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Sep 7

Fartlek – Norwegian for Speedplay

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Up at 7am for a track session today. Last night was my first night in the new place and despite not having any bedsheets, I slept like a baby. Still didn’t stop me from grabbing some java at Cafe Sole on the way to the track though.

Started off on a 1.5 mile warmup before meeting Jay at 8am for our second session together. Training started with a lunge matrix and some custom skipping routines. Once we were good and ready for the fartlek, I laced up the flats and set out to find my pace for the 150s.

The workout was 2x5x800 where the first 150m was at 3k goal pace and the the next 650m was “steady”. However, this was preceded by 3×150 with 250 jog in between.

First set went fairly well. Tired, for sure, but hit low 23 avg for the 150s, so that would be 61-62 pace. Completed the set averaging 5:19s.

Took 800m jog. Slooowww.

Then hit it again. Same thing. 23.5,23.4,23.3,23.2,23.3 for the 150s and maintained a decent recovery clip in between. Averaged 5:30s or maybe a little more. Regardless though, really felt nice to be getting that much volume in without getting bored.

Finished up with hurdles, myrtl, light core, and leg swings. Summary:

1.5 mile warmup
lunge matrix, skipping
5×800 (150@3k, 650@”steady”) – 23.lows – total 13:14
800 jog slow
5×800 (150@3k, 650@”steady”) – 23.lows – total 13:50
hurdles, myrtl, light core, leg swings

Weird not to do a jog cooldown, but there was plenty of mobility in the exercises post-workout.

Now to catch up on work and furnish my place…

Aug 23

Daily Double

10.5 miles + Drills · Comments Off on Daily Double

Calves feeling a lot better this morning. So after the traditional morning run I completed my first set of calf raises.

4 miles. 15:08 + 12:32 = 27:40
Calf raises

Afternoon session was a jog to the track for some drills and some tempo play with a focus on form.

1.5 miles to track.
2 miles starting at an 82s lap and dropping down. (5:22, 5:16)
1 mile barefoot
1.5 miles home

the 5:20 pace wasn’t as easy as I would have liked. Don’t know if I could have kept it up for 4 miles. I do remember when I was fit in 2011, Donnie and I would regularly start workouts with 4 miles ~5:07 pace. Though I was usually in flats…

Aug 18

Sprint Lab

5.5 miles + Core + Drills + Gait Lab + Strides · 1 Comment

Single bigger session today stringing together a lot of elements.

Started at 4pm with some core and upper body work. Light lift with free weights.

Jogged to the track and set up the droid for a little gait lab action. I gotta bring the GoPro one of these times but I keep forgetting (actually the fisheye might not be great. But the 120 fps would be!)

(Actual strides happen at 0:40, 1:22, and 1:58) Continue reading »

Aug 14

Flat Double

9 miles + Core + Drills + Strides · Comments Off on Flat Double

Still taking precautions for my ankle, which I’d like to clarify feels like I pinch something if I’m plantar-flexed (running uphill) and don’t support my ankle by turning on all the surrounding muscles.

Got out this morning with Minen though for a good jaunt.

5 miles. 30min.

Then came back for an all-around evening session.

1.5 miles to track
Drills, leg swings
800 at 2:17
4x 30-30-30s
2x 100 all out (12.05, 12.11)
1.5 miles home

Definitely one of the better sessions I’ve done and while there wasn’t that much mileage involved, I felt like my aerobic system was engaged for almost 90 minutes.

Got back and watched a great video recommended by Jay Johnson on foot and ankle flexion.

Jul 13

Climbing Day

4 miles + Drills + Rock Climbing · Comments Off on Climbing Day

Robin Climbing

Spent the morning with some climbers on my inaugural outdoor rock-climbing session. Wasn’t exactly beginner’s routes but with a little help from my belayers I managed to not embarrass myself too badly on the wall. The 2 routes were,

  • “Famous Last Words” on Vampire Rock in Boulder Canyon. An unknown-but-estimated 5.10
  • And one of the “Animal House” climbs across the road. A more manageable 5.9

Miah would be proud of me though, I forgot my regular shoes (well I actually didn’t know I NEEDED my trainers)  which resulted in me hiking to our two destinations barefoot. Didn’t actually end up being too bad. Uphill was a lot better than down. Special thanks to my sponsors, Tommy Gaidus for the climbing shoes and harness, Robin and Daniel for leading the climbs, and Ashley for the belay. I can officially say I’m a climber!

Upper body lift equivalent? Drills.

Took a dip in the creek afterward, which was pure bliss.

After some recouperation I got out for an evening jog. Did my standard morning loop but faster this time. I’m very confident it’s at least 4 miles at this point.

4 miles. 14:42 out. 12:16 back. 26:58 total.

Staying consistent and getting my pullups/pushups in every day.

Jul 12

Big Day

10 miles + Core + Drills · Comments Off on Big Day

Hammies feeling a lot better today and after 30min of drills and whatnot, I felt like I could even go to a masseuse.

Core. 10 miles. 68 minutes. Drills.

Unfortunately, no, this wasn’t my longest run in 13 months. I actually ran 2.2 miles to the WXC house and vanned out with them to Dowdy Draw. Great run though and felt pretty chipper. Tomorrow will be pretty chill and then we’ll be crushing on saturday. 6 miles tempo in the works

Jul 7

Gym Search

3 miles + Core + Drills + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Gym Search

Pretty down day today. Did some drills in the morning, had a great time at the Boulder farmer’s market, and then joined Mearns and Minen at Boulder Athletic Club for my first gym session in ~4 months, and first lower leg lift.

3 miles. Upper Lift. Lower Lift.

It was the nicest gym I’ve ever been in and even had some incredible stretching machines. I think those will help me significantly. Gonna see if I can get them to wave the $199 initiation fee.

Jul 5

Easy 40

6 miles + Drills · Comments Off on Easy 40

Most of the day was spent watching the tour, catching up on work, and staying out of the torrid heat. Thunderstorm passed through around 4:30 signaling an opportunity to hit the trails behind our house.

6 miles. 40min. Drills

Great first run. Out for 23min uphill and then back in 17.

Iron Chef showdown for dinner. 8 people contributing. Theme was America. Great results!

May 31

Tuesday PM

5 miles + Drills · Comments Off on Tuesday PM

Today was another incredibly hot day. This week has been a far cry from’s prediction of 60s and 70s all week… (I really hate that site.) It was already high 80s by the time I was ready to run this morning around 9AM. So I decided against it, giving my lower abdomen some more rest. It just feels like a dull cramp any time I move. Not very pleasant. Continue reading »

May 19

Thursday PM

5 miles + Core + Drills + Hurdles · Comments Off on Thursday PM

Second session today was a speedier run. I wore Piranhas and focused on mechanics.

2.5 miles to UVA turf fields
drills, jumps, skips, bounds
med ball routine
2.5 miles home
plank/core workout

Whew, looking at that it looks like I did a lot. But the whole session didn’t take much more than an hour. Hopefully this is all working towards better efficiency at 55second pace.

May 18

Wednesday PM

7.5 miles + Drills + Hurdles · Comments Off on Wednesday PM

Those of you who have RSS feeds to this site, I apologize for the bombardment of entries. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to post and view my training.

This afternoon I finally feel back to normal. 72 hours of soreness after doing some good squats… I definitely have a weakness.

7.5 miles

The pace of my run was pretty quick. I think I stayed under 6:00 effort for most of it. Form felt really good too. I just need some more flexibility…

May 17

Tuesday Tstorm

8 miles + Drills · Comments Off on Tuesday Tstorm

I took the morning off today. Ma glutes and hammies thanked me.

I’d also like to announce that today Charlottesville weather has been officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After waking up to a waterfall outside my window at 7 AM, we went on to see 4, maybe 5 different thunderstorms roll through before sunset. The up side of this is that you get 2 or 3 solid double rainbows in about 8 hours time. The afternoon session started sunny, dry, and shirtless, but ended drenched and muddy, which consequently means the seats of my car are still probably drenched and muddy.

8 miles + drills

Donnie and Smayda did a workout, but I wouldn’t have been able to get anything out of a training session today. Better safe than sorry at this point in the season


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