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Aug 20

Paying the Price

12 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Paying the Price

Woke up not feeling too bad after the last 48 hours. Calves tight but loosened up with a little convincing. Had a higher volume evening session planned with Minen so didn’t want to do too much this morning.

2 miles. Core

Just enough to warrant a shower.

Evening session started with was just a long session. Started at 5:50 and finished after 8.

3 miles to the gym
Met Minen
7 miles
Upper lift – chest/arms.

The combination of doing a little more mileage than I wanted to + something wasn’t agreeing with my stomach during our run + calves starting to tighten up led to a pretty lackluster lift afterwards. I definitely did a little too much today. Would have been better to just do 4 in the morning and 6 in the evening by myself, but it was good company.

Aug 16

Hell of a Day

12 miles + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Hell of a Day

Woke up today feeling a bit wiped out. I slept for 10 hours, so hopefully most of the fatigue has been mitigated but still was a struggle to get the blood flowing in the morning. I only made it out for an easy 2 miles. Ankle still feels like it needs to be popped, but after running through a 5min foot flexibility routine it was A-OK.

2 miles. Ankle drills

Got back and stretched a bit. Felt much better afterward.

PM session was a 65min run with Minen. Followed by some weights at the CAC

10 miles. 65min.
Upper body/Back lift.

Focus today was on back. Upper body and back. But included some dead lifts for good measure and because a friend was raving about them. Followed all this up with some more stretching and a burrito. Wiped out and going home to watch Suits.

Aug 12

12 Mile Long Run

12 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on 12 Mile Long Run

My long runs are starting to live up to their name. Stayed in with a movie last night in hopes of catching up on sleep before an early morning today. First alarm clock went off at 5:45 (I wanted to catch the end of the Olympic marathon live), but predictably, my mind prioritized an extra hour of sleep instead. Don’t regret it at all and was extremely disappointed later when I learned the results. Ryan Hall in particular. Suffering his first ever DNF does not reflect well on his new coach.

I did manage to get up feeling a bit more rested around 6:45. Minen and I drove out to Boulder Res for a local Sunday long organized event. Was quite nice as a bunch of people get together and run between 12 and 20 miles. The organizer drives a van around and delivers water at a few different locations. Gonna be ideal if I stick it out here and get into the 16 mile range.

As it was, we set out at 6:45ish pace for the first 25minutes with a group of 8 other fairly serious runners. After 25min, Minen and I picked it up and started to lay down the law on the dusty Boulder single track trails. When I say “we”, I mostly mean “he”, as it was mostly pride that kept me in contact. Pride that I knew he was running 16 and I was only running 12. Pride that I had stayed in last night and gotten my 8 hours where as he was functioning on 3. Even then, he was significantly more relaxed.

However, we finished up hard for a total of 73min (for me) and I was incredibly encouraged when a high schooler got back and said it was 11.8 miles according to his GPS.

11.8 miles. 73min

Now that ain’t bad. I had a feeling we were closing out the last 2 miles under six pace, but this total time suggests we were moving faster than I thought. Either way, it was long enough for me to get that second wind for the first time. And to fall asleep on the couch unawares for the first time.

Starting to feel like a runner again!

Evening balancing drills

Aug 10

Double Down

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Followed up my first race with my biggest mileage day to date. Smart idea? Not. Entirely. Sure. Morning run was per uge’

4 miles. 15:30 out. 12:21 back. 27:52

Later went out with Minen for a scorching 8 miler. First 6 miles were probably right around 6 minute pace. Was flat though. I had to hold him back towards the end. The first part almost felt like a tempo to me, though I think it was more my general fatigue than anything else.

8 miles. 54 minutes.

Easy day tomorrow…

Jul 24

Tuesday Double

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Not a very notable day today. Got out early for the 4 miler.

 4 miles. 16:02. 13:40. 29:42

Then bused to Pearl street for a haircut and a solid work session in the Woody Creek coffee shop (what a Boulder-esque name).

Hit the dusty trail again in the PM, this time at Dowdi Draw for a 50min fartlek run with Dave Wadis (such a genius name, kudos to his parents). I had consumed a sandwich around 4:30 that had some hidden avocado. This was enough to, “excite” my stomach which made the first half of the run a bit tougher than it should have been. Of course the first half would be uphill too…

50min. 8 miles.

We ran a solid pace, with 6x 90s on/3min off. Not quite worth a workout sticker but made the time pass quicker.

Actually I take the opening statement back. Highest mileage day yet!

Apr 24

Got up earlier than I wanted to. Sleep-drove over to the UVA track house and set out on a run at 8:30 with Patrick. We ran into Mearns (not literally) 15 minutes in and finished up the run in his company.

Route was on the dark side of the Rivanna. I came to regret that decision when we came across some freshly-muddied construction area. New shoes made old in 5 steps…

My hips were still a bit sore but better than yesterday so I’m feeling encouraged. I have to be really careful tomorrow at ball class.

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