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Sep 7

Fartlek – Norwegian for Speedplay

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Up at 7am for a track session today. Last night was my first night in the new place and despite not having any bedsheets, I slept like a baby. Still didn’t stop me from grabbing some java at Cafe Sole on the way to the track though.

Started off on a 1.5 mile warmup before meeting Jay at 8am for our second session together. Training started with a lunge matrix and some custom skipping routines. Once we were good and ready for the fartlek, I laced up the flats and set out to find my pace for the 150s.

The workout was 2x5x800 where the first 150m was at 3k goal pace and the the next 650m was “steady”. However, this was preceded by 3×150 with 250 jog in between.

First set went fairly well. Tired, for sure, but hit low 23 avg for the 150s, so that would be 61-62 pace. Completed the set averaging 5:19s.

Took 800m jog. Slooowww.

Then hit it again. Same thing. 23.5,23.4,23.3,23.2,23.3 for the 150s and maintained a decent recovery clip in between. Averaged 5:30s or maybe a little more. Regardless though, really felt nice to be getting that much volume in without getting bored.

Finished up with hurdles, myrtl, light core, and leg swings. Summary:

1.5 mile warmup
lunge matrix, skipping
5×800 (150@3k, 650@”steady”) – 23.lows – total 13:14
800 jog slow
5×800 (150@3k, 650@”steady”) – 23.lows – total 13:50
hurdles, myrtl, light core, leg swings

Weird not to do a jog cooldown, but there was plenty of mobility in the exercises post-workout.

Now to catch up on work and furnish my place…

Aug 14

Flat Double

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Still taking precautions for my ankle, which I’d like to clarify feels like I pinch something if I’m plantar-flexed (running uphill) and don’t support my ankle by turning on all the surrounding muscles.

Got out this morning with Minen though for a good jaunt.

5 miles. 30min.

Then came back for an all-around evening session.

1.5 miles to track
Drills, leg swings
800 at 2:17
4x 30-30-30s
2x 100 all out (12.05, 12.11)
1.5 miles home

Definitely one of the better sessions I’ve done and while there wasn’t that much mileage involved, I felt like my aerobic system was engaged for almost 90 minutes.

Got back and watched a great video recommended by Jay Johnson on foot and ankle flexion.

Jul 22

The Great Mesa Relay

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South MesaToday’s mission is brought to you by Bret Scofield and Sam Blackshear. The two of them collaborated and produced a race of twisted, masochistic nature. 6.9 miles over very technical ground, the first half of which is straight up, and the second of which is right back down. Sharp rocks. Gnarled roots. 20% gradients. Both natural and man-made staircases that extend and switchback until you can barely maintain a cadence. And then switch back once more for good measure.

We all thought it would be good fun. But the only fun I got out of it was in the numbers that represented my effort — 46:12, a new trail record. And that is some good fun :) Continue reading »

Jul 18

Wednesday Double

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Woke up this morning not feeling too bad after the tempo yesterday. Got out even before I had a chance to grab some coffee. Only because I’m out though…

4 miles. 16:01. 13:28. 29:30

Not sure if it had anything to do with the lack of caffeine but my slowest morning run yet. No big deal though.

Evening session was meant to be some speed work at the track. I set out with the goal of just doing one mile on the track, in spikes, sprinting the straights and jogging the turns. However, once I got there, I was struck with a brilliant idea! Why not just test my paces? I figured I should be OK to throw a 2:08 800 and a 60 second 400 on the front end of the strides. Yeah, that’s effin’ brilliant!…

…until I actually tried to accomplish it.

I laced up the spikes and did some dynamic drills and leg swings. I should have taken note of the fact that high knees was causing me to suck wind. But I didn’t. So off I went, blasting my first 400 in 64. And feeling winded. I called the first piece at 600 feeling like I’d run the full 8.

Two minutes later I blasted my second piece. A 400. And this one I finished in 58.5 but hands on knees.

Finally I’d come to the mile of strides. Off I went and it was over after 2 laps. I was only running 14s 100s.

1.5 mile warmup
600 @ 1:36.
2min rest.
400 @ 58.5
4min rest.
800, jog turns, sprint straights. (13.5, 13.98, 14.72, 13.5)
1.5 miles home.

So this was the first time I really suffered from the altitude. I’m certainly not discouraged, don’t get me wrong, but I should have just stuck to the original game-plan of building some top end speed. I did not accomplish that today. On the plus side, it was another higher mileage day and I’m still feeling completely healthy. We should be close to 60 miles this week!

Jun 24

End of the Road

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Could not believe I made it all the way back to Chagrin Falls. My legs were spazzing out in the car. I’ve pushed the limits of my self-control this past week. Let me confirm that sitting in the car is one of my least favorite activities. Sidebar: Ohio radio is AWFUL! Why oh why did I leave my headphones at home…

As you may have guessed, I DID in fact make it home, and after an intense (if not intensely bad) game between England and Italy, I left for my long run.

9 miles. 57 minutes

I returned to one of my favorite easy day lollipop runs — out, around, and back from westwoods. Only today it was my long run, but I ran it well! I kept my form the entire time, though the last 2 miles I was really concentrating on it. This was my longest continuous run in over a year! Pretty nice moment.

Only supplementary activity was stretching, and some pushup/pullups (first pullups in 2 months sadly. 8 was a struggle whereas used to be a consistent 10 and max 13).

Jun 14

Tuesday – Workout

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Today I wanted to touch on those systems that I haven’t worked in almost a month now. The long rep, 10k pace stuff. Nothing terribly taxing (don’t want to be sore) but enough to get me really working aerobically. I also need the confidence of knowing that system is still tuned up. Donnie and I had some ideas but we asked around a bit too. The two of us collaborated with Vig and Jesien to come up with the following: 4xmile, 90s rest 5:00 cutting down. 3×300 46-44-42 with 100 jog rest. It was a perfect night out and with Donnie leading the long stuff, me leading the short, it worked out really well. Continue reading »

Jun 12

Sunday – OH. IO.

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And we’re back! Cleveland is such a breath of fresh air after the heavy humidity developing in C’ville. I think I’ll stay away for the rest of the summer.

Took me a while today to just recover from the duress of the previous day. Finally woke up from a second nap at 6PM and hit South Chagrin with Donnie for 60 minutes. It was 69 degrees, clear, and amazing. So glad we decided to get up here as early as possible

9 miles

Jun 9


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9 miles

Ran Fox Haven with Donnie

Jun 8

Wednesday – Technical Trouble

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Well not having the internet at my house has been a disaster for this training log.

9 miles

Ran out along Reservoir with Donnie

Jun 6

Monday – Early Bird

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I didn’t sleep that well last night. Partly because I just sat in a car the day before and hadn’t run. And partly because I hadn’t seen the race video yet (it hadn’t been uploaded). It was nagging me. I wanted to know what happened before I can put the loss to rest.

I fell asleep around 1AM and definitively woke up at 6:30AM. It was nice out so I just went for my run then, ending at ball class.

9 miles + Ball Class

Abs didn’t feel too bad during the run, but definitely didn’t feel good for some of the maneuvers in ball class. Pretty much anything that involves cocking my pelvis off the ground (reverse crunches) really irritates it.

May 21


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Went out to Dickwoods for an easy 60 min with Donnie and Moo.

9 miles

The legs thankfully didn’t feel horribly stiff. That stretching really paid off… They did feel pretty dead though, and I struggled to keep good form for the last half.

May 15

Sunday AM

9 miles + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Sunday AM

First, it’s good to be back in c’ville, where the sun shines, and the shirts stay in the drawer. This week we’ll see our first workout tailored to the 800 side of my training. We have 6 weeks and counting ’til we play for keeps in Eugene and I want to get good and sore as soon as possible…

Also, I’m moving to a new format that hopefully works better for those of you following my training. I think it’s easier for me to see trends if I can see the full week’s training on one page.

9 miles + hip drills

This morning I ran 9 miles at a decent clip with Donnie. Didn’t feel too bad. I did negligible drills but I’m saving the good stuff for another session today after this storm rolls through.


Apr 26

Tuesday Workout

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Coach Dan the Man had scheduled 5x1k starting at 70s and dropping down; a workout I would normally salivate pver. Today, however, I really felt I needed a slower effort at the beginning to get me going. I haven’t felt stellar in training for about a month now due to little tweaks, fatigue, travel, and catering to racing. Today’s personal objective was to get through a workout with a decent amount of volume at pace without going to the well. So Donnie and I proposed a 2mile@5:05 followed by 3-4 1000s and a sprint or two. I think I got it right. Continue reading »

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