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Aug 30

East End 2k

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Holy moly, it’s been an incredibly busy last week. But I’ve bought a car, hunted through dozens of craigslist apartments, gone for a 30 mile hike in Aspen, and met some big work deadlines. This journal has taken a back seat. I’ll hopefully find some time at a coffee shop to zone in and record my training for the days preceding this, but I’m at least gonna pump out this race report.

East End 2k. No matter what, it was gonna be a PR. Every day this week, the soreness in my quads had been receding, and come race day, I was able to massage them without wincing. Achilles were a bit tight, but all-in-all I was pretty set to race. Ran an up-tempo 2 miles in the morning and did some drills and dynamic stretching.

2 miles. 13:10

Worked the rest of the day til 5 to take off for the race. Continue reading »

Aug 7

Taking Strides

10 miles + Strides · Comments Off on Taking Strides

Got back in the saddle with a double today. Still not a ton of peripheral training but at least I felt good getting my mileage back up. Normal morning shakeout

4 miles. 15:00 out. 12:15 back. = 27:15

Evening session was on the track in flats because I wanted to test them out a little before the Pearl Street Mile on Thursday night. Started with a 400m in 64 to test race pace. Was breathing hard at the end but I’m hoping to get into the 4:teens in that race. It is at altitude and on a twisty course that usually runs around 4:12 for the win so we’ll see… Then 4×30,30,30s working on changing gears and finally 2x100m all out.

1.5 mile warmup.
Drills. Leg swings. Stretching. (Felt good)
400 in 64
2x100m (12:04, 12:01)
3 mile cooldown

Very happy with my sprints today. Much more respectable times than my inaugural attempt 2 weeks ago, but I still felt pretty untidy on my feet. Going to be a lot of gym work ahead of me this year to get down under 11.5 feeling smooth. But I think that’s the key to being able to run a 48.x 400, a 1:46.x 800, and a better closing 200 in my 15s. Very happy with my work today.

Even happier with the US team’s result in the 1500m. Can’t wait to train my ass off and become a contributing member to #USMidDistance

Aug 3

Long Run (Too Long)

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Got out for an incredibly windy run with Minen on the Southern Mesa trails.

10 miles. 70min

Was feeling tired after 20min and by the time we got in I was wiped out. Tomorrow will be an easy day. Hopefully get in some drills and a good stretch, all the things I’ve been missing for a week.

Jul 12

Big Day

10 miles + Core + Drills · Comments Off on Big Day

Hammies feeling a lot better today and after 30min of drills and whatnot, I felt like I could even go to a masseuse.

Core. 10 miles. 68 minutes. Drills.

Unfortunately, no, this wasn’t my longest run in 13 months. I actually ran 2.2 miles to the WXC house and vanned out with them to Dowdy Draw. Great run though and felt pretty chipper. Tomorrow will be pretty chill and then we’ll be crushing on saturday. 6 miles tempo in the works

Jul 2

Monday Long Run

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AM – Upper body lift. Core.

PM – 10miles. 66:10

Jun 25

Chaffee Olympics

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Beautiful day in Ohio. High of 73 and breezy. Perfect day to push the mileage envelope. Got out early for 6.5 miles on the Frohring Meadow loop. Surrounded it with a good amount of drills and stretching.

6.5 miles. 42min

Afternoon session consisted of a little free-throw competition with Cathal, event #3 of the Chaffee Olympics. I lost 4 of 10 to 5 of 10. It was a dark day. I am working with a lead though, having won arm-wrestling and basketball-spinning-on-finger. Not much consolation though since I’ll certainly lose bench press, and likely lose pullups as well… Trying to push those events off as long as possible to give myself a chance to train. Bah. Ping pong will be a tough battle. Despite having the worse PR, I like my chances in the 400 after seeing Cathal try to jog 2 miles with me… Speaking of which:

4 miles. 7xbarefoot stride.

Drove out to Kenston with Cathal and Clay to do a little jogging and then do my first strides of the new regime. Went pretty well. Started at 80% effort and increased to 99%. The 7th stride was on the track (still barefoot) and with a running start, I ran 12.26 for the 100m. Clay might have dipped under 12 but he had to jump off the track onto the turf halfway through. The track wasn’t pleasant on my feet either which is good feedback that I’m not being very efficient. I felt like I was jamming my foot into the ground with each step. Probably want to get the balls of my feet further under my body. Good start though. Wonder if I’ll ever be 10.9 like Galen…

Jun 15

Wednesday – Ansel’s Caves

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Hit up Westwoods with Donnie today.

10 miles

We ran a little longer than we wanted to but we got a good view of one of the natural attractions in our area, Ansel’s Caves.


May 14

Yesterday I put most of my effort and free time towards the race writeup and let slip mentioning the two Golden Gophers that are hosting me here. I was originally looking for flights that put me in Minneapolis on Wednesday and left on Friday but (presumably because of the race) I would have had to fork out $200 extra bucks for that round trip. So instead I decided to stay an extra night and fly out saturday. Unfortunately, this left me homeless for Friday night,.. that is until Ben and Heather Kampf saved me from the chilly park benches of downtown St Paul. Continue reading »

May 13

10 Miles n Core

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Ben Kampf and I went out pretty late in the evening and I didn’t have time to type this up really before bed. Fortunately [spoiler alert] we did pretty much the same run we did with a group the next morning so I’ll just kill two runs with one post.

We did do a brief core session after the run while watching Memphis Grizzlies mutilate the Oklahoma City Bombers Thunder.

Apr 30

Ten Easy

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I was a bit nervous I’d be feeling tight today after the workout but I wasn’t too worse for wear. Did 10 miles easy out and back on reservoir. Not much of interest happened. I maintained a pretty decent 6:20ish pace for much of the run.

Apr 15

Mt. SAC 1500m

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One of the greatest running-related mood swings I’ve ever experienced was caused when I woke up and saw the heat sheets for the Mt SAC 1500m. Previously, I was in a deep dark funk about the fact that the Puma Mile was not being held this year. I had targeted this race as my race of the spring since last September. I bought my tickets in Feb and with each passing day grew more and more depressed as no news about the event surfaced at all. The final flicker of hope was snuffed out the previous day when Mt SAC updated it’s race schedule, silently but fatally removing “PUMA MILE” from the event list. Then the heat sheets were released, and surprise, surprise, I snuck into the 15th and final slot in the fast heat of the 1500m (I saw the entry list previously, recognized 12 names that I knew had run faster than me or just owned a more prominent name coughGermanFernandezcough). But suddenly I was giddy again. The trip was on. Continue reading »

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