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Aug 10

Double Down

12 miles · Comments Off

Followed up my first race with my biggest mileage day to date. Smart idea? Not. Entirely. Sure. Morning run was per uge’

4 miles. 15:30 out. 12:21 back. 27:52

Later went out with Minen for a scorching 8 miler. First 6 miles were probably right around 6 minute pace. Was flat though. I had to hold him back towards the end. The first part almost felt like a tempo to me, though I think it was more my general fatigue than anything else.

8 miles. 54 minutes.

Easy day tomorrow…

Aug 9

I woke up today knowing I’d be running my first race in 14 months! The Pearl Street Mile. My perception of this event was that it’s simultaneously an incredibly chill, no-pressure road mile but also my first race in 14 months, against decent competition, and based on less than 500 miles of training over 3 months. My outlook flipped between relax, no big deal and yeah right… You’re gonna get F’d up and embarrassed! The dichotomy was pretty intense.

Before I get into the writeup… Found a nice little article where I even get a quote! But, for the record, I never look back. Just wanted to clear that up. And I’m saving the vid here for posterity:

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Aug 8

Holy Core

4 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off

Hot day today and missed my chance for a morning run so I did a bunch of drills and then over 20minutes of core. Felt really strong, especially with plank today.

Balancing. 20 min core.

Headed down to Pearl street later in the day and went for a nice easy 4 miler with Minen that toured the course tomorrow.

4 miles.

Oh yeah, I’m racing a road mile! Pretty pumped to be racing, not too hopeful for a good performance but it will be a fun exhibition and, in a way, the last hurdle of my rehab. The race is the Pearl Street Mile, a twisty run through downtown Boulder, down hill first half then back up.

Aug 7

Taking Strides

10 miles + Strides · Comments Off

Got back in the saddle with a double today. Still not a ton of peripheral training but at least I felt good getting my mileage back up. Normal morning shakeout

4 miles. 15:00 out. 12:15 back. = 27:15

Evening session was on the track in flats because I wanted to test them out a little before the Pearl Street Mile on Thursday night. Started with a 400m in 64 to test race pace. Was breathing hard at the end but I’m hoping to get into the 4:teens in that race. It is at altitude and on a twisty course that usually runs around 4:12 for the win so we’ll see… Then 4×30,30,30s working on changing gears and finally 2x100m all out.

1.5 mile warmup.
Drills. Leg swings. Stretching. (Felt good)
400 in 64
2x100m (12:04, 12:01)
3 mile cooldown

Very happy with my sprints today. Much more respectable times than my inaugural attempt 2 weeks ago, but I still felt pretty untidy on my feet. Going to be a lot of gym work ahead of me this year to get down under 11.5 feeling smooth. But I think that’s the key to being able to run a 48.x 400, a 1:46.x 800, and a better closing 200 in my 15s. Very happy with my work today.

Even happier with the US team’s result in the 1500m. Can’t wait to train my ass off and become a contributing member to #USMidDistance

Aug 6

Playing Catchup

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Today was the first day I felt a little bit of energy returning to my body. It’s crazy what a week of travel and grand adventure can do to you. Still, I took the morning off. Great news though: I’m caught up on work and the Olympic events I’ve  been neglecting.

Highlight of the day wasn’t even on the track. The woman’s Soccer team continues to provide the best drama, excitement, and ultimate elation. Love it!

First training session in over 48 hours this evening.

7 miles. Easy 48min with Minen.

Finally felt a bit more energetic. Groin abductors were strangely sore and tight but not unmanageable while running. Hopefully better tomorrow…

Kirani James is the man.

Aug 5

Cliff Jump PR Baby!

0 miles + cliff jumping · Comments Off

Day off due to general fatigue. Made good use of this weekend getting over 10 hours of sleep a night. Today though I drove 2 hours with some fine folks to a fantastic reservoir in the heart of the Rockies for a little cliff jumping/outdoor adventure.

The lake was 40 feet below norm and the cliffs went from playthings to towering monuments of fear. Some dude had a laser finder that measured them at 50, 70 and 110 respectively. However, physics tests relying on GoPro footage, a stopwatch, and my favorite kinematic formula:


I’m leaning towards 40ft, 60ft, 100ft.

Lots of people there including an amateur film producer. Fortunately I brought the GoPro and got a lot of good footage once I was done jumping. Some features were incredible laid-out 65ft gainers by Mearns, a 95ft jump and double backflip by Griffin, and a ballsy 45ft swan dive by Minen.

I was happy just to work up the courage to do the 65fter (I’m averaging all the heights by the way…). Same jump this dude does below. I’m not sharing any other footage until Freddy “afatfilms” Vaillant gets an edited film together later this week.

Kineo should be a joke now!

Aug 4

Easy Run

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Got out this morning on a really nice day in Boulder. My legs didn’t match the weather though. Struggled again.

4 miles. 14:21. 12:39. 27:00

Posted up with a little 10k action later on. Great result for Mo and Rupp.

Aug 3

Long Run (Too Long)

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Got out for an incredibly windy run with Minen on the Southern Mesa trails.

10 miles. 70min

Was feeling tired after 20min and by the time we got in I was wiped out. Tomorrow will be an easy day. Hopefully get in some drills and a good stretch, all the things I’ve been missing for a week.

Aug 2

Running Mags

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Finally back from all of my adventures. We (Grant, Cullen, Sean and I) had to stay in Casper, WY last night due to a flat tire but we managed to still roll into Boulder in time to squeeze in a short run on Magnolia road, the fabled route from Running With the Buffalos.

We ran it at a decent effort but the pace only ended up being like 6:50s. Pretty high up I guess… And we were definitely tired from the traveling

7 miles. 48 minutes.

More importantly, I’ll be dropping updates from Headwaters this weekend.


Jul 25

July Gait Lab

4.5 miles + Gait Lab + Sprints · No Comments

Got some good work done in the morning before getting out for a long-anticipated video session at the track. Let me apologize for the fact that I still haven’t figured out a good way to edit video. My video capability on my camera is apparently incompatible with pretty much EVERYTHING! Just fast forward the parts where you’re waiting

Got several videos, the first happened to be behind a cloud but it’s just a couple back and forths in trainers. Looks pretty good to me.

Next I did some quick sprints. Continue reading »

Jul 24

Tuesday Double

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Not a very notable day today. Got out early for the 4 miler.

 4 miles. 16:02. 13:40. 29:42

Then bused to Pearl street for a haircut and a solid work session in the Woody Creek coffee shop (what a Boulder-esque name).

Hit the dusty trail again in the PM, this time at Dowdi Draw for a 50min fartlek run with Dave Wadis (such a genius name, kudos to his parents). I had consumed a sandwich around 4:30 that had some hidden avocado. This was enough to, “excite” my stomach which made the first half of the run a bit tougher than it should have been. Of course the first half would be uphill too…

50min. 8 miles.

We ran a solid pace, with 6x 90s on/3min off. Not quite worth a workout sticker but made the time pass quicker.

Actually I take the opening statement back. Highest mileage day yet!

Jul 23

Eldorado Canyon Scramble

4 miles + Hike · Comments Off

Had a great morning scrambling up Eldorado Canyon with Culrock, Juanito, and Blackshear. Scramble because the trail didn’t exactly take us to a good peak, so up we went in search of an epic view. And we got it. Unfortunately, I still only have my droid as a camera and the pictures were effin blurry! But at least I got a decent one of the decent.

Eldorado Canyon Scramble

4 hours later we were back, greeted with some huge sandwhiches, any icy brew, and a refreshing icebath in the creek.

T’storms rolled through in the evening but I managed to get out for my standard 4 miler.

4 miles. 15:58. 13:16. 29:14 total.

One other note, my core is once again incredibly sore from our tubing yesterday.

Jul 22

The Great Mesa Relay

9 miles + Core + Race · No Comments

South MesaToday’s mission is brought to you by Bret Scofield and Sam Blackshear. The two of them collaborated and produced a race of twisted, masochistic nature. 6.9 miles over very technical ground, the first half of which is straight up, and the second of which is right back down. Sharp rocks. Gnarled roots. 20% gradients. Both natural and man-made staircases that extend and switchback until you can barely maintain a cadence. And then switch back once more for good measure.

We all thought it would be good fun. But the only fun I got out of it was in the numbers that represented my effort — 46:12, a new trail record. And that is some good fun :) Continue reading »

Jul 21

Easy Six

6 miles + Core · Comments Off

Went on a nice and easy 6 miler with Culrock and Blackshear. Good loop around NCAR. Could be a staple if I need to upgrade to a 6 miler.

6 miles. Core

Intense core session in the morning. Over 13 minutes of plank.