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Aug 17

What an Off Day Looks Like

6 miles + swim · Comments Off on What an Off Day Looks Like

New regime is going to be a ton of work. The focus of an off day is obviously recovery, but more often than not, it will be active recovery for me. Today is a perfect example:

30min swim, stretch, ankle drills

The swim was my first in a very long time but I’ve been talking with some people about it and I think there’s a place for this in my training. I swam a total of 1200m with frequent breaks to avoid drowning.

Evening session was postponed all the way to 7:30, when it was already starting to get dark. But the air was nice and cool and after some more ankle drills and stretching I set out on my 4 miler. It was so nice out and I felt spry enough that I turned it into a 6 miler. Everything was fairly fast too. I think Minen’s pacing is starting to rub off

6 miles. 14:38. 13:21. 11:34

Total work today: 90min

Aug 11

Easy Day

6 miles · Comments Off on Easy Day

Nothin in the morning.

Casual day chillin around Pearl street and the farmers market.

Blackshear landed around 4 and we headed out for a verrry casual 6 miler.

6 miles. 50 minutes.

Yah, I said VERRRY casual. Just what the doctor ordered though. Gotta make sure to catch up on sleep tonight before a new seasons best long run tomorrow AM. Trying to hit 80min with some CU Buffs

Jul 21

Easy Six

6 miles + Core · Comments Off on Easy Six

Went on a nice and easy 6 miler with Culrock and Blackshear. Good loop around NCAR. Could be a staple if I need to upgrade to a 6 miler.

6 miles. Core

Intense core session in the morning. Over 13 minutes of plank.

Jul 5

Easy 40

6 miles + Drills · Comments Off on Easy 40

Most of the day was spent watching the tour, catching up on work, and staying out of the torrid heat. Thunderstorm passed through around 4:30 signaling an opportunity to hit the trails behind our house.

6 miles. 40min. Drills

Great first run. Out for 23min uphill and then back in 17.

Iron Chef showdown for dinner. 8 people contributing. Theme was America. Great results!

Jun 27

Lift Day

6 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Lift Day

Boring title for a boring post. This morning I woke with some soreness for the first time (hopefully phantom pains?) in my left groin area. So I decided against a morning run. I compensated though with a good upperbody lift and an intense core session.

Upper body lift. Core.

Watched an incredibly boring game between Spain and Portugal. Boring because I like the emotion you get from goals scored and this game was very safe/defensive. 0-0 after 120min and then Spain won (deservedly) in PKs.

6 miles

PM session was 6 miles. I definitely felt my left pubic bone a bit during the run. Tomorrow is a scheduled down day (some reports say 99 degrees out), so I think i’m just going to take it off from everything other than maybe pushups/pullups. We’ll see. Anyways, I’m rocking the ibuprofen right now. Fingers crossed.

Jun 19

Morning 6 with Rufio

6 miles + boston + Travel · Comments Off on Morning 6 with Rufio

Well it happened again. Despite the 1AM bedtime, I had no choice but to get up at 6 after a full hour trying to shield myself from the direct sunlight coming in through the wall of windows. Not saying it was unpleasant to actually feel like getting up at 6, but my stomach revolted when I hit the pavement for an easy 6 with Rufio.

6 miles. 40min

Minimal accessory activity. Back to bed for an hour at 9 before hacking away at this todo list.

Jun 29

Wednesday – Mad Drills

6 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off on Wednesday – Mad Drills

Did a light run with Clay this PM.

6 miles

Drills + Balancing


The big thing today was a re-introduction to hip/glute/balancing drills as well as my first abs routine in like a freakin month. Problem is, my lower abs STILL hurt. I hope it’s at least gone by the time I’m done my two week break in August…

Also my first pullups and curls in a long time.

Jun 27


6 miles · Comments Off on Monday

Final day in Eugene. Sadly it’s a Monday and the start of another work week. So after a nice trail run around Dorris Ranch with Finley I had to pack up and hit a coffee shop for the rest of the day. Just finished with all the catchup work as I write this.

6 miles


Jun 26


6 miles · Comments Off on Sunday

Another heavy day of race watching. Did a run in the PM with Donnie before crashing. Couldn’t muster the energy to get out into Eugene again. Oh and I’m sunburned…

6 miles

Jun 23

USATF Championships 1500m Prelims

6 miles + Eugene + Race + Travel · No Comments

Well it’s been a while since I really dove into an entry. I apologize about that. Simply put, its been a busy couple of weeks at a point in the year when I would like the most free time. I’ve also had fairly little alone time, which personally suits me fine, but cramps my ability to write. It’s weird, now that I think about it, I can code under any condition. I can even have brief conversations with people while writing a function and 5 minutes later realize I have no idea what was said. The same is not true for me with writing. Music about as much stimulus as I can handle. If someone’s making a sandwich 10 feet away, it would seem I’m far more interested in their choice of condiments. Continue reading »

Jun 17

Friday – Speed Play

6 miles + Workout · No Comments

I honestly had no idea what to run today for the workout. It took a vast collaboration of ideas to come up with a plan that made sense. Everything else was “too fast” or “too long”. The idea that finally made sense was to focus on a little speed play. Some race mimicking situations. I was going to run a tempo 800 as is becoming usual and then a 700, 600, 500 with different parts fast and slow. Continue reading »

Jun 1

Wednesday PM – #NationalRunDay

6 miles + Core + Hip Drills + Serious · No Comments

Goooood afternoon everyone. So today, I recently discovered, is National Run Day! (And there was much rejoicing.)

Apparently, according to Ryan Fenton, it is a tradition to go around the table and have everyone say what their Thankful for. Then you eat the… no wait, that’s not it. Let’s look at his post. Ah, that’s it, we are to answer the question “Why do you run?”… Continue reading »

May 29

Blossom Time Fun Run

6 miles + Tempo · Comments Off on Blossom Time Fun Run

Blossom Time Festival goes off like a bomb in downtown Chagrin Falls. People flock from all over to get their parade/carnival/day-drinking fix. Heck, I’m a great example, coming all the way back from Virginia for a good dose of crazy hats, bat-mobile floats, and Labradoodles. However, fortunately for runners everywhere, the day starts off with a 5.25 mile road race. Continue reading »

May 26

Thursday AM – Allergic to Jungles

6 miles + Yoga · Comments Off on Thursday AM – Allergic to Jungles

I’ve never had a problem with allergies in my 24 years of life. Charlottesville has certainly put me to the test though. This morning, after:


Donnie and I set out on an hour run. We picked one of our favorite trails from the winter that we hadn’t run for a while. Apparently for good reason too, the route was a jungle… It was hot, humid, and there was a lot of stuff in the air. We ended up having to cut it short cause I was coughing up a storm. I think I pulled my upper crotchal-region coughing muscle. It’s kinda tender right now. Oh well… Continue reading »


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