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Jul 8

Marshall Mesa Sunday Long

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I’ve had two miserable night sleeps in a row, something that’s very rare for me. I may have to replace the air mattress I was planning on using for the next 7 weeks. If that had a negative affect on my run this morning, it must have been a fairly little one since I managed to stay out for 58 minutes with Mearns and Minen again.

8.5 miles. 58min

We drove a couple miles outside of Boulder to the Southeast to run at Marshall Mesa. Was a good run, would have been a great one though if the extended trails weren’t largely clay based. The rains last night had them at that special¬†consistency¬†where they cake on the bottom of your shoes, building up for 50 strides before flying off and hitting your comrade in the back of the head… Because of this though, our effort was considerably harder than our pace reflects. Eight and a half miles, but probably closer to a ten mile effort. Regardless, I’m pretty thrilled to have run for as long as I did last sunday in Ohio.

On an overall meta note, I’ve definitely noticed a return to form these past 2 weeks. I’ve felt stronger and more stable in everything I’ve done, and even started to get a little competitive itch going. I’m sure I’ll be put right back in my place once I do a workout, but at least I’ll go into it feeling pretty confident.

May 25

Wednesday – What’s cooking?

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Oh that’s me. Got burned on my 60min run today. Ran Fox Haven from PTodd’s place with Patrick and TJ.

8.5 miles

Legs weren’t too bad actually. Took advantage of my UVA buddies to get into the training room ice bath. Nicest one I’ve ever been in.

May 24

Tuesday PM – Lactic Threshold Workout

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Great workout today (once you factor in heat, humidity, and crap track). Full credit goes to Dan Murray for this one. The idea was 1600m@70, 1200@68, 2×800@66, 2×600@64. 2min rest between all. I hydrated well during the day and as noted, the morning session felt pretty good. Continue reading »

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