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Sep 20

Enter Pool Work

Aqua jogging + Osteitis Pubis + Rehab · Comments Off on Enter Pool Work

This past weekend I traveled a lot. C’ville -> DC -> Boston -> Providence -> DC -> C’ville. I made the most of the weekend, seeing a ton of different friends and family in one trip. The downside was I didn’t have a hottub or icebath to regulate my muscle flexibility and I wasn’t getting much sleep. The end result is a bit of a setback in my groin, though much of it was worked out yesterday by Eric.

I decided this past weekend that it was time to start focusing on getting my aerobic endurance back. My legs really aren’t able to handle much more than 4 miles right now so I’m looking to the pool to get my hour-plus-high-heart-rate fix.

MRI to come on Friday. Next big update shortly thereafter. But for now… Enter the POOL WORK

Sep 13

Consecutive Days Running

Osteitis Pubis + Rehab · Comments Off on Consecutive Days Running

I’ve had some serious ups and downs in the rehab progression this past weekend. Fortunately, it’s all lead to me feeling pretty good as I sit here and type this.

When I had a meeting on Thursday with Dr Wilder, I was on quite a low. I was feeling incredibly tight even just moving around. He patiently listened to my concerns and shared that, for him, PT did work on his sports hernia but it took 4.5 months. He also mentioned that focusing on contracting his pelvic floor was the key to his recovery. The medical result of that meeting was that did end up scheduling an MRI for Sept 23rd to get a better picture of what’s going on.

Since that meeting I’ve run every day at least 2 miles and been very diligent about my drills, icing, massage and stretching. The pain each morning has been no worse and now on day 4, I gotta see that as a good sign. I ALSO played a bunch of paintball this past weekend which had me doing a lot of squatting and shuffling (can’t quite call it running as I forced myself to wear moccasins as a running deterrent).

I saw Eric again on Monday and his massage was once again helpful. He agreed it was a really good sign that I could run and not be any worse the following day.

Then, finally, today, I’m pretty sure the pain was less! I took an ice bath yesterday and did hurdle drills for the first time. I think both of those helped maybe? But either way, I’m now riding a bit of a high. That said, I chose to follow Eric’s advice and take a bit of a down day, only running 1 mile to the gym, doing upper body work, and 1 mile home. Tomorrow, I’m going to try another 4 miler. Maybe 5.

But I’d say rehab is on the right track and hopefully it continues that way.

Sep 8

Fo Flat Miles

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Atrain and I went out around the Park for 7 laps. I think its about 900m so we’ll call it 4 miles. His achilles was feeling good and my abs weren’t screaming at me so we’ll call it a successful rehab run. At this point I’m just going to try and start coming back slowly, increasing my mileage by the following schedule:

… or something like that. So far so good. Nothing’s getting worse as I expected would happen. I’ll just keep plugging along, stretching, massaging, drills in the morning and run in the PM. We’ll  see where this takes me but it was nice to break a solid sweat! I swear that was the first good sweat in 9 weeks..

Sep 6

3 Miles – Hurt vs. Harm

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Today I saw my physical therapist, Eric, for the 3rd time. I went into the meeting still not feeling that great. Everything I did I wanted to favor that adductor. It went against my instincts to perform any violent motion. Backflip off a dock would be one; jumping lunges would be another. Ever since I stopped taking anti-inflams I’ve felt less than 100% and I’ve shied away from using it out of fear of negating all the work I’ve done (and that’s actually a LOT of work). We’re talking like 2 hours of drills per day.

So this time I describe my experience and outlined my thoughts for Eric. We went back and forth about the biology of the pelvic area, trying to draw conclusions about whether this pain was just “hurt” (a weak muscle working its way back to strength, like a sprained ankle/stress fracture) or a pain that indicated the muscle was being “harmed” . The end diagnosis was that we need to explicitly challenge the muscle in order to elicit a more exaggerated response.

Long story short, I got approval to go run 3 miles. Continue reading »

Sep 2

Let’s Try a Medless Mile

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48 hours have gone by now and not too worse for wear. The tenderness hasn’t gone away during any of that time. By tenderness I mean that I just want to protect that area, despite the fact that it doesn’t cause much pain to use it. The key at this point is it’s been 40 hours since i had an antiinflammatory in my system.

Time for another mile! I figured this time I’d switch up the loop a little, keep it interesting. I picked a loop with some up and down in it and headed out.

I’m glad I went for the up and down run because I discovered that my ache was significantly worse going downhill compared to up. So it definitely has something to do with me leaning back.

Still not too painful before, during or after the run, but the ache was consistent with what I was experiencing months ago on a heightened level. I did get the impression that without ibuprofen it doesn’t seem like the muscle would be able to take a longish run. Running downhill at least is still harmful…

So I’m thinking I really need to do a 3 mile run to validate my suspicions. 1 mile just isn’t enough to really know if I can run or not. It is a bit tender afterward but I can’t be sure if this is to be expected and indicative of improvement or if its just the result of only running a mile (I had never run just a mile on it before so tough to compare the level of discomfort). I think I’m just going to continue to do my drills diligently. If Sunday I feel alright I’ll try 3 (with ibuprofen). Otherwise I’ll wait to see Eric and Dr Wilder on Tuesday.

Aug 31

One Mile – What I learned.

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So today was the day for the 1 mile trial run. I picked out a loop that went 1.12mi and gave it a whirl.

1 hour prior to the run I did a bunch of stretches and some hip strengthening drills to test out the un-medicated muscles. Still a slight weakness/tenderness in the ab area, and actually groin area too. Like I wanted to guard it a little. But no pain.

I set out for the run feeling good. About 100m in, it was apparent that there was a definite difference between the left and right side in the pubic bone area. It wasn’t painful. Just stiffness. As the run wore on, it got a little worse, to the point of ache, but this corresponded to also feeling a bit worse in every area of my pelvis (glutes, hip flexors, right side adductors). By the time I finished the run, everything was a bit achy. Continue reading »

Aug 30

Once Again a Runner

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I’ve been in rehab mode for 3 weeks now and today might possibly be the last of the of an era. A sad, runless era. For tomorrow, I get to run 1 (one) mile! (and there was much rejoicing).

I wanted to get this post out today as a look at what I’ve done to get to this point and review where I am mentally before tomorrow’s run either a) shatters my dreams and sends me back to rehab and maybe surgery or b) throws me into a state of euphoria that causes me to forget the road I took to get here. Either one is bound to alter my perspective. So here’s how it went down…

Continue reading »

Aug 17

Imma Freestyler

Music Video · No Comments

Came across this fairly popular song (4mil on youtube) the other day and since I can’t stop saying “Yeeeaaaa, straight from the top o ma dome.” I have to post this so ppl don’t think i’m losing my marbles…

Continue reading »

Aug 13

Well there honestly wasn’t much to talk about until now. The “lower ab” problem I complained about earlier has turned rotten. Quite frankly there was no good news to speak of and I just didn’t feel like writing completely negative posts.

Here’s my last month at a glance:

2 weeks off, just fooling around, living life, enjoying food and sleep.

first run back, 50 minutes, didn’t feel good to start and was quite achy in the lower ab area toward the end. for 48 hours afterwards though, my injured area (now identified as groin/lower-adductor) was really quite sore. This wasn’t an injury that was going away with rest. Continue reading »

Jul 8

A Year in Running – What I Learned

Recap + Reflection + Serious · 7 Comments

What up all!

Well, it’s been a good long season for me, but with surprisingly few races. I think I only ended up running a baker’s dozen.

Here’s how it broke down: Continue reading »

Jul 6

Wednesday – Last Gasp

2.5 miles + Workout · No Comments

After taking Monday and Tuesday completely off, not a single step of running, I was curious as to what the effect would be, and, predictably, I was itching to get out the door for a workout today. The goal for me today was pretty simple. I was going to run a workout that should tell me what kind of shape I’m in. The effort wasn’t supposed to kill me but it wouldn’t be pleasant by any stretch. The workout is the same one I ran on May 8th and you can find rational behind it there.

Briefly, it is a “russian”1500 split into 800, 400, 300. Rest after the 800 is 90s and after the 400 is 45s. Goal paces are 1:59, 58, 41. which would be a 3:38 total time. The reason being, I’m pretty confident that I can run whatever time I hit in this workout in a race. Continue reading »

Jul 4

Monday – Relax

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Well there’s not much to it. Either I’m going to try and get in a few fast races or I’m going to take my two week break now. Either way, there’s no need anymore to run every day. Something I was kind of clinging to before nationals. So… Today I took a break. Watched some fireworks. Threw a football. Played ping-pong. Felt good.

Jul 3

Body not feeling too bad after the workout yesterday, despite getting up at 7:30, the earliest yet since my return to EST. Headed out to North Chagrin with Clay and Lisa knowing that 80 minutes easy was on the docket.

11 miles easy

I was a little suspicious about how my body would react to 80 minutes but I really want to hone in on what’s possible with this abdominal injury, which is basically the muscle you use to cock your hips forward (considered good running form). Continue reading »

Jul 2

Well it’s been 4 weeks since I’ve felt the heat that settled on Chagrin today. Got into the 90s for the first time this summer and the humidity was cranking up. I was feeling antsy though in our AC house and by 5:30 I just couldn’t wait any longer. I hopped in my VW Beetle and drove to the CFHS track. Today’s workout was born out of a lack of any personal idea about what to do. I have one workout left this year by my design and I’m going to run it on Tuesday. Tuesday is too far away though for me not to do anything today.

Continue reading »


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