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Oct 4

This is Happiness

Madeon + Music Video · No Comments

Aug 17

Imma Freestyler

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Came across this fairly popular song (4mil on youtube) the other day and since I can’t stop saying “Yeeeaaaa, straight from the top o ma dome.” I have to post this so ppl don’t think i’m losing my marbles…

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Jun 30

Animals Being Dicks

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This is a real gem of a website

Here’s a sample:


Jun 2

Sayonara Food Pyramid

Nutrition · Comments Off on Sayonara Food Pyramid

Apart from proving I know how to spell “Sayonara”, this entry is to highlight the fact that the the USDA has axed a cereal box favorite — The Food Pyramid.

The new graphic is ChooseMyPlate. Kinda dumb if you ask me. Now how are kids supposed to learn their geometry?

Not a real shape

Not a real shape

Here’s the article —

Jun 1

Wednesday PM – #NationalRunDay

6 miles + Core + Hip Drills + Serious · No Comments

Goooood afternoon everyone. So today, I recently discovered, is National Run Day! (And there was much rejoicing.)

Apparently, according to Ryan Fenton, it is a tradition to go around the table and have everyone say what their Thankful for. Then you eat the… no wait, that’s not it. Let’s look at his post. Ah, that’s it, we are to answer the question “Why do you run?”… Continue reading »

May 29

Blossom Time Fun Run

6 miles + Tempo · Comments Off on Blossom Time Fun Run

Blossom Time Festival goes off like a bomb in downtown Chagrin Falls. People flock from all over to get their parade/carnival/day-drinking fix. Heck, I’m a great example, coming all the way back from Virginia for a good dose of crazy hats, bat-mobile floats, and Labradoodles. However, fortunately for runners everywhere, the day starts off with a 5.25 mile road race. Continue reading »

May 27

Quinn and I hit the road yesterday at 3PM and almost made it all the way home to Chagrin Falls, OH on one tank of gas. We were pushing our luck to get to the Ohio welcome center rest stop, one of my all time favorites. I breathed a sigh of relief when the 1-mile to go sign appeared in front of us, knowing even in the worst case scenario we could probably coast in from here…

Except that wasn’t the worst case… Continue reading »

May 9

Audio clip of the day.  I’m preparing for my euro travels by exploring various indigenous artists. Right now it’s looking like Scandinavia is the place for me…

May 3

If I could do anything right now…

I Wish + Longboarding · Comments Off on If I could do anything right now…

I would probably longboard…

The following is best served in California… with a glass chilled Horchata.

May 1

These days, Kayak seems to be a fairly popular and trusted flight search tool. I’ve always used it. Never really questioned it. I don’t even bother launching the other windows anymore. I decided in my sleep last night that I’d like to go race the US Road Mile Champs in Minnesota. The race is Thursday night, and there’s a dinner for the athletes on Wed night. I would ideally like to fly in on Wednesday, stay 2 nights, and fly out on Friday. However, I checked other possibilities to see if it was worth staying longer for cheaper flights. At first glance, the following matrix pointed to a Wed -> Sat trip, but as I looked at it a little more, I got all squinty eyed and my nose began to wrinkle. Then, slowly, in a subconscious indication of confusion, my palms turned upward and I audibly let loose a “What the fudge?” (But I didn’t say fudge). Continue reading »

Apr 28

And It’s Incredible Too…

Droid Incredible 2 Review · 3 Comments
Droid Incredible 2

What a sexy biddy

For a few years now I’ve had a sweet BlackBerry Tour, which I’ve loved and like a child… that is forget it places, shake it when it’s not behaving, and accidentally drop it every once in a while. But even through that it’s been damn good even without any protective accessories. However, it finally croaked the other day when I went running in 90 degree heat and humidity. See I like using it for the Pandora feature while I run when I have a good groove going on a given station prior to a run. Alas, I sweated on it. The aftermath was a bit peculiar. It seemed all was fine, but random isolated keys across the keypad no longer worked (“s” was the real killer). This made for some creative txting and I apologize to those affected for the childish spellings, grammar and L33T speak.

But today I did it. I got the the new Droid Incredible 2 on opening day! Continue reading »

Apr 25

I’ve been obsessed with the band Pretty Lights for a few months now. Great group for many reasons but mostly cause they have their music hosted for free here.

I designed the landing page of this site to the tune below. It just seems fitting I make them the first link…

Apr 24

About The Site

Website Launched + Welcome · 3 Comments

Who are you?

Hi. My name is Macklin Chaffee. I am a 2009 graduate of Williams College with a bachelors in Computer Science. See happy college grad to the right.

Why is this happening?

Glad you asked. After a summer of turmoil regarding my life’s direction, a few surprises, and an “aha” moment, I found myself in New Zealand, pursuing my collegiate sport of running to whatever end I could manage. They say you’re only young once. or only live once. or something. Continue reading »


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