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Jun 6

Monday – Early Bird

9 miles + Ball Class · Comments Off on Monday – Early Bird

I didn’t sleep that well last night. Partly because I just sat in a car the day before and hadn’t run. And partly because I hadn’t seen the race video yet (it hadn’t been uploaded). It was nagging me. I wanted to know what happened before I can put the loss to rest.

I fell asleep around 1AM and definitively woke up at 6:30AM. It was nice out so I just went for my run then, ending at ball class.

9 miles + Ball Class

Abs didn’t feel too bad during the run, but definitely didn’t feel good for some of the maneuvers in ball class. Pretty much anything that involves cocking my pelvis off the ground (reverse crunches) really irritates it.

May 23

Monday AM – Ball Class

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Not much to report. Achilles are a bit tight. Already stupidly hot above the shop. Much sweating

Ball Class

May 16

Monday AM Ball Class

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This morning I woke up having not gotten a ton of sleep. I seem to remember SOMEBODY’S alarm clock going off at least 5 times. Maybe more… Consequently I was a little more apathetic than I usually am at 8AM. Not a terrible day for it to happen though as my glutes and hammies are pretty sore from the squats yesterday.

Ball class

WTF is this?

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