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Aug 18

Sprint Lab

5.5 miles + Core + Drills + Gait Lab + Strides · 1 Comment

Single bigger session today stringing together a lot of elements.

Started at 4pm with some core and upper body work. Light lift with free weights.

Jogged to the track and set up the droid for a little gait lab action. I gotta bring the GoPro one of these times but I keep forgetting (actually the fisheye might not be great. But the 120 fps would be!)

(Actual strides happen at 0:40, 1:22, and 1:58) Continue reading »

Jul 25

July Gait Lab

4.5 miles + Gait Lab + Sprints · No Comments

Got some good work done in the morning before getting out for a long-anticipated video session at the track. Let me apologize for the fact that I still haven’t figured out a good way to edit video. My video capability on my camera is apparently incompatible with pretty much EVERYTHING! Just fast forward the parts where you’re waiting

Got several videos, the first happened to be behind a cloud but it’s just a couple back and forths in trainers. Looks pretty good to me.

Next I did some quick sprints. Continue reading »

Jun 8

Booyah! I just finished up the rewatching of Suits. All set for Season 2 out on June 14th (puuuumped!). Too bad I’m freakin FLYING that day… I suck at this whole scheduling thing. I need a Donna…

I did manage to schedule my first physical therapy session out here in Cali, and glad I did. For a while I had been debating about the value of going to see one, despite the fact that things seem to be going fairly well. Is it really worth ~$100 when I’m feeling good? I ran the idea by Jon G and he came back with a 5 star recommendation for Jeff Moreno. I got in touch and he immediately offered to look at me pro bono (A huge thank you for that!). We set up a session Wednesday evening.

Since starting up again, I’ve been running as naturally as possible. Bad idea. It turns out despite all the PT I did last fall/winter, my dominant muscles won out in the end and pulled me back into bad habits. And truth of the matter was, I had forgotten how to run to some extent. Forgotten what it felt like. (Nope, not talking from an emotional point of view. I’m talking neuro-muscular.) All I knew was that, thus far, I had been able to run about 50min without pain. But had I not gone to see Jeff, I think I would have been in trouble once I started hitting higher mileage and faster paces (where more force + poor form = crushed dreams).

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May 4

Jay’s Gait Analysis

7 miles + Gait Lab · Comments Off on Jay’s Gait Analysis

Jay Dicherry was awesome to pencil in a half hour for me today at his gait lab. We had a brief chat earlier (shortly after my impromptu gait lab) and he expressed his own concern for my running form.

3 miles to the lab
Some dynamic stretching
1 mile on the treadmill
Couple drills
3 miles back home

I felt quite smooth today so the session was a good representation of my natural stride. The big critiques were to relax my ankles (not fight the pronation) and Continue reading »

Apr 27

Impromptu Gait Analysis

5.5 miles + Gait Lab + Strides · No Comments

Using a high tech video camera (Panasonic point-and-shoot) and sophisticated analyzing software (Photoshop) I took a couple clips of my running gait today. I had a good meeting with a real legend in the gait analysis field last August — Jay Dicharry. He dissected my stride with crushing honesty. It was awesome. I still remember a lot of the stuff he showed me in the session and I have a document he whipped up for me as a post-analysis. Based on that I was able to see some improvements 9 months later, but there are still serious problems. Images:

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