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May 23

I could feel it coming on yesterday when we ran, but today it’s official — Summer is here. 80s and stifling.

Consequently, Donnie and I waited until 7 to get out the door, and then picked a run that hit several water-fountains along the way. Rivanna to turf fields to the Cage and back home. Continue reading »

May 19

Thursday PM

5 miles + Core + Drills + Hurdles · Comments Off on Thursday PM

Second session today was a speedier run. I wore Piranhas and focused on mechanics.

2.5 miles to UVA turf fields
drills, jumps, skips, bounds
med ball routine
2.5 miles home
plank/core workout

Whew, looking at that it looks like I did a lot. But the whole session didn’t take much more than an hour. Hopefully this is all working towards better efficiency at 55second pace.

May 18

Wednesday PM

7.5 miles + Drills + Hurdles · Comments Off on Wednesday PM

Those of you who have RSS feeds to this site, I apologize for the bombardment of entries. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to post and view my training.

This afternoon I finally feel back to normal. 72 hours of soreness after doing some good squats… I definitely have a weakness.

7.5 miles

The pace of my run was pretty quick. I think I stayed under 6:00 effort for most of it. Form felt really good too. I just need some more flexibility…

May 6

Positive Thinking

13 miles + Hurdles · Comments Off on Positive Thinking

I was a little worried yesterday about how my body would react to 800 speed. Of course I thought it was going to more like 54s than 56s but regardless, I was feeling quite chipper heading out the door this afternoon. I cruised around the Rivanna for 8 miles before ending at “the cage”. There I did my hurdle drills and tried to get my hips up with some high knee action. Then, on the way back home I spontaneously came up with the coming week’s plan:

Feeling good at the 9 mile mark so let’s turn today into a long run. Saturday – easy double, be sure to do some core. Sunday – light and speedy workout. 3 days to rest up for what’s turning into a big road mile on Thurs in Minnesota. Continue reading »

Apr 29

Top 5 Workout

9.5 miles + Hurdles + Workout · Comments Off on Top 5 Workout

Its been over 3 months since I really felt I had a good workout. A workout that breaks new ground and I come out of feeling excited. Today was good. The workout was 6x800m in around 2:12 with 2min RIB where one of the 200s was fast (30s). In reality it became a little more complicated with the first 800 being warmup 2:20 and no fast 200. We also had a 3min rest after the third 800. Here’s how it went down:

1.25 mile warmup. Put on the Piranhas. Stomach a little bubbly, burping like whoa.

800s went in order:
[35,34,36,34] = (2:19)
[34,34,30,34] = (2:12)
[33,33,30,34] = (2:10)
[32.5,29.5,33,34] = (2:09)
[32,29,33,33] = (2:07)
[33,34,33,28] = (2:08)

Jogged a couple laps and did 2×150 afterward.

1.25 mile barefoot cooldown.

Also saw Jay on the streets of Monte Vista today. He gave me a couple quick suggestions on how to keep my feet under me without applying breaking forces. I’m pumped and just decided I think I’m going to hit the USA Road Mile champs in Minnesota. Was on the fence this morning.

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