live… Hmm

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to go to bed early then when I crashed into my hotel room at 9pm last night. I was exhausted. For good reason though. I successfully checked out 7 different living situations. None of which were quite perfect but all I would be happy with. Well, except for maybe the one that would bankrupt me. But I did a good job of diversifying. I’ve got a tiny studio right on the beach. A shared 3br place with 6 other surfers who work elsewhere but come down infrequently. A 1br condo. A shared 3br house in a gated community. And two other more normal options.

I was thinking about writing a post comparing the pros and cons of all of them but that would take too long. So while I have a ton of options, none of them gave me that spark of excitement that you sometimes get when introduced to a new living situation. Money aside, there are cons to all of them. Because of that, I’m definitely going with something that’s only 3 months. I want a chance to get out if I want to. Unfortunately, the 3 month thing eliminates 4 of the options.
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