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Aug 18

Sprint Lab

5.5 miles + Core + Drills + Gait Lab + Strides · 1 Comment

Single bigger session today stringing together a lot of elements.

Started at 4pm with some core and upper body work. Light lift with free weights.

Jogged to the track and set up the droid for a little gait lab action. I gotta bring the GoPro one of these times but I keep forgetting (actually the fisheye might not be great. But the 120 fps would be!)

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Jun 23

Pre-travel Run

5.5 miles · Comments Off on Pre-travel Run

5.5 miles

Got up bright and early for an easy run before hitting the road for another 5 hour drive to oxford, OH for my second wedding in as many weeks. Congratulations Kevin and Michelle!

Apr 27

Impromptu Gait Analysis

5.5 miles + Gait Lab + Strides · No Comments

Using a high tech video camera (Panasonic point-and-shoot) and sophisticated analyzing software (Photoshop) I took a couple clips of my running gait today. I had a good meeting with a real legend in the gait analysis field last August — Jay Dicharry. He┬ádissected┬ámy stride with crushing honesty. It was awesome. I still remember a lot of the stuff he showed me in the session and I have a document he whipped up for me as a post-analysis. Based on that I was able to see some improvements 9 months later, but there are still serious problems. Images:

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WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
· Run a 3:57 Mile | 3:39 1500m.
· Build sweet websites.
· Live in Wellington, NZ
  Charlottesville, VA
  Santa Cruz, CA
  Boulder, CO.
· be convicted of grammar crimes.
If you're intrigued...
This is what to expect.