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Aug 22

Recovery: Take Two

7 miles + Core · Comments Off on Recovery: Take Two

Another easier mileage day. Morning was just a core session:


Evening was the Boulder Running Company run. Once again I tried on a different pair of shoes because they were free to try. These were Innov8s. Wasn’t bad as a flat but I need a little bit more of heel for now.

7 miles

The past 2 days have put a lot of emphasis on my lack of calf strength. I need to start doing calf raises. I had a bit of a revelation today that running is basically like plank for my calves. I need to actually strengthen them by doing calf raises which as akin to crunches. This will help them get all-around stronger (though maybe bigger too… which isn’t ideal). Oh well, I’m still going to try it.

Aug 20

Paying the Price

12 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Paying the Price

Woke up not feeling too bad after the last 48 hours. Calves tight but loosened up with a little convincing. Had a higher volume evening session planned with Minen so didn’t want to do too much this morning.

2 miles. Core

Just enough to warrant a shower.

Evening session started with was just a long session. Started at 5:50 and finished after 8.

3 miles to the gym
Met Minen
7 miles
Upper lift – chest/arms.

The combination of doing a little more mileage than I wanted to + something wasn’t agreeing with my stomach during our run + calves starting to tighten up led to a pretty lackluster lift afterwards. I definitely did a little too much today. Would have been better to just do 4 in the morning and 6 in the evening by myself, but it was good company.

Aug 18

Sprint Lab

5.5 miles + Core + Drills + Gait Lab + Strides · 1 Comment

Single bigger session today stringing together a lot of elements.

Started at 4pm with some core and upper body work. Light lift with free weights.

Jogged to the track and set up the droid for a little gait lab action. I gotta bring the GoPro one of these times but I keep forgetting (actually the fisheye might not be great. But the 120 fps would be!)

(Actual strides happen at 0:40, 1:22, and 1:58) Continue reading »

Aug 14

Flat Double

9 miles + Core + Drills + Strides · Comments Off on Flat Double

Still taking precautions for my ankle, which I’d like to clarify feels like I pinch something if I’m plantar-flexed (running uphill) and don’t support my ankle by turning on all the surrounding muscles.

Got out this morning with Minen though for a good jaunt.

5 miles. 30min.

Then came back for an all-around evening session.

1.5 miles to track
Drills, leg swings
800 at 2:17
4x 30-30-30s
2x 100 all out (12.05, 12.11)
1.5 miles home

Definitely one of the better sessions I’ve done and while there wasn’t that much mileage involved, I felt like my aerobic system was engaged for almost 90 minutes.

Got back and watched a great video recommended by Jay Johnson on foot and ankle flexion.

Aug 8

Holy Core

4 miles + Balancing + Core · Comments Off on Holy Core

Hot day today and missed my chance for a morning run so I did a bunch of drills and then over 20minutes of core. Felt really strong, especially with plank today.

Balancing. 20 min core.

Headed down to Pearl street later in the day and went for a nice easy 4 miler with Minen that toured the course tomorrow.

4 miles.

Oh yeah, I’m racing a road mile! Pretty pumped to be racing, not too hopeful for a good performance but it will be a fun exhibition and, in a way, the last hurdle of my rehab. The race is the Pearl Street Mile, a twisty run through downtown Boulder, down hill first half then back up.

Jul 22

The Great Mesa Relay

9 miles + Core + Race · No Comments

South MesaToday’s mission is brought to you by Bret Scofield and Sam Blackshear. The two of them collaborated and produced a race of twisted, masochistic nature. 6.9 miles over very technical ground, the first half of which is straight up, and the second of which is right back down. Sharp rocks. Gnarled roots. 20% gradients. Both natural and man-made staircases that extend and switchback until you can barely maintain a cadence. And then switch back once more for good measure.

We all thought it would be good fun. But the only fun I got out of it was in the numbers that represented my effort — 46:12, a new trail record. And that is some good fun :) Continue reading »

Jul 21

Easy Six

6 miles + Core · Comments Off on Easy Six

Went on a nice and easy 6 miler with Culrock and Blackshear. Good loop around NCAR. Could be a staple if I need to upgrade to a 6 miler.

6 miles. Core

Intense core session in the morning. Over 13 minutes of plank.

Jul 19

Thursday Lift

Core + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Thursday Lift

Went to the Lifetime gym today with RC. Really nice gym. Good all around session.

Upper Lift. Core. Lower Lift

No running today though

Jul 12

Big Day

10 miles + Core + Drills · Comments Off on Big Day

Hammies feeling a lot better today and after 30min of drills and whatnot, I felt like I could even go to a masseuse.

Core. 10 miles. 68 minutes. Drills.

Unfortunately, no, this wasn’t my longest run in 13 months. I actually ran 2.2 miles to the WXC house and vanned out with them to Dowdy Draw. Great run though and felt pretty chipper. Tomorrow will be pretty chill and then we’ll be crushing on saturday. 6 miles tempo in the works

Jul 9

Ass Kicked. Body Sore

4 miles + Core + Lower Lift + Yoga · Comments Off on Ass Kicked. Body Sore

Got up this morning for an 8AM lift with Bret. Definitely now feeling the effects of the lift 36 hours ago too. But spanked out some leg work anyways. Lots of stretching afterward and a 4 mile run home, meandering through Boulder bike paths.

Lower Lift. Core. 4 miles easy cooldown

Definitely quite sore (in a good way) once I sat down for a minute. It was only just a minute though as I was picking up my new bed today (puuuumped!). Hopefully this means better sleep from here on out.

Afternoon session ended up involving no running but the most legit yoga session I’d been to in my life. 90minutes constant stream of exercise, an ocean of sweat on my mat, and way too many people in the studio to witness my distress. Actually, I held it together pretty well, but the amount of sweat pouring off of me gave away the fact that I had my try-hard shorts on.


Walked out of there in search of multiple bottles of Gatorade.

Jul 7

Gym Search

3 miles + Core + Drills + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Gym Search

Pretty down day today. Did some drills in the morning, had a great time at the Boulder farmer’s market, and then joined Mearns and Minen at Boulder Athletic Club for my first gym session in ~4 months, and first lower leg lift.

3 miles. Upper Lift. Lower Lift.

It was the nicest gym I’ve ever been in and even had some incredible stretching machines. I think those will help me significantly. Gonna see if I can get them to wave the $199 initiation fee.

Jul 4

Happy Birthday America

Core · Comments Off on Happy Birthday America

Boulder CreekHad a great day with the ’13s tubing down the creek that runs through the middle of Boulder. Judging by how my abs are feeling this morning (July 5th) I can definitely call it an intense core workout.


The creek was packed with people just enjoying the fourth so it was a ton of fun to interact on the float down. Sadly the only pic I took was with the sun behind a cloud. Met up with some Yale and Wesleyan boys. Grilled. Played some super casual beach volleyball (especially by cali standards). And then went out and made some new friends for future weekend events.

Already feeling right at home. One of the quickest locational¬†acclimations I’ve ever had.¬†Undoubtedly¬†thanks to all the great peeps here in town.

Jul 2

Monday Long Run

10 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Monday Long Run

AM – Upper body lift. Core.

PM – 10miles. 66:10

Jun 30

Form Run

6.5 miles + Core · Comments Off on Form Run

Did a morning core/plyo session. In the PM ran out to Westwoods and back.

6.5 miles. 41min

Came back 3min faster than I went out. Still experimenting with stride tweaks. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to record my form again soon.

Saw some fireworks up close and personal from a lakehouse vantage point. Happy to get those in before leaving for CO (where I believe they are banned this year. Understandably.)


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