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Sep 5

Neutralizing Switzerland

10.5 miles · Comments Off on Neutralizing Switzerland

Drove up to Switzerland Trail today with Lyndsay and Minen. Stomped out a 5.3 mile out-and-back.

10.6 miles. 38min out. 32 back.

Obviously the first half was more relaxed, but also uphill. Down on the way back. Pretty good run at 10,000ft, and one that featured some amazing views. I really need to get a Canon…

Aug 23

Daily Double

10.5 miles + Drills · Comments Off on Daily Double

Calves feeling a lot better this morning. So after the traditional morning run I completed my first set of calf raises.

4 miles. 15:08 + 12:32 = 27:40
Calf raises

Afternoon session was a jog to the track for some drills and some tempo play with a focus on form.

1.5 miles to track.
2 miles starting at an 82s lap and dropping down. (5:22, 5:16)
1 mile barefoot
1.5 miles home

the 5:20 pace wasn’t as easy as I would have liked. Don’t know if I could have kept it up for 4 miles. I do remember when I was fit in 2011, Donnie and I would regularly start workouts with 4 miles ~5:07 pace. Though I was usually in flats…

Jul 10

Making The Best of It

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Took full advantage of the day off in the tour, getting in a training double, and crushing a bunch of work.

That said, my body was still quite sore, and I concentrated on just getting some miles in.

AM 4 miles. 28 minutes. Stretching

PM 6.5 miles. 45 minutes.

May 23

I could feel it coming on yesterday when we ran, but today it’s official — Summer is here. 80s and stifling.

Consequently, Donnie and I waited until 7 to get out the door, and then picked a run that hit several water-fountains along the way. Rivanna to turf fields to the Cage and back home. Continue reading »

Apr 28

Thursday Medium Run

10.5 miles + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Thursday Medium Run

Today’s run was another struggle. I started feeling better by mile 3ish but my calves and Achilles were still unpleasantly tight. Also annoyed because I forgot to switch up the tunes on the old Shuffle… Stuck with 30 Seconds To Mars all run. I ran the long Rivanna loop and ended the first 9 miles at the AFC. Completed my upper body workout from yesterday by getting after the arms this time (bicept/tricept mostly). Did some abbreviated stretching but wasn’t up for any balancing drills. That’s OK, I was planning on doing them tomorrow morning anyways. 1.5 miles home was rough but manageable and somewhat expected. 10.5 miles is getting to be a pretty long run for me these days… Even with a break.

Random thought of the run: I think the phrase “scissor kick” should make it into a hip-hop song. It has such a nice aggressive feel to it…

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