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Jun 30

Thursday AM

3 miles + Lower Lift · Comments Off

Trying to get back to my explosive speed-building ways.

3 miles + Plyos/Balancing

Got out at 10AM this morning for an easy 3 around South Russsel Park. After that I got out our only barbell (50lbs) and did some dead lifts and squats. Fast as I could. 1 legged squats followed and then more balancing.

Jun 30

Animals Being Dicks

Bundle of Laughs + Video · No Comments

This is a real gem of a website

Here’s a sample:


Jun 29

Wednesday – Mad Drills

6 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off

Did a light run with Clay this PM.

6 miles

Drills + Balancing


The big thing today was a re-introduction to hip/glute/balancing drills as well as my first abs routine in like a freakin month. Problem is, my lower abs STILL hurt. I hope it’s at least gone by the time I’m done my two week break in August…

Also my first pullups and curls in a long time.

Jun 28

Tuesday – Steady State

7 miles · Comments Off

Back in Ohio. Sleep schedule screwed. Legs achy. Lower abs still unpleasant. Why not just get out and run hard?

It turned out to be a good idea. We started at 6:15 pace and picked it up as we progressed, ending around 5:30 effort.

7 miles (6:15 -> 5:30 effort)

I didn’t do too much extra stuff. Hopefully I’ll find some time for that tomorrow and really get back into a good routine.

Jun 27


6 miles · Comments Off

Final day in Eugene. Sadly it’s a Monday and the start of another work week. So after a nice trail run around Dorris Ranch with Finley I had to pack up and hit a coffee shop for the rest of the day. Just finished with all the catchup work as I write this.

6 miles


Jun 26


6 miles · Comments Off

Another heavy day of race watching. Did a run in the PM with Donnie before crashing. Couldn’t muster the energy to get out into Eugene again. Oh and I’m sunburned…

6 miles

Jun 25

Saturday – Highlights

11 miles + Workout · No Comments

Today more big stories happened that I have time to tell about but it started with a good workout with Matt Elliot and his buddy John at South Eugene Track (John, by the way, might be one of the country’s biggest track fans, road tripping from San Diego with some friends to watch Pre earlier this year). The workout was one of his design and I just tagged along but it fit the format I was used to. The idea was 5k at 5:10 down to 4:50 pace. Get the legs good and tired. Then slap on the spikes for 10×200 at almost all out (like 25-26). Full recovery in between. Continue reading »

Jun 24

Friday – The Rest of the Year

5 miles · Comments Off

Today all I really did was run and watch the track meet. Kind of a down day. Legs not bad but mentally in letdown mode.

5 miles.

Great dinner at Excelsior Inn restaurant with Patrick Todd and his family.

Jun 23

USATF Championships 1500m Prelims

6 miles + Eugene + Race + Travel · No Comments

Well it’s been a while since I really dove into an entry. I apologize about that. Simply put, its been a busy couple of weeks at a point in the year when I would like the most free time. I’ve also had fairly little alone time, which personally suits me fine, but cramps my ability to write. It’s weird, now that I think about it, I can code under any condition. I can even have brief conversations with people while writing a function and 5 minutes later realize I have no idea what was said. The same is not true for me with writing. Music about as much stimulus as I can handle. If someone’s making a sandwich 10 feet away, it would seem I’m far more interested in their choice of condiments. Continue reading »

Jun 22


3 miles · Comments Off

3 miles

2x100m strides

Went to Hayward today. Did a nice little run with Donnie and Matt Elliot. 20minutes. Then to the track for strides and some dynamic stretching drills. The strides were only 90% cause my achilles and calves still felt a bit sore.

Weather here has been awesome. 60s and sunny.


Jun 21


4 miles · Comments Off

4 miles

Really didn’t feel that awesome. Legs tired from the travel I hope.

Jun 20

Last workout before nats. All that’s required is to touch on race pace and just see how I feel.

2 mile warmup. Spiked up. Did a few strides and leg swings.
4×400. 60s RIB. (59.9, 60.3, 59.1, 59.7)
2×100 (13.3, 13.1)
1.5 mile cooldown. Continue reading »

Jun 20

Monday AM

3 miles + Balancing · Comments Off

Legs waking up pretty sore actually. Hammies especially. Too much stretching last night I’m guessing. I held stretches for 2min at a time, or 1min40s longer than usual…

3 miles easy

Some balancing drills

Jun 19

Sunday AM

3 miles · Comments Off

Easy 3 around Frohring Meadows