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Apr 18

Sooo, What’s up in Cali?

5 miles + Santa Cruz · No Comments

Sorry, sorry. I even recently got called out by my very own mother for not updating in a while. Ouch. We’re in luck though, cause something about the cup of tea in my hand right now has me in the blogging mood. So I’m going to get this out even if I can only use my left hand to type it! #ThatsALie

It’s been 3 weeks now right? Actually more like 4. Wow. Well anyways, let’s start with the complaints.

  • Still don’t get cell service in the interior of my apt. Really cut down on my rampent txting…
  • Still can’t last more than a few seconds in the water. And still don’t have a wetsuit. I just can’t justify spending ~$300 on a full body suit if I’m just gonna abandon it in two months. Might be bailed out shortly though by a rental shop that rolls in around May 1st.
  • My buttocks was not built to bike! (Wasn’t built to run apparently either..) I’m slowly, painfully getting used to it though. With the help of a folded up dishrag.

It’s a credit to my studio that I only have 3 things to whine about.

  • Oh, the water here is also really hard. Lots of minerals and whatnot. Would be Quinn’s nightmare as the dishes never quite get completely clean. Always a little residue unless you dry the dishes too.

Dammit. OK so that’s 4. Still pretty good. On to the good stuff: Continue reading »

Mar 5

The Setup, Wines, and Purple Haze

Biking + Santa Cruz + Wine · Comments Off on The Setup, Wines, and Purple Haze

The past 48 hours have been fairly boring from an adventure standpoint. I’m just taking care of all of the things I need to get locked down before I leave for Colorado on the 6th. I’ve taken care of the big things.

Purple Haze Continue reading »

Mar 2

The Verdict

Santa Cruz + Travel · 7 Comments

Well, in the end I went with the little tiny studio I first picked out on Craigslist over 3 weeks ago. In years to come I will forget that I even waffled over hundreds of other places (I hovered over Craigslist channels like Cathal hovers over Xbox headlines), and warp this story to be love at first sight. Actually, had it been sunny instead of stormy the morning I checked it out, I’d like to think I would have taken it immediately. Yes, that will be my story down the road…

My First Solo Apartment

So I apologize this is going to lack so much detail. Truth is I’ve done very little web work this week and I’m a bit behind. Gonna play some serious catch-up today. There is so much I’d love to share, funny little things I see and stories to tell. But it seems there’s never the chance or time to tweet/blog about it while I’m living it. I suppose that’s how it should be. That said, I’ll try and write a little something daily, and I promise it will get more training oriented here soon. But on to the apartment…

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Mar 1

Where to Live… Hmm

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on Where to Live… Hmm

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to go to bed early then when I crashed into my hotel room at 9pm last night. I was exhausted. For good reason though. I successfully checked out 7 different living situations. None of which were quite perfect but all I would be happy with. Well, except for maybe the one that would bankrupt me. But I did a good job of diversifying. I’ve got a tiny studio right on the beach. A shared 3br place with 6 other surfers who work elsewhere but come down infrequently. A 1br condo. A shared 3br house in a gated community. And two other more normal options.

I was thinking about writing a post comparing the pros and cons of all of them but that would take too long. So while I have a ton of options, none of them gave me that spark of excitement that you sometimes get when introduced to a new living situation. Money aside, there are cons to all of them. Because of that, I’m definitely going with something that’s only 3 months. I want a chance to get out if I want to. Unfortunately, the 3 month thing eliminates 4 of the options.
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Feb 28

California Bound – Skittles and Airforce One

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on California Bound – Skittles and Airforce One

Hot damn! On my way to Santa Cruz, CA. Been wanting to live in CA ever since surf camp in SD my freshman year of high school (Thanks Granpa Keen! R.I.P.)

Good lord I love heading to new places. Something about that just gets me all pumped. Or maybe that’s just the sugar talking… I just popped a bag of Skittles on the last flight (thanks KP!) but felt a little sick after just 2 handfuls (sorry KP). Apparently, Cake: OK. Skittles: Over-the-top. So I finished off the red ones and dispensed of the bag. Next experiment up: Starbursts (thanks KP!). Continue reading »

Feb 28

Operation Funtimes™

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on Operation Funtimes™

Well the past 6 months have been a joke. Just been one long depressing story. I’m 25, and I’m choosing to live my 25th year by making all the sacrifices of an elite runner without being able to run. This might be changing soon, true, but I don’t think I’ll have any shot of being able to compete on a national level this year. This means no all-paid trips around the US and Europe, no sub-4 miles, and no bragging rights. Succinctly, the payoff isn’t going to be enough to meet my funtimes quota for the year. Continue reading »

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