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Aug 21

Recovery Day

4 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift + swim · Comments Off on Recovery Day

Upped my swimming distance PR today. Including rests 1 mile in 34 minutes. Wooooo! So swimming is supposed to be equivalent to running divided by 4 so that would be like 4 miles at 8:15 pace. I’ll take it.

1 mile swim. 34min
Lower lift.

Went for a really light jog by myself in the evening. Calves pretty beat up.

4 miles. 30min
Balancing drills.

I tried wearing Newtons and didn’t really like them. But they put a lot of emphasis on strong calves/achilles so probably wasn’t the best day to evaluate them.

Aug 13

Some Ankle Thing

7 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Some Ankle Thing

Left ankle in a weird state where it felt like it needed to be cracked this morning. Google MD pointed me towards a posterior impingement, which means slight swelling of some of the ligaments is causing them to get trapped between two bones when I flex my foot a certain way. Solution is to ice/ibuprofen and work gently on range of motion. I did and it went away.

Would have tried to get in some aquajogging or swimming but had some work to do and don’t really have an available pool.

Went out for an evening run and stayed flat, which turned out to be the ticket. Ran down to the track and focused maintaining good form for 4 miles around the track dropping down in pace. Not taxing, but very good practice for my form.

1.5 miles to track
4 miles (6:12, 5:58, 5:47, 5:41)
1.5 miles home

Ankle thing is nothing to worry about. Just being overly cautious.

Aug 12

12 Mile Long Run

12 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on 12 Mile Long Run

My long runs are starting to live up to their name. Stayed in with a movie last night in hopes of catching up on sleep before an early morning today. First alarm clock went off at 5:45 (I wanted to catch the end of the Olympic marathon live), but predictably, my mind prioritized an extra hour of sleep instead. Don’t regret it at all and was extremely disappointed later when I learned the results. Ryan Hall in particular. Suffering his first ever DNF does not reflect well on his new coach.

I did manage to get up feeling a bit more rested around 6:45. Minen and I drove out to Boulder Res for a local Sunday long organized event. Was quite nice as a bunch of people get together and run between 12 and 20 miles. The organizer drives a van around and delivers water at a few different locations. Gonna be ideal if I stick it out here and get into the 16 mile range.

As it was, we set out at 6:45ish pace for the first 25minutes with a group of 8 other fairly serious runners. After 25min, Minen and I picked it up and started to lay down the law on the dusty Boulder single track trails. When I say “we”, I mostly mean “he”, as it was mostly pride that kept me in contact. Pride that I knew he was running 16 and I was only running 12. Pride that I had stayed in last night and gotten my 8 hours where as he was functioning on 3. Even then, he was significantly more relaxed.

However, we finished up hard for a total of 73min (for me) and I was incredibly encouraged when a high schooler got back and said it was 11.8 miles according to his GPS.

11.8 miles. 73min

Now that ain’t bad. I had a feeling we were closing out the last 2 miles under six pace, but this total time suggests we were moving faster than I thought. Either way, it was long enough for me to get that second wind for the first time. And to fall asleep on the couch unawares for the first time.

Starting to feel like a runner again!

Evening balancing drills

Aug 8

Holy Core

4 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off on Holy Core

Hot day today and missed my chance for a morning run so I did a bunch of drills and then over 20minutes of core. Felt really strong, especially with plank today.

Balancing. 20 min core.

Headed down to Pearl street later in the day and went for a nice easy 4 miler with Minen that toured the course tomorrow.

4 miles.

Oh yeah, I’m racing a road mile! Pretty pumped to be racing, not too hopeful for a good performance but it will be a fun exhibition and, in a way, the last hurdle of my rehab. The race is the Pearl Street Mile, a twisty run through downtown Boulder, down hill first half then back up.

Jun 29

Wednesday – Mad Drills

6 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off on Wednesday – Mad Drills

Did a light run with Clay this PM.

6 miles

Drills + Balancing


The big thing today was a re-introduction to hip/glute/balancing drills as well as my first abs routine in like a freakin month. Problem is, my lower abs STILL hurt. I hope it’s at least gone by the time I’m done my two week break in August…

Also my first pullups and curls in a long time.

Jun 20

Monday AM

3 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Monday AM

Legs waking up pretty sore actually. Hammies especially. Too much stretching last night I’m guessing. I held stretches for 2min at a time, or 1min40s longer than usual…

3 miles easy

Some balancing drills

Jun 18

Saturday – Yogging

4 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Saturday – Yogging

Really down day today.

Nothing in the morning and only

4 miles

Balancing drills

in the evening.

Jun 17

Friday – Shakeout

3 miles + Balancing + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Friday – Shakeout

Oh sooo glad I ran this morning. It felt awful when I started but back to normal by the time I was done the 20min run.

3 miles

Balancing and hip drills

Something about doing those drills, taking the time to flex and stretch for even 20minutes really helps me. It keeps being reaffirmed every time I do it. So why don’t I do it more?…

May 30

Monday PM – Blaze On

6.5 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Monday PM – Blaze On

After the morning shakeout session I felt incredibly lethargic. Milled around online for a couple minutes before I gave up hope and I went back to bed for 2 full hours. This definitely helped but I was still weirdly groggy when I got up. It took me two more hours to feel enough self-loathing to spur some activity, which started out slowly enough,

hip/balancing drills

Much like getting started on a paper though, once I stepped out into the ridiculous 90 degree heat and broke an immediate sweat, I started gaining momentum. Continue reading »

May 27

Quinn and I hit the road yesterday at 3PM and almost made it all the way home to Chagrin Falls, OH on one tank of gas. We were pushing our luck to get to the Ohio welcome center rest stop, one of my all time favorites. I breathed a sigh of relief when the 1-mile to go sign appeared in front of us, knowing even in the worst case scenario we could probably coast in from here…

Except that wasn’t the worst case… Continue reading »

May 18

Wednesday AM

3 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Wednesday AM

Sun’s out this morning. Awesome. Didn’t take too much advantage of it as I just ran to the AFC for some stretching and light plyos. Glute/Hamstring tightness is way down today. Hopefully my afternoon run will feel pretty good.

1.5 miles to AFC
1×10 parallel grip Pullups
2×10 1 legged platform dips
1.5 miles back home


May 9

Twilight 6

6 miles + Balancing · Comments Off on Twilight 6

I don’t really like adding a title to every run… I might move to a format where one post will represent a week of training that I’ll just update it as I go. Call it the Century approach… Hmm. I’ll have to think about it.

This evening I got in some balancing drills and a short 6 miler on the trails. Focused on (trying to) maintain a good turnover without allowing my mind to register an increase in perceived effort. Hopefully this mind-over-body approach will help with staying relaxed on the fast stuff; instead of jumping straight to red alert, all systems max, lactic acid gush.

May 8

Baker Special

7.5 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift + Workout · No Comments

AM was an easy 3 miles plus some balancing and strengthening exercises at the AFC. The focus was on the outside glute and being strong through my trunk in preparation for some speed this afternoon.

Today is the last day anyone will be able to set foot on the old UVA track. It’s being torn up tomorrow to make way for a (supposedly) awesome new facility. The descriptions sound incredible, and I can’t wait for the final product, but I dread the fact that I won’t have that track until December. Continue reading »

May 3

Morning Shakeout

3 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Morning Shakeout

Ran to the gym this morning. Felt pretty smooth.

2×10 70lb Deep Squats
2×10 65lb 1 Leg Dead lift
2x1min Balancing (eyes closed)
1×50 clam shells
1×12 triple threat
1×10 1 leg deep squat
light stretching
3 miles total


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