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Jun 21

Sultry 5 Miler

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Missed my opportunity to go into detail but yesterday I managed to get in a good hour of drills during the Portugal vs Czech match. Ronaldo has a lot of haters out there, some of which I’ve high-fived from time to time, but he played like a champ today and I gotta respect that. (Lebron on the other hand…)

Then I worked myself into a frenzy and forced myself out the door for a brutal 30min romp around a local park.

5 miles. 30min

Wasn’t terrible but took two cold showers to stop sweating. Glad I forced it.

Jun 20

Rough Day at the Office

5 miles + Workout · 3 Comments

First off — No need to reach for the tissues. But this post ain’t pretty…

Had a reality check today, and a reminder of what summer’s really like most places. The day started out well enough. Got some good sleep. Cleared my todo list pretty efficiently. By high noon I was feeling restless and ready to run.

I heard it was gonna be a pretty hot day, so I drank a glass of water during my pre-run drills before finally setting off for the nearest Natick, MA track, flats in hand. Stepping outside, I wasn’t exactly blasted with that awful wave of sticky heat all too familiar in C’ville, but there was definitely a solid temperature bump. Took about 30 steps to start sweating and by the time I made it 1.25 miles to the track, I was already wishing I’d drank more. But joy of all joys — There was a water fountain! I quenched my thrist and thought back over what I wanted to do.

The Plan: Goal today is embarrassing to even share at this point. Was supposed to be 3mi, 2mi, 1mi with 400m jog in between, all at 5:30 pace. Continue reading »

Apr 18

Sooo, What’s up in Cali?

5 miles + Santa Cruz · No Comments

Sorry, sorry. I even recently got called out by my very own mother for not updating in a while. Ouch. We’re in luck though, cause something about the cup of tea in my hand right now has me in the blogging mood. So I’m going to get this out even if I can only use my left hand to type it! #ThatsALie

It’s been 3 weeks now right? Actually more like 4. Wow. Well anyways, let’s start with the complaints.

  • Still don’t get cell service in the interior of my apt. Really cut down on my rampent txting…
  • Still can’t last more than a few seconds in the water. And still don’t have a wetsuit. I just can’t justify spending ~$300 on a full body suit if I’m just gonna abandon it in two months. Might be bailed out shortly though by a rental shop that rolls in around May 1st.
  • My buttocks was not built to bike! (Wasn’t built to run apparently either..) I’m slowly, painfully getting used to it though. With the help of a folded up dishrag.

It’s a credit to my studio that I only have 3 things to whine about.

  • Oh, the water here is also really hard. Lots of minerals and whatnot. Would be Quinn’s nightmare as the dishes never quite get completely clean. Always a little residue unless you dry the dishes too.

Dammit. OK so that’s 4. Still pretty good. On to the good stuff: Continue reading »

Dec 16

For years now I’ve feared that I’m somewhat bipolar. Not emotionally, but actively. Energetically bipolar. When I’m on, I get shit done. Type A. Knockout. But when I’m not, I love me some hermitude. Cup of tea. Sweaters.

All I want to do is chill out or play sports. Sit back with The Album Leaf or thump to Avicii remixes. It’s baffling.

Question is: Am I unusual? Or do others experience the same energy swings but just temper them better? My energy level spikes and dives like a heartbeat monitor. I feel like other’s tend to read more smoothly…

This is an intro topic for the entry because today I set out to just do an easy 40minute run with Donnie and Patrick before the 7 hour drive back to Ohio. However, neither ended up being able to make it and when I got out of the car at the Fontaine hills I felt awesome. I didn’t have any music or anything but for some reason I made an instinctual decision to tempo for 4 miles. I still don’t understand why I get those urges but I love the feeling of knowing what I want to do and then executing. The decision paid off big time. I have no ill effects from the run. My calves are beat up but only because they’re chronically pathetic and whiny. Continue reading »

Jun 24

Friday – The Rest of the Year

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Today all I really did was run and watch the track meet. Kind of a down day. Legs not bad but mentally in letdown mode.

5 miles.

Great dinner at Excelsior Inn restaurant with Patrick Todd and his family.

Jun 20

Last workout before nats. All that’s required is to touch on race pace and just see how I feel.

2 mile warmup. Spiked up. Did a few strides and leg swings.
4×400. 60s RIB. (59.9, 60.3, 59.1, 59.7)
2×100 (13.3, 13.1)
1.5 mile cooldown. Continue reading »

Jun 1

Wednesday AM – Sun Relief

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Today I woke up and it was only 75 degrees out. Thank. God.

5 miles easy with Clay and Lisa

Same ache in my left abductor. The pain is worst when I try and tilt my pelvis forward because it kind of stretches the lower abs.


May 31

Tuesday PM

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Today was another incredibly hot day. This week has been a far cry from’s prediction of 60s and 70s all week… (I really hate that site.) It was already high 80s by the time I was ready to run this morning around 9AM. So I decided against it, giving my lower abdomen some more rest. It just feels like a dull cramp any time I move. Not very pleasant. Continue reading »

May 19

Thursday PM

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Second session today was a speedier run. I wore Piranhas and focused on mechanics.

2.5 miles to UVA turf fields
drills, jumps, skips, bounds
med ball routine
2.5 miles home
plank/core workout

Whew, looking at that it looks like I did a lot. But the whole session didn’t take much more than an hour. Hopefully this is all working towards better efficiency at 55second pace.

May 9

Monday Ball Class

5 miles + Core · Comments Off on Monday Ball Class

Last night was the first night I decided to sleep with compression socks. I have no idea if they did anything but my calves are not knotted today (when there was a strong possibility they might be after yesterday’s workout). So no reason to doubt them yet… I slept fine so that’s good news as well.

Today I ran to and from ball class, getting in 5 miles total. The class itself was pretty standard but my attitude was more… focused. I really concentrated on maintaining good form. Unfortunately, I had to accept the fact that I was going to break a righteous sweat, which I hate doing in the morning…

May 2

Monday Ball Class

5 miles + Core · Comments Off on Monday Ball Class

Good day for a morning run.

2.5 miles to RMRS.

Ball class was good today. Felt pretty strong.

2.5 miles back home.

It got hot enough this morning up in our yoga studio that I started sweating badly during class. Nothing compared to Quinn. Haha, I guess I’ll have to stop wearing cotton shirts…

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