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Jul 4

Monday – Relax

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Well there’s not much to it. Either I’m going to try and get in a few fast races or I’m going to take my two week break now. Either way, there’s no need anymore to run every day. Something I was kind of clinging to before nationals. So… Today I took a break. Watched some fireworks. Threw a football. Played ping-pong. Felt good.

Jun 11

Saturday – Boxing Day

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Got up at 8AM and immediately went to work packing up, not just my room, but the entire house with Quinn and Donnie. Exhausted from that by 3PM when it was almost done. They took care of the trash while I napped on our throw-away couch. Then we hopped in the car and set out for Ohio at 6PM. In by 2:30AM. Yeesh

Jun 5

Sunday – OFF

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Well I want to apologize for falling behind on posting training. We’re moving out of our house in Charlottesville and one of my roommates disabled the internet and moved out…. without consulting me about whether this might affect my web development business… I’m not happy, but at least I’m forced to mingle in coffee-houses a bit more.

Anyways, today was sultry hot and we were in a car for 9 hours so I didn’t run.

May 28

Saturday – Rest Day

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Rest day

WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
· Run a 3:57 Mile | 3:39 1500m.
· Build sweet websites.
· Live in Wellington, NZ
  Charlottesville, VA
  Santa Cruz, CA
  Boulder, CO.
· be convicted of grammar crimes.
If you're intrigued...
This is what to expect.