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Jun 17

Friday – Shakeout

3 miles + Balancing + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Friday – Shakeout

Oh sooo glad I ran this morning. It felt awful when I started but back to normal by the time I was done the 20min run.

3 miles

Balancing and hip drills

Something about doing those drills, taking the time to flex and stretch for even 20minutes really helps me. It keeps being reaffirmed every time I do it. So why don’t I do it more?…

Jun 13


8 miles + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Monday

After waking at 10,I immediately dug into the stack of emails awaiting on my digital desktop. Finally, 4 hours later I was ready for my “morning” session. It turned into an extended affair and I honestly didn’t really stop with the activity until 6. Continue reading »

Jun 6

Monday PM

3 miles + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Monday PM

After a long day of playing catchup, I got out with Donnie for a 3 mile shakeout. On the tail end of this I did some hip drills before heading back home for a whole lot of nothing.

3 miles
Hip Drills

Jun 1

Wednesday PM – #NationalRunDay

6 miles + Core + Hip Drills + Serious · No Comments

Goooood afternoon everyone. So today, I recently discovered, is National Run Day! (And there was much rejoicing.)

Apparently, according to Ryan Fenton, it is a tradition to go around the table and have everyone say what their Thankful for. Then you eat the… no wait, that’s not it. Let’s look at his post. Ah, that’s it, we are to answer the question “Why do you run?”… Continue reading »

May 22

Sunday AM – Weekly Checkup

4.5 miles + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Sunday AM – Weekly Checkup

Last week totals: 60.5 miles. A good amount of strengthening exercises. A speedy workout. And some fun times leading up to UVA graduation today. The week was an overall success and served the purpose of a general down week. It also marks the 1 year anniversary of my first visit to C’ville.

I now have 1 month until national champs (prelims are June 23rd) and its time to really start to focus and sharpen. Continue reading »

May 15

Sunday AM

9 miles + Hip Drills · Comments Off on Sunday AM

First, it’s good to be back in c’ville, where the sun shines, and the shirts stay in the drawer. This week we’ll see our first workout tailored to the 800 side of my training. We have 6 weeks and counting ’til we play for keeps in Eugene and I want to get good and sore as soon as possible…

Also, I’m moving to a new format that hopefully works better for those of you following my training. I think it’s easier for me to see trends if I can see the full week’s training on one page.

9 miles + hip drills

This morning I ran 9 miles at a decent clip with Donnie. Didn’t feel too bad. I did negligible drills but I’m saving the good stuff for another session today after this storm rolls through.


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