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Jun 26

Tuesday Double

9.5 miles + Core · Comments Off on Tuesday Double

Not much of note happened today. I did a lot of training but nothing too structured. I’m going to write out my week a bit better moving forward to keep me on point. Morning run was at Frohring again. This time I drove out and just jogged the 3 mile loop.

3 miles. Core. Stretching

Got introduced to the Kenston high school XC team which was kinda cute. Wish I had more to talk about than “sub 4 last spring but got injured and coming back”. Did a nice light core circuit with them.

Afternoon session consisted of light upperbody lift (not too much energy to really get into it). 6.5 miles once again at Frohring (did I mention how nice a run that is?)

6.5 miles. Drills. Stretching

Then a whole bunch more stretching and drills. It occurred to me on my run today that I’m not so much training yet as just “practicing” running. I’m constantly going through a set of cues in my mind and measuring feedback as discomfort/pain from my body. Then making adjustments and repeating. It’s about time for another video session too, so I’m going to try to make that happen later this week.

Apr 29

Top 5 Workout

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Its been over 3 months since I really felt I had a good workout. A workout that breaks new ground and I come out of feeling excited. Today was good. The workout was 6x800m in around 2:12 with 2min RIB where one of the 200s was fast (30s). In reality it became a little more complicated with the first 800 being warmup 2:20 and no fast 200. We also had a 3min rest after the third 800. Here’s how it went down:

1.25 mile warmup. Put on the Piranhas. Stomach a little bubbly, burping like whoa.

800s went in order:
[35,34,36,34] = (2:19)
[34,34,30,34] = (2:12)
[33,33,30,34] = (2:10)
[32.5,29.5,33,34] = (2:09)
[32,29,33,33] = (2:07)
[33,34,33,28] = (2:08)

Jogged a couple laps and did 2×150 afterward.

1.25 mile barefoot cooldown.

Also saw Jay on the streets of Monte Vista today. He gave me a couple quick suggestions on how to keep my feet under me without applying breaking forces. I’m pumped and just decided I think I’m going to hit the USA Road Mile champs in Minnesota. Was on the fence this morning.

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