Feb 28

Operation Funtimes™

Santa Cruz + Travel

Well the past 6 months have been a joke. Just been one long depressing story. I’m 25, and I’m choosing to live my 25th year by making all the sacrifices of an elite runner without being able to run. This might be changing soon, true, but I don’t think I’ll have any shot of being able to compete on a national level this year. This means no all-paid trips around the US and Europe, no sub-4 miles, and no bragging rights. Succinctly, the payoff isn’t going to be enough to meet my funtimes quota for the year.

See, a lot of things are bad for training, among them — change | travel | late nights | most tasty foods | other sports… Pretty much anything that breaks your monotonous training routine. The last time I felt really excited about anything not related to running was when I was in NZ. Well that gets tedious when you can’t race and reap the rewards. So this spring’s resolutions is to go thrill seeking. Shake things up. Get back in touch with adventure (sorry for dumping you in the first place. It wasn’t you. It was me.)

So now I’m stuck with trying to figure out how to fit 12 months of funtimes into 6… And here’s the plan:

My tentative Spring schedule:

  • Feb 29th – California baby.
    Charlottesville’s nice, but it’s still east coast and everyone knows, “West Coast, Best Coast.” So my first order of business is to relocate to Santa Cruz. I personally would have picked Santa Barbara for my absolute ideal location, but truth is I still want to be situated where the running is top priority and the setting in Santa Cruz,  as described by Jay, is idyllic! And I trust him. I’ve heard stories, seen pictures, and read accounts of the loam trails winding through Redwood/Eucalyptus forests in Nisene Marks and Wilder Ranch, two state parks surrounding the city. Once I get back into shape that will get me out the door everyday.
  • Feb 29th – March 5th – Settle in.
    I’ve got 5 or 6 places lined up to look at. Don’t want to jinx anything by saying one is my favorite but hopefully I’ll have a place by the end of this first week.
  • March 6th – Skiventure in Colorado.
    Bunch of my homeschool buddies and I organized a reunion of sorts in Denver, CO. We’ll just be kicking it for 2 weeks with at least a couple days on the slopes. Really hope this doesn’t re-injure me but at this point if I’m that frail, well, I deserve it. Just gotta get medical insurance before that happens :)
  • March 20th – Back to SC.
    My goal is to have a lease for 3 months. Something that ends June or July 1st. Reason being that I can’t see myself living with a better group of people than I was in Charlottesville, and I don’t want to commit to too much time away. At the very least, based on how running is going, how much I like SC/Cali in general, and who I meet out there I’d like to have options at that time. I still would LOVE to be running well enough to make it to Europe this summer. I’ve been meaning to have Euro-trip adventures for several years now… Crossing my fingers that this will be the year!

So that’s the plan! Codename Operation Funtimes. I’d really like to have a studio or something all to myself in SC. I’ve never really lived alone and, no slight to the fine folks I’ve lived with over the years, but I’d like to try that for a couple months before life starts dictating more and more of my decisions.

A big thank you to all the folks that came to see me off. Will miss you but I’m sure I’ll catch you all not-too-far down the road.

It’s travel time!

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