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Jul 3

Running High…

6.5 miles · Comments Off on Running High…

… above sea level!

Got into Boulder this morning at 7:30am, did some work and moved into the new digs. Good spot with a great bunch of people. They DVR the Olympic Trials and the Tour de France. So we’ll get along well.

Went out for an afternoon jog with the ’13s in town. Set out with the goal of running 5 miles, but ended up running 50min with the last 10min closer to 6:45 pace (the rest of the run was more like 8min miles). My lungs held up pretty well! At least I can’t complain

6.5 miles. 51 min.

Was a long day, starting 4:45 EST and ending 11PM MST (had to look up the abbreviation… ha). Fourth of July tomorrow and no plans to run.

Jun 30

Form Run

6.5 miles + Core · Comments Off on Form Run

Did a morning core/plyo session. In the PM ran out to Westwoods and back.

6.5 miles. 41min

Came back 3min faster than I went out. Still experimenting with stride tweaks. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to record my form again soon.

Saw some fireworks up close and personal from a lakehouse vantage point. Happy to get those in before leaving for CO (where I believe they are banned this year. Understandably.)

Jun 22

10 Hours in Hell

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Just kidding, <3 my bro. Really wasn’t too bad as far as 10 hours in the car go. Among the many things we learned it was that Syracuse has five excellent stations to sample from, while Rochester has zero… So we amused ourselves beta-testing our various accents and impressions together.

6.5 miles. 42min

Another easy 40 around Frohring Meadow before dinner with Clay. Spent the night at a bar forcing them to tune in to the 10ks (which were awwwwesome). Think track and field found a few new (drunk) fans tonight, even if temporarily

May 29

Todo List… Done.

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I am savoring one of those rare moments right now when my todo list for this very moment is complete clean. Not only are web update requests completed (and still awaiting the final go ahead for the next round of work), but my studio is clean, fridge is stocked, upcoming appt and flights scheduled, and morning run in the books.

Today’s run was an easy 42 along the beach. Total mileage was,

6.5 miles, 42min.

so roughly 6:30 pace. Pretty happy with that. Yesterday I did my first double, a 6 miler + core followed by 3 in the evening. Day before that was the sunday long progression run I wrote about previously. So that puts mileage for the week at 23.5 after 3 days. Not too shabby! Let me note that this is the first time I’ve actually allowed myself to add up any numbers and now that I’m doing so, it’s mostly to keep myself from going nuts (really easy to do once you throw in doubles).

Anyways, I’m gonna go hit the beach for a bit, maybe buy some sunglasses (lost 2 pair to the depths of the Colorado River).┬áMaybe there will be an odd number of people on the volleyball courts today…


How about that. My first real daily training update. Streak of 1

Jun 7

Tuesday PM – Baker Special

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Credit for the format of this workout goes to Mitch. I wanted to build off of the workout I did 2 weeks ago (6-4-4-4). His idea was to open with something a lot slower than the 60-pace 600. Then do something that has me running fast for longer. 500s. Here’s what I came up with based off of his recommendations. 800 (2:20). 3×500 (56s pace). 3×300(40s). Infinite rest.

The workout took better shape when Donnie told me what he was doing (3x[race pace 800, 45s rest, fast 300]). This worked out great because I could pace off of his 300s with my 500s. I would get something like 6 minutes rest. Then we both got together for the 300s at the end. The workout went GREAT. Having someone running with you for this fast stuff is MONEY. Continue reading »

May 30

Monday PM – Blaze On

6.5 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Monday PM – Blaze On

After the morning shakeout session I felt incredibly lethargic. Milled around online for a couple minutes before I gave up hope and I went back to bed for 2 full hours. This definitely helped but I was still weirdly groggy when I got up. It took me two more hours to feel enough self-loathing to spur some activity, which started out slowly enough,

hip/balancing drills

Much like getting started on a paper though, once I stepped out into the ridiculous 90 degree heat and broke an immediate sweat, I started gaining momentum. Continue reading »

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