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Sep 11

Seesaw Run at Mags

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Magnolia Rd

Set out today with the intention of doing a 10 mile steady state run on Magnolia road. Minen decided it would be a good idea to run his third tough day in a row and joined me.

Things kicked off around 9am with a few leg swings and then we hit the dusty road. Beautiful day up at 8800ft Magnolia road, and we apparently were feeling chipper… at least on the initial downhill. Continue reading »

Aug 9

I woke up today knowing I’d be running my first race in 14 months! The Pearl Street Mile. My perception of this event was that it’s simultaneously an incredibly chill, no-pressure road mile but also my first race in 14 months, against decent competition, and based on less than 500 miles of training over 3 months. My outlook flipped between relax, no big deal and yeah right… You’re gonna get F’d up and embarrassed! The dichotomy was pretty intense.

Before I get into the writeup… Found a nice little article where I even get a quote! But, for the record, I never look back. Just wanted to clear that up. And I’m saving the vid here for posterity:

Continue reading »

Jul 16

Kohler Mesa Mountain Run

8 miles + Plyometrics + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Kohler Mesa Mountain Run

Cranked out a bunch of work in the morning before getting out for a 2 mile shakeout around noon. Post-office and back.

2 miles. Upper Lift. Plyometrics

After getting back I did a body-weight upper body lift. 2×10 pullups. 25, 20, 20 pushups. Plyometrics. Stretching. All of this anaerobic stuff is definitely more tiring at altitude.

Once again t’storms dumped on us in the late afternoon but left the air 20 degrees cooler for my run at 6:30. I got about 12min in, about as high as I usually go up snake canyon trail, but for whatever reason felt compelled to climb some more. Took about 23min to get to the top, but I was rewarded with a pretty sweet view from the foot of the giant cliffs of the flatirons. Running back down was predictably shitty though. Temped to only call this a 25minuter despite the fact that I was out for 40.

6 miles. 40min.

I gotta figure out a way to get a bike dropped off for me at the top of these mountain runs. So much wasted potential energy…


Jul 14

High Altitude Tempo

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First big workout of the new regime. Happy to report that I made it 12 days out here so far. Today I had a 6 mile tempo in the works and was fortunate enough to be able to partner up with Sunshine and Patronus on this one. Also, if I didn’t have 12 days up here already I’m this one would have gone south. I was feeling physically great but cardiovascularly  right on the verge of breaking down for the entire last half.

1 mile warmup. 6 mile tempo (6:15, 6:08,6:03, 5:55, 5:46, 5:30). 1 mile cooldown.

The times were a bit fudged because we were really doing 5 laps around a 1.2 mile loop at Coots lake. I kicked in well though, probably closing out the last quarter under 5min pace. Found it really hard to catch my breath and I did NOT bring enough water. I’m going to have to start bringing a gallon to these things.

All in all though. Very encouraged. The paces were quite progressive but roughly equivalent to the 6 mile tempo I did two weeks ago with Clay at ~800ft above sea level. I’ll call this progress.

Jun 18

Boston 8

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Great day today in Boston. Highlights were fishing with Bill, lunch with Brickly, dinner with some more 09s, and by far the best weather Boston has ever thrown at me. I’ve always loved the people in Boston, but it’s no secret I am no fan of the city itself. However, today it’s risen in the ranks past the likes of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and pretty much every other city in the midwest (Columbus is kinda cool though).

8 miles. 55min. Stretching. Light Core.

UPDATE: Landed a nice pic in the Boston Globe with BillBoston Fishing

Side note — when asked where I was from, I really had no idea how to respond. Colorado was on my mind, and so I blurted “Boulder, Colorado”. Hence, I’m from Colorado!

Jun 17

Wedding Weekend!

8 miles + Wedding! · Comments Off on Wedding Weekend!

Steve and Lauren Wedding

Yesterday’s activities were centered around a nice easy 60min Hopkin’s long followed up by an absolutely amazing wedding between Mrs. Lauren Philbrook and Mr. Steve Van Wert (#fistpump!). The reception was awesome, the reception’s reception was awesome, and whatever happened after that was awesome! One of the best Saturdays I’ve ever had. So much anticipation, energy, and love.

Today, Sunday, however, was a little different story. Started off well enough — breakfast and hot tub were great. 30min run with the gang wasn’t bad. But then came the goodbyes and by the time we pointed the car back towards Boston, the wedding/reunion induced adrenaline was definitely wearing off. Over the course of the next 8 hours I just got more and more tired, falling asleep for the last hour of the trip. Reviving just long enough to refuel with a cuban from Stats and then passing the F out on Tim’s couch for the next 3 hours. Who takes a 3 hour nap?!

Eventually I stirred, but it took me another 30min to lace up my shoes and hit the streets of Boston to complete the double. Once I finished though, the day brightened up a bit, even if the sun was setting and I’ve been pretty productive since. Recap:

AM – 4mi. 31min
PM – 4mi. 28min

Moving forward, I’m planning on running a nice 50 this coming week and making sure to to not slack any on the travel days. Digging in!

Jun 13


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After waking at 10,I immediately dug into the stack of emails awaiting on my digital desktop. Finally, 4 hours later I was ready for my “morning” session. It turned into an extended affair and I honestly didn’t really stop with the activity until 6. Continue reading »

May 27

Friday PM – Race Pace Workout

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I felt decent this morning. The left Achilles wasn’t great but I was excited for the workout today. It was really the first time I’m focusing on my mile pace for a full workout. Here’s the idea:

4×500, 4×400, 4×300. Paces should range between 61s to 58s. The rest wasn’t as important. It was more about running fast. Smoothly. And with an emphasis on be able to recover back to normal and do it again.

Here’s how it went down… Continue reading »

May 17

Tuesday Tstorm

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I took the morning off today. Ma glutes and hammies thanked me.

I’d also like to announce that today Charlottesville weather has been officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After waking up to a waterfall outside my window at 7 AM, we went on to see 4, maybe 5 different thunderstorms roll through before sunset. The up side of this is that you get 2 or 3 solid double rainbows in about 8 hours time. The afternoon session started sunny, dry, and shirtless, but ended drenched and muddy, which consequently means the seats of my car are still probably drenched and muddy.

8 miles + drills

Donnie and Smayda did a workout, but I wouldn’t have been able to get anything out of a training session today. Better safe than sorry at this point in the season


May 3

Light Workout

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I decided I’m racing a casual 800/400 double on Thursday so today’s workout was meant to tax without stressing. It was quite windy and a bit of heat (though thankfully dry heat). I think it was about 80.

2.5 mile warmup

2.5 mile tempo (5:15, 5:07, 2:31)
2×600 (1:36, 1:37), 1×400 (62)
2×150 fast Continue reading »

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