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Aug 21

Recovery Day

4 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift + swim · Comments Off on Recovery Day

Upped my swimming distance PR today. Including rests 1 mile in 34 minutes. Wooooo! So swimming is supposed to be equivalent to running divided by 4 so that would be like 4 miles at 8:15 pace. I’ll take it.

1 mile swim. 34min
Lower lift.

Went for a really light jog by myself in the evening. Calves pretty beat up.

4 miles. 30min
Balancing drills.

I tried wearing Newtons and didn’t really like them. But they put a lot of emphasis on strong calves/achilles so probably wasn’t the best day to evaluate them.

Aug 8

Holy Core

4 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off on Holy Core

Hot day today and missed my chance for a morning run so I did a bunch of drills and then over 20minutes of core. Felt really strong, especially with plank today.

Balancing. 20 min core.

Headed down to Pearl street later in the day and went for a nice easy 4 miler with Minen that toured the course tomorrow.

4 miles.

Oh yeah, I’m racing a road mile! Pretty pumped to be racing, not too hopeful for a good performance but it will be a fun exhibition and, in a way, the last hurdle of my rehab. The race is the Pearl Street Mile, a twisty run through downtown Boulder, down hill first half then back up.

Aug 4

Easy Run

4 miles · Comments Off on Easy Run

Got out this morning on a really nice day in Boulder. My legs didn’t match the weather though. Struggled again.

4 miles. 14:21. 12:39. 27:00

Posted up with a little 10k action later on. Great result for Mo and Rupp.

Jul 23

Eldorado Canyon Scramble

4 miles + Hike · Comments Off on Eldorado Canyon Scramble

Had a great morning scrambling up Eldorado Canyon with Culrock, Juanito, and Blackshear. Scramble because the trail didn’t exactly take us to a good peak, so up we went in search of an epic view. And we got it. Unfortunately, I still only have my droid as a camera and the pictures were effin blurry! But at least I got a decent one of the decent.

Eldorado Canyon Scramble

4 hours later we were back, greeted with some huge sandwhiches, any icy brew, and a refreshing icebath in the creek.

T’storms rolled through in the evening but I managed to get out for my standard 4 miler.

4 miles. 15:58. 13:16. 29:14 total.

One other note, my core is once again incredibly sore from our tubing yesterday.

Jul 13

Climbing Day

4 miles + Drills + Rock Climbing · Comments Off on Climbing Day

Robin Climbing

Spent the morning with some climbers on my inaugural outdoor rock-climbing session. Wasn’t exactly beginner’s routes but with a little help from my belayers I managed to not embarrass myself too badly on the wall. The 2 routes were,

  • “Famous Last Words” on Vampire Rock in Boulder Canyon. An unknown-but-estimated 5.10
  • And one of the “Animal House” climbs across the road. A more manageable 5.9

Miah would be proud of me though, I forgot my regular shoes (well I actually didn’t know I NEEDED my trainers)  which resulted in me hiking to our two destinations barefoot. Didn’t actually end up being too bad. Uphill was a lot better than down. Special thanks to my sponsors, Tommy Gaidus for the climbing shoes and harness, Robin and Daniel for leading the climbs, and Ashley for the belay. I can officially say I’m a climber!

Upper body lift equivalent? Drills.

Took a dip in the creek afterward, which was pure bliss.

After some recouperation I got out for an evening jog. Did my standard morning loop but faster this time. I’m very confident it’s at least 4 miles at this point.

4 miles. 14:42 out. 12:16 back. 26:58 total.

Staying consistent and getting my pullups/pushups in every day.

Jul 11

Evening Run

4 miles · Comments Off on Evening Run

Easy jog this evening.

4 miles.

Jul 11

The Ultimate Morning Run

4 miles · Comments Off on The Ultimate Morning Run

I settled on a morning run today. It was actually the same one I did yesterday but yesterday I was in such bad shape I couldn’t really determine whether it was a winner or not. But it is. It’s an out and back, but it’s all trail and fairly flat.

4 miles. 15:25 out, 12:43 back. 28:08 total.

Body mostly back to normal. Hammies are the only muscles still in dire straits.

Jul 9

Ass Kicked. Body Sore

4 miles + Core + Lower Lift + Yoga · Comments Off on Ass Kicked. Body Sore

Got up this morning for an 8AM lift with Bret. Definitely now feeling the effects of the lift 36 hours ago too. But spanked out some leg work anyways. Lots of stretching afterward and a 4 mile run home, meandering through Boulder bike paths.

Lower Lift. Core. 4 miles easy cooldown

Definitely quite sore (in a good way) once I sat down for a minute. It was only just a minute though as I was picking up my new bed today (puuuumped!). Hopefully this means better sleep from here on out.

Afternoon session ended up involving no running but the most legit yoga session I’d been to in my life. 90minutes constant stream of exercise, an ocean of sweat on my mat, and way too many people in the studio to witness my distress. Actually, I held it together pretty well, but the amount of sweat pouring off of me gave away the fact that I had my try-hard shorts on.


Walked out of there in search of multiple bottles of Gatorade.

Jul 2

Well it’s been 4 weeks since I’ve felt the heat that settled on Chagrin today. Got into the 90s for the first time this summer and the humidity was cranking up. I was feeling antsy though in our AC house and by 5:30 I just couldn’t wait any longer. I hopped in my VW Beetle and drove to the CFHS track. Today’s workout was born out of a lack of any personal idea about what to do. I have one workout left this year by my design and I’m going to run it on Tuesday. Tuesday is too far away though for me not to do anything today.

Continue reading »

Jul 1

Friday – Rest Day

4 miles · Comments Off on Friday – Rest Day

Was considering doing an afternoon session today but ruled against it in favor of sunshine and butterflies.

4 miles in the AM

And that’s. about. it.

Also getting back on to EST… which sucks…

Jun 21


4 miles · Comments Off on Tuesday

4 miles

Really didn’t feel that awesome. Legs tired from the travel I hope.

Jun 18

Saturday – Yogging

4 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Saturday – Yogging

Really down day today.

Nothing in the morning and only

4 miles

Balancing drills

in the evening.

Jun 4

Music City Distance Carnival Mile

4 miles + Nashville + Race + Travel · 3 Comments

Besides being a palindrome (MCDCM), this race was pretty cool for a number of reasons. First, it had some tunes going on. They put a couple of speakers out on the infield and after the gun, they dropped a beat, inspiring runners to unnatural feats of speed and endurance. Also, its a twilight meet; it represents the state’s first successful attempt to attract some distance running (2005 was the first time a sub-4 mile was run in TN. Famiglietti. At this meet’s premier.); and it was the first opportunity I’ve had to visit Kentucky or Tennessee (drove in through Kentucky). Continue reading »

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