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Jul 15

Welcome to My Training Grounds

11 miles + Strides + Yoga · Comments Off on Welcome to My Training Grounds

Woke up this morning to a little Lulu Yoga with Bret. Decent class. Scenery wasn’t stellar if you know what I mean, but the difficulty level of the class was perfect. Came out of it feeling good. Even better after an Einstein bagel.


Chilled inside for most of the day cause, well, it was hot out. T’storms came through around 4. After which Minen and I went out for a long run at Marshall Mesa. And just so you all have a feel for where I’m running. Welcome to my training grounds:

Marshall Mesa

Not only did this turn into a 70min run for me but we were also cruising for most of it. I felt the struggle bus pulling up behind me at about the 55min mark but then we crested a plateau and cruised home. 4 fast strides to close out the day.

11 miles. 70min. Strides



Jul 3

Body not feeling too bad after the workout yesterday, despite getting up at 7:30, the earliest yet since my return to EST. Headed out to North Chagrin with Clay and Lisa knowing that 80 minutes easy was on the docket.

11 miles easy

I was a little suspicious about how my body would react to 80 minutes but I really want to hone in on what’s possible with this abdominal injury, which is basically the muscle you use to cock your hips forward (considered good running form). Continue reading »

Jun 25

Saturday – Highlights

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Today more big stories happened that I have time to tell about but it started with a good workout with Matt Elliot and his buddy John at South Eugene Track (John, by the way, might be one of the country’s biggest track fans, road tripping from San Diego with some friends to watch Pre earlier this year). The workout was one of his design and I just tagged along but it fit the format I was used to. The idea was 5k at 5:10 down to 4:50 pace. Get the legs good and tired. Then slap on the spikes for 10×200 at almost all out (like 25-26). Full recovery in between. Continue reading »

WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
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