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Aug 22

Recovery: Take Two

7 miles + Core · Comments Off on Recovery: Take Two

Another easier mileage day. Morning was just a core session:


Evening was the Boulder Running Company run. Once again I tried on a different pair of shoes because they were free to try. These were Innov8s. Wasn’t bad as a flat but I need a little bit more of heel for now.

7 miles

The past 2 days have put a lot of emphasis on my lack of calf strength. I need to start doing calf raises. I had a bit of a revelation today that running is basically like plank for my calves. I need to actually strengthen them by doing calf raises which as akin to crunches. This will help them get all-around stronger (though maybe bigger too… which isn’t ideal). Oh well, I’m still going to try it.

Aug 13

Some Ankle Thing

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Left ankle in a weird state where it felt like it needed to be cracked this morning. Google MD pointed me towards a posterior impingement, which means slight swelling of some of the ligaments is causing them to get trapped between two bones when I flex my foot a certain way. Solution is to ice/ibuprofen and work gently on range of motion. I did and it went away.

Would have tried to get in some aquajogging or swimming but had some work to do and don’t really have an available pool.

Went out for an evening run and stayed flat, which turned out to be the ticket. Ran down to the track and focused maintaining good form for 4 miles around the track dropping down in pace. Not taxing, but very good practice for my form.

1.5 miles to track
4 miles (6:12, 5:58, 5:47, 5:41)
1.5 miles home

Ankle thing is nothing to worry about. Just being overly cautious.

Aug 6

Playing Catchup

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Today was the first day I felt a little bit of energy returning to my body. It’s crazy what a week of travel and grand adventure can do to you. Still, I took the morning off. Great news though: I’m caught up on work and the Olympic events I’ve  been neglecting.

Highlight of the day wasn’t even on the track. The woman’s Soccer team continues to provide the best drama, excitement, and ultimate elation. Love it!

First training session in over 48 hours this evening.

7 miles. Easy 48min with Minen.

Finally felt a bit more energetic. Groin abductors were strangely sore and tight but not unmanageable while running. Hopefully better tomorrow…

Kirani James is the man.

Aug 2

Running Mags

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Finally back from all of my adventures. We (Grant, Cullen, Sean and I) had to stay in Casper, WY last night due to a flat tire but we managed to still roll into Boulder in time to squeeze in a short run on Magnolia road, the fabled route from Running With the Buffalos.

We ran it at a decent effort but the pace only ended up being like 6:50s. Pretty high up I guess… And we were definitely tired from the traveling

7 miles. 48 minutes.

More importantly, I’ll be dropping updates from Headwaters this weekend.


Jul 17

So last week I passed up the opportunity to get out and run a tempo with Bret and the Boulder Trail Running Club. The reason: I was scared. The run description was “straight up hill” and then “straight down” and “it’s a beast”… So I passed. This week sounded a lot more manageable though; a tempo along the Mesa Trail, which was a lot of harsh up and down, but not continuous.

Mesa Trail

This gives you a great idea of a the locale. (courtesy

Met up with the group not feeling too good about what was about to go down, but after a 10min warmup to the trailhead (at 6000ft), I was feeling significantly better. The idea was 15min out and then try to negative split coming back. 30min tempo all together.

1 mile warmup uphill. 5 mile undulating tempo. 1 mile cooldown.

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Jul 6

Altitude > Humidity

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Got up this morning feeling pretty good after a whirlwind first couple days here in Boulder. One complaint is that the big toe plus ball of my left foot is a little tender/bruised. I must have done some damage to it while tubing. And then walking around til 2am that night probably didn’t help. Didn’t end up being an issue though. But definitely something to watch. Also, core still sore from tubing. Rough activity apparently…

Got down to business today though. 40 pushups. 20 pullups. Drills. Stretching. Then went out for 20min to the WXC house via Chataqua Park. Kicked it over there for 20min. Rehydrated and stretched a very little amount. Caught the end of the tour and a little tennis before hitting the trails again back to Auburn Street. On the way back, I took a bit longer but much better path. 32min. The entire first 15 were steady uphill though and I was nearly gasping by the time it mellowed out. That said, I was feeling quite good and recovered after a few minutes on the flat and I cruised downhill.

7 miles. 52 minutes.

It was 82 degrees and 41% humidity, but even with the altitude and the relatively hot conditions, I still felt better than mid-80s and 70% humidity in Ohio…

With some cooler mid-70s days coming up, I expect to be feeling quite good.

Time for a sandwich.

Jun 15

Introspective Run at 2AM

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It’s 5AM in Boston. That’s 2AM in Santa Cruz and yet, with the sun already pouring through the wall of windows in my buddies’ top floor apartment, and despite the fact that I didn’t actually get in until after midnight, there is NO way I’m sleeping a second longer. That’s rare for me. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that my body still thinks it’s just really late at night or that I did in fact get quite a bit of sleeping done on the cross-country flight, but I feel good! (Though even now I’m a little weirded out by the fact that I just cracked my computer open to see “3:51 AM”, and yet the height of the sun is making it feel more like 10).

The other pleasant oddity is that there is not a single sore muscle or knot on my body, potentially due to the fact that I took yesterday off from athletic activity, though I usually feel horrible after travelling, especially this far. That’s all the justification I need to beat myself up a bit! Continue reading »

Jun 30

Thursday PM – Return to Tempo

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Went out to the polo fields with Clay to run a 6k tempo. The course was a 1500m  (exactly) loop so the splits are naturally in 1500m. For reference, 4:48 is about a 5:10 mile which is what we were shooting for.

1.5 miles warmup. Flats on. Leg swings

6000m tempo (4:48, 4:51, 4:41, 4:39)

2 mile cooldown

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Jun 28

Tuesday – Steady State

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Back in Ohio. Sleep schedule screwed. Legs achy. Lower abs still unpleasant. Why not just get out and run hard?

It turned out to be a good idea. We started at 6:15 pace and picked it up as we progressed, ending around 5:30 effort.

7 miles (6:15 -> 5:30 effort)

I didn’t do too much extra stuff. Hopefully I’ll find some time for that tomorrow and really get back into a good routine.

Jun 16

Thursday – Recovery

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Not feeling super good today. Combination of longer yesterday and a decent workout on Tues?

7 miles

Got roped into one session by a frustrating day of work (which has also kept me from updating my log promptly). Oh well…


Jun 10

Well the clear weakness of my training remains my final 200meters. Today was all about getting my body to react to my mind’s command to run… fast. So this workout I’m proud to say is my own creation. It’s simple, 4x600m with the first 400 a little slower than race pace and the last 200 “all out but smooth”. Full recovery. In this case 5 minutes. Oh and like last week, just warm up with a casual 800. Continue reading »

Jun 2


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The weather was pretty incredible today. Low 60s and sunny. Far cry from 2 days ago and much closer to what I was expecting. Drove in the prime of the day to South Chagrin for a romp on the bridal trails.

7 miles

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May 20

Oh man, tonight was a night to remember. I hurt in ways I haven’t hurt since high school. Headache even.. And all for about 6 total minutes of speed…

Vig and the UVA boys had bartered a deal with the local Monticello HS AD to let us all use the track after their HS sports teams were finished with their friday night games, under the lights. Oh, I think I mentioned it in passing a week ago, but once again: the UVA track has been demolished. Continue reading »

May 12

USATF 1 Mile Road Champs

7 miles + Minnesota + Race + Travel · 2 Comments

BU indoor 1 Mile – 3:58!!! – but 5th place…

Mt Sac 1500m – 3:41!!! – but 8th place, 4 guys within a second…

US Road Mile – 4th place!!! – but 4th place is not on the (very real) podium…

Video of the race
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