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Aug 15

Boulder Running Company Run

7.5 miles + Ankle drills · Comments Off on Boulder Running Company Run

The morning was consumed by work, but I managed to get in some pullups, pushups, and ankle exercises before getting back to work.

Evening session was my third Boulder Running Company run. Every Wednesday at 6pm over 100 people convene for an evening jaunt. Most run 3-6 miles before returning to the company for a raffle, some beer and pizza put on by Avery Brewery, and sometimes a talk by someone in the pro community. Minen and I usually have a few people that keep up with us, but today he was pretty set on getting in an “up-tempo” 20min piece in the middle of the run.

We chilled for the first 20min, and then took off. Immediately, I was skeptical of my ability to last the full 20min at the pace we were running. I’d guesstimate somewhere in the 5:15 range. This I cannot sustain yet for 20min and I dropped off after 11min.

20min easy
11min 5:15 pace
20min easy (51min, 7.5 miles)

Finished up feeling a little rundown, definitely not at the point where I can train with the big boys aerobically but I gotta expect that. Still hoping to hit 60miles this week.


Jun 29

AM Tempo

7.5 miles + Tempo · Comments Off on AM Tempo

Got up early this morning for a tempo with Clay. I was actually pretty jacked up to do it having watched Donnie place 4th in the steeple last night! At first I was bummed for him, cause he was one away from making the team, but then it dawned on me… HE’S ONE SPOT AWAY FROM BEING A FREAKIN’ OLYMPIAN!!

6min warmup. 6 mile tempo (6:03, 5:44, 5:47, 5:57, 5:47, 5:59). 6min cooldown.

Extremely happy with that effort, though I was definitely struggling to find the right rhythm and maintain consistent, proper form throughout. I think I’m going to pivot my training a little bit to include more 3-4 mile tempos in the middle of my 7-8 mile runs.

Here are Donnie’s thought’s on the race by the way:

May 18

Wednesday PM

7.5 miles + Drills + Hurdles · Comments Off on Wednesday PM

Those of you who have RSS feeds to this site, I apologize for the bombardment of entries. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to post and view my training.

This afternoon I finally feel back to normal. 72 hours of soreness after doing some good squats… I definitely have a weakness.

7.5 miles

The pace of my run was pretty quick. I think I stayed under 6:00 effort for most of it. Form felt really good too. I just need some more flexibility…

May 10

First things first, the entry list for the US Road Mile Champs came out today. I’m really pumped to see a solid lineup. I knew Torrence would be there, and Ryan Hall of course, but there’s a lot of good guys that I’m positive can break 4 right now so I’m really excited about a good race! At this point, with Hall in the race, I’m guessing this will be the highest profile race I’ll be in all year except for perhaps US nationals (if I make the final). For a race I wasn’t even sure I’d run a week ago, I’m now regretting not being sharper for it…

My training through yesterday hadn’t slacked at all, which is great because it means I’m not going to miss out on much training for this race, but I’m going to take these next two days to prepare rather than just insert this race as a workout in a normal week like I did the 800. So today was a brisk 7.5 miles on the roads. The legs are definitely fatigued from the good workload these past 5 days. However, with a mere 2-3 miles + strides tomorrow and the fact that the race is at twilight on Thursday, I think I should be pretty fresh and ready to give a solid effort.

Mitch also just pointed out to me that I got the younger brother, Chad Hall at Mt Sac. So I guess this is a natural step in the progression! I feel like I just lucked my way into a title fight…

May 8

Baker Special

7.5 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift + Workout · No Comments

AM was an easy 3 miles plus some balancing and strengthening exercises at the AFC. The focus was on the outside glute and being strong through my trunk in preparation for some speed this afternoon.

Today is the last day anyone will be able to set foot on the old UVA track. It’s being torn up tomorrow to make way for a (supposedly) awesome new facility. The descriptions sound incredible, and I can’t wait for the final product, but I dread the fact that I won’t have that track until December. Continue reading »

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