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Jul 1

What’s 1100m Anyways?

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Today. Was a hot day. And unfortunately for me, I didn’t get up early enough to take advantage of morning temperatures. So screw it. Long run in the evening. Only problem is Cathal and I still need to complete our 400m runoff and he works Monday… so once again, screw it. Long run on Monday.

Most of the day was spent taking sloMo dunking videos with C. By his request and for the sake of white men everywhere, I will not be sharing these travesties with the world.

Afternoon was dominated with some silly sporting events like EuroCup 2012 finals (How did Italy make the finals?), America’s Cup (disappointing result for Coots), and some casual track and field (Missed half the coverage due to NBC overriding our station for a storm warning). Fortunately, we did get service back just in time to see Leo close out the 1500m finals in a 53s last lap.

Funny thing is, that ended up being exactly what I ran in the Chaffee 400m showdown. 53.6. Brother ended up finishing in 56.2 seconds, but the race itself was more interesting than that. We ran in lanes, him in 4, me in 5. He made up the stagger on the first turn and I was nervous. I picked it up to maintain with him on the back stretch, thinking if i could maintain on the turn, momentum would carry me in front on the homestretch. He hit the wall at 200 though, a testament to 4 weeks, no training. He ran a 51.5 at the end of his track season though, and I got a new appreciation for how fast that actually is.

3.5 miles. 400m in 53.6

So 53.6 feeling pretty smooth… Just gotta throw an 1100 at 59s pace on the front of that…

Apr 24

Evening Shake Out

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Beautiful evening. 75, sunny, and green. I would have left it with just some stretching but I felt pretty fresh (first time in a while) so I decided to get out and take advantage. Picked it up towards the end focusing on good form. Did some clam shells after

WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
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· be convicted of grammar crimes.
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