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Dec 11

Final Checkup

Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies + Rehab · 2 Comments

Had my cumulative appointment with Dr Wilder Friday. We talked a bit about where I was feeling tender and tested my range of motion, discomfort level with different drills, and which stretches had me feeling vulnerable. I had the best possible feedback for him while he was doing this. Nothing irritated me at all and I showed I had good strength in all areas of my pelvis. Unfortunately, none of this changed anything about the progression I am to follow. I’m a little disappointed by that result but it wasn’t unexpected. I’d be perfectly willing to sacrifice a few more weeks just to make sure I don’t regress. So annoying though to look at how long it will be before I can run 70 miles in a week. Still got lots of pool time ahead of me…

More importantly though, we did hash out exactly when I will be able to start incorporating different training components. Continue reading »

Dec 4

It’s Good to be Back

Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies + Rehab · 2 Comments

These past 3 weeks I’ve followed Doc’s orders pretty religiously and I think it’s proven to be the difference. Several times I questioned the comeback after a particularly busy day, but each morning I wake up stiff but painfree. Even better, I’ve never felt any pain on a run. The only pain I feel comes a little afterward, once I settle and relax my core muscles a bit. I think that’s natural growing pain though. Actually, to begin with I wasn’t so sure, and that definitely helped me stay conservative.

Today I glided through my first 4+ miler, and to my jubilation, my calves were actually the achiest part of my body! When I made the realization that I was mentally focusing on how my calves felt and not my pelvis, I literally smiled mid-stride. Didn’t stop me from whining about them to everyone I know though. Some things never change… Actually, I got some experiential advice that it could be low magnesium levels. I haven’t been diligent recently about multivitamins… Might be a side affect of that, or just natural atrophy from months off land-based training. Continue reading »

Nov 20

Week 1 in the Books

Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies + Rehab · No Comments

I ran 4 times this week (5 miles). The progression has looked like this:

1 mile run (super excited)
Off (cold/rainy)
Off (cold/rainy)
Off (very cold)
1 mile true walk/jog
1.5 miles true walk/jog
1.5 miles true walk/jog

Not too bad. The past two days the runs have been broken up. 3/4 mile to the gym. lift/swim/stretch. 3/4 mile back. I’ve kept up with normal levels of aquajogging/lifting and added in hurdle drills for the first time in a while.

As I sit here right now, my bones are doing alright. They still aren’t any worse for wear. The awkwardness and stiffness and general weakness is still there but they are not painful, which I am taking to be an amazing sign.

My quads, however, are on fire!… What the heck? It always amazes me how quickly my body adapts to different exercises (aquajogging) but also how quickly it adapts AWAY (running). I feel like i just ran down Mt Greylock at full speed. Sheesh.

One last side note: today was an amazing 68 degrees. Love it!

Nov 14

Running: Day One

Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies + Rehab · 3 Comments

It has been 7 weeks since my MRI and the stress fractures were diagnosed. And TODAY I got to walk/jog one mile. And there was much rejoicing. The chosen route was the path from my house to the gym. One that I’ve driven at least once a day for the past 7 weeks. Miserable. But TODAY I saw it from a new angle. With the sun was out, the thermometer was poking above 70 degrees and the next two days are forcasting warm rain, I had every right to take off my shirt and take in some sun!

The run felt almost as good as feeling sun on my skin. For far too long I’ve been splashing in the pool looking up at blue sky through the AFC facility windows.

Getting down to business though, my stride felt great. I’ve done a really good job of doing balancing drills and getting in a lot of lower body/leg lifts. I can deep squat about twice as much as when I started (but still less than my body weight…) and I’ve done a lot to improve my lower back strength as well (these two areas have been embarrassingly weak in the past). Everything muscularly felt great, and I had the urge to sprint when I got to the little hill. Continue reading »

Nov 3

Stressie Update

Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies + Rehab · No Comments

Howdy, I had an XRay on Tuesday and I told a lot of folks that I’d hear back and post an update last night.

And the results are in. The Osteitis Pubis is still hanging around but the stress fracture certainly isn’t showing up. I’ll have more instructions as to what to do about that (if anything) soon. However, I’m moving forward with the rehab plan outlined by Dr Wilder. It follows:

Week 1: Stay in the pool. This is the 6th week anyways of the original 6-8.
Week 2: Stay in the pool. This we’re calling a buffer week.
Week 3: 5/7 days: walk/jog 1 mile. Wooo!
Week 4: 6/7 days: walk/jog 2 miles.
Week 5: 6/7 days: run 3 miles. Reassess from there.

This puts me at about christmas break. So if all goes well I should be running like a 40 mile week come january. Building to 70 by Feb. The important thing is that I keep up the pool intensity until I’m running at least 4 miles at a time. I don’t feel like I get any real benefit from anything shorter than that other than just redjusting to land based training.

Projected date of complete recovery: Valentines day, 2012.

Oct 4

6 Week Setback

Groin Tear + Osteitis Pubis + Pelvic Stressies · 3 Comments

The results of the MRI came in last week. It’s an understatement to say it was depressing… Also why it’s taken me so long to get this online. I didn’t really want to write a hyperbolic melodrama… (hyperbolized?)

Cold Hard Facts

The MRI showed 2 stress fractures. One is just inflammation (the first stage of a stress fracture) in an area on my sacrum. The second one is on my left pubic bone and is actually showing some splitting of the bone (stage 2 of a fracture). I’m sure I’ve been feeling this and mistaking it for just muscular stiffness/tenderness/weakness. This is surely the reason I favor that area. Continue reading »

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