Apr 25

Back in 2005, I was a lowly freshman at Williams College. It was September in Montreal, Canada and on that date I confirmed the fact that I had acquired a strange and unfortunate aversion for that slender yellow fruit they call the banana, a core ingredient in every runner’s diet.

It was 1am, and I was hungry. Following my stomach, I stopped at a crepery with always helpful captain Steve Acton on our way back to the XC team hostel. Glancing over the menu I determined nothing would be a better idea that to order a delicious banana crepe. The consequences were that the next 12 hours I would spend hurling in our shared bathroom stall until we boarded the team bus back to Williams.

Now while this was the culminating experience, I had previously noticed nausea associating itself with the act of eating bananas more and more frequently for about a year before this. Now I was convinced I couldn’t even have a tiny amount mixed with other food. And that was status quo throughout college and for 2 years after…

I tried a few times to sample a morsel or two, but inevitably I’d start feeling queasy. The aversion was especially difficult because I love the taste of banana!

Then, about 6 months ago I tried a shake with bananas in it… And it went well. As soon as the gravity of this fact hit me I kept at it religiously.

Now, since coming out to Cali, I’ve been adding a couple slices of banana to my oatmeal every day and been able to get it down alright. I’ve noticed some nausea if the ratio isn’t the right amount in the oatmeal’s favor but so far so good. At this point, I’m able to get down almost a whole banana every day. Yes, this of course means the running world better be worried.

When I’m back, I’ll be stronger than ever, with delicious bananas on my side.


In other news, I ran 5 miles today on the beach at a slightly quicker pace. 6:30ish. This is the first time I’ve pushed the pace a bit and it felt pretty good. Trying not to update to much about running cause that jinxes it but I figured I’d share an update.

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  • i’m so proud of you macklin. next up: guacamole.

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