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Aug 21

Recovery Day

4 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift + swim · Comments Off on Recovery Day

Upped my swimming distance PR today. Including rests 1 mile in 34 minutes. Wooooo! So swimming is supposed to be equivalent to running divided by 4 so that would be like 4 miles at 8:15 pace. I’ll take it.

1 mile swim. 34min
Lower lift.

Went for a really light jog by myself in the evening. Calves pretty beat up.

4 miles. 30min
Balancing drills.

I tried wearing Newtons and didn’t really like them. But they put a lot of emphasis on strong calves/achilles so probably wasn’t the best day to evaluate them.

Jul 19

Thursday Lift

Core + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Thursday Lift

Went to the Lifetime gym today with RC. Really nice gym. Good all around session.

Upper Lift. Core. Lower Lift

No running today though

Jul 9

Ass Kicked. Body Sore

4 miles + Core + Lower Lift + Yoga · Comments Off on Ass Kicked. Body Sore

Got up this morning for an 8AM lift with Bret. Definitely now feeling the effects of the lift 36 hours ago too. But spanked out some leg work anyways. Lots of stretching afterward and a 4 mile run home, meandering through Boulder bike paths.

Lower Lift. Core. 4 miles easy cooldown

Definitely quite sore (in a good way) once I sat down for a minute. It was only just a minute though as I was picking up my new bed today (puuuumped!). Hopefully this means better sleep from here on out.

Afternoon session ended up involving no running but the most legit yoga session I’d been to in my life. 90minutes constant stream of exercise, an ocean of sweat on my mat, and way too many people in the studio to witness my distress. Actually, I held it together pretty well, but the amount of sweat pouring off of me gave away the fact that I had my try-hard shorts on.


Walked out of there in search of multiple bottles of Gatorade.

Jul 7

Gym Search

3 miles + Core + Drills + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Gym Search

Pretty down day today. Did some drills in the morning, had a great time at the Boulder farmer’s market, and then joined Mearns and Minen at Boulder Athletic Club for my first gym session in ~4 months, and first lower leg lift.

3 miles. Upper Lift. Lower Lift.

It was the nicest gym I’ve ever been in and even had some incredible stretching machines. I think those will help me significantly. Gonna see if I can get them to wave the $199 initiation fee.

Jun 30

Thursday AM

3 miles + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Thursday AM

Trying to get back to my explosive speed-building ways.

3 miles + Plyos/Balancing

Got out at 10AM this morning for an easy 3 around South Russsel Park. After that I got out our only barbell (50lbs) and did some dead lifts and squats. Fast as I could. 1 legged squats followed and then more balancing.

Jun 7

Tuesday AM – Lift

Lower Lift · Comments Off on Tuesday AM – Lift

Wasn’t able to do much in the way of running this morning due to a time crunch but I did get into the weight room for some explosive lower leg lifts.

Target muscles were the glutes.

May 24

Tuesday AM – Pre-workout

3 miles + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Tuesday AM – Pre-workout

Nothing was too bad this morning. Achilles needed some warming up. I think I’ll start doing 1 set of calf raises in the morning.

1.5 miles to AFC
8×3 squats. 150 -> 200lbs increasing
1×4 dips
1×10 1-leg squats
Triple threat
2x1min eye-closed balancing
hip drills
swiss ball standing balance
1.5 miles home

All in all I should be set for a good workout today.

May 15

Sunday PM – RIP Sammy Wanjiru

3 miles + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Sunday PM – RIP Sammy Wanjiru

I just read as I was about to submit this post that Olympic Marathon gold medalist Sammy Wanjiru died today at 24. Full story. Pretty sobering… but in my immediate world, the rain passed just in time for session #2.

1.5 miles to the AFC
3x8x120lbs squats
A lot of glute and hip targeted balancing drills
1.5 miles back home

Hmmm, in other news I think thinking about moving to a slightly different format for my regular log. I kinda want to see a weeks worth of runs on one page… hmm


May 8

Baker Special

7.5 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift + Workout · No Comments

AM was an easy 3 miles plus some balancing and strengthening exercises at the AFC. The focus was on the outside glute and being strong through my trunk in preparation for some speed this afternoon.

Today is the last day anyone will be able to set foot on the old UVA track. It’s being torn up tomorrow to make way for a (supposedly) awesome new facility. The descriptions sound incredible, and I can’t wait for the final product, but I dread the fact that I won’t have that track until December. Continue reading »

May 3

Morning Shakeout

3 miles + Balancing + Lower Lift · Comments Off on Morning Shakeout

Ran to the gym this morning. Felt pretty smooth.

2×10 70lb Deep Squats
2×10 65lb 1 Leg Dead lift
2x1min Balancing (eyes closed)
1×50 clam shells
1×12 triple threat
1×10 1 leg deep squat
light stretching
3 miles total

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