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Jul 7

Gym Search

3 miles + Core + Drills + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Gym Search

Pretty down day today. Did some drills in the morning, had a great time at the Boulder farmer’s market, and then joined Mearns and Minen at Boulder Athletic Club for my first gym session in ~4 months, and first lower leg lift.

3 miles. Upper Lift. Lower Lift.

It was the nicest gym I’ve ever been in and even had some incredible stretching machines. I think those will help me significantly. Gonna see if I can get them to wave the $199 initiation fee.

Jul 2

Saturday AM

3 miles · Comments Off on Saturday AM

Missed my 7:30 alarm to go run with Clay by two and a half hours… The alarm was only set to work on weekdays. Feature or flaw?

3 miles. Sad and solo.

Glutes a little sore this morning. Good kind. Thinking maybe I’ll do a workout today…

Jun 30

Thursday AM

3 miles + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Thursday AM

Trying to get back to my explosive speed-building ways.

3 miles + Plyos/Balancing

Got out at 10AM this morning for an easy 3 around South Russsel Park. After that I got out our only barbell (50lbs) and did some dead lifts and squats. Fast as I could. 1 legged squats followed and then more balancing.

Jun 22


3 miles · Comments Off on Wednesday

3 miles

2x100m strides

Went to Hayward today. Did a nice little run with Donnie and Matt Elliot. 20minutes. Then to the track for strides and some dynamic stretching drills. The strides were only 90% cause my achilles and calves still felt a bit sore.

Weather here has been awesome. 60s and sunny.


Jun 20

Monday AM

3 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Monday AM

Legs waking up pretty sore actually. Hammies especially. Too much stretching last night I’m guessing. I held stretches for 2min at a time, or 1min40s longer than usual…

3 miles easy

Some balancing drills

Jun 19

Sunday AM

3 miles · Comments Off on Sunday AM

Easy 3 around Frohring Meadows

Jun 17

Friday – Shakeout

3 miles + Balancing + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Friday – Shakeout

Oh sooo glad I ran this morning. It felt awful when I started but back to normal by the time I was done the 20min run.

3 miles

Balancing and hip drills

Something about doing those drills, taking the time to flex and stretch for even 20minutes really helps me. It keeps being reaffirmed every time I do it. So why don’t I do it more?…

Jun 6

Monday PM

3 miles + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Monday PM

After a long day of playing catchup, I got out with Donnie for a 3 mile shakeout. On the tail end of this I did some hip drills before heading back home for a whole lot of nothing.

3 miles
Hip Drills

May 30

Monday AM

3 miles · Comments Off on Monday AM

3 miles

Some aches and pains in the abs and achilles. Nothing new.

May 27

Quinn and I hit the road yesterday at 3PM and almost made it all the way home to Chagrin Falls, OH on one tank of gas. We were pushing our luck to get to the Ohio welcome center rest stop, one of my all time favorites. I breathed a sigh of relief when the 1-mile to go sign appeared in front of us, knowing even in the worst case scenario we could probably coast in from here…

Except that wasn’t the worst case… Continue reading »

May 24

Tuesday AM – Pre-workout

3 miles + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Tuesday AM – Pre-workout

Nothing was too bad this morning. Achilles needed some warming up. I think I’ll start doing 1 set of calf raises in the morning.

1.5 miles to AFC
8×3 squats. 150 -> 200lbs increasing
1×4 dips
1×10 1-leg squats
Triple threat
2x1min eye-closed balancing
hip drills
swiss ball standing balance
1.5 miles home

All in all I should be set for a good workout today.

May 20

Friday AM – AFC

3 miles + Stretching · Comments Off on Friday AM – AFC

Achilles feeling weak today despite wearing the compression socks last night. That’s strike one against the sox… Although it was probably due to prancing around in my flats yesterday rather than a real shoe… Reaffirms the fact that I probably shouldn’t do that.

Did the standard morning run to the AFC and did a lot more stretching that I usually do. Less balancing. Actually I did pretty negligible exercise once I was there.

1.5 miles to AFC
Hip drills
1.5 miles home

May 19

Thursday AM – Groggy

3 miles · Comments Off on Thursday AM – Groggy

Last night we had our annual state-of-RMR banquet above the running shop. Lots of great food, and people,… and beer. I’d love to write more about it and recognize all the amazing people that help make this club so incredible but the consequence of having beer at the banquet is I don’t feel too outgoing this morning. A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped us though!

3 miles

This morning’s run was one of those runs you do cause you know you’ll feel better once you’ve sweat a little and showered. I stayed close to home, just looping the neighborhood roads until I felt like I was running normally. Then I showered and went back to bed for a bit.

May 18

Wednesday AM

3 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Wednesday AM

Sun’s out this morning. Awesome. Didn’t take too much advantage of it as I just ran to the AFC for some stretching and light plyos. Glute/Hamstring tightness is way down today. Hopefully my afternoon run will feel pretty good.

1.5 miles to AFC
1×10 parallel grip Pullups
2×10 1 legged platform dips
1.5 miles back home



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