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Jun 21

Sultry 5 Miler

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Missed my opportunity to go into detail but yesterday I managed to get in a good hour of drills during the Portugal vs Czech match. Ronaldo has a lot of haters out there, some of which I’ve high-fived from time to time, but he played like a champ today and I gotta respect that. (Lebron on the other hand…)

Then I worked myself into a frenzy and forced myself out the door for a brutal 30min romp around a local park.

5 miles. 30min

Wasn’t terrible but took two cold showers to stop sweating. Glad I forced it.

Jun 19

Morning 6 with Rufio

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Well it happened again. Despite the 1AM bedtime, I had no choice but to get up at 6 after a full hour trying to shield myself from the direct sunlight coming in through the wall of windows. Not saying it was unpleasant to actually feel like getting up at 6, but my stomach revolted when I hit the pavement for an easy 6 with Rufio.

6 miles. 40min

Minimal accessory activity. Back to bed for an hour at 9 before hacking away at this todo list.

Jun 18

Boston 8

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Great day today in Boston. Highlights were fishing with Bill, lunch with Brickly, dinner with some more 09s, and by far the best weather Boston has ever thrown at me. I’ve always loved the people in Boston, but it’s no secret I am no fan of the city itself. However, today it’s risen in the ranks past the likes of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and pretty much every other city in the midwest (Columbus is kinda cool though).

8 miles. 55min. Stretching. Light Core.

UPDATE: Landed a nice pic in the Boston Globe with BillBoston Fishing

Side note — when asked where I was from, I really had no idea how to respond. Colorado was on my mind, and so I blurted “Boulder, Colorado”. Hence, I’m from Colorado!

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