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Dec 27

A Brief Political Aside

Federal Budget Explained + Serious · Comments Off on A Brief Political Aside

It’s gotten to the point where the very word “politics” makes my eyes glaze over so I won’t offer any opinions or commentary. Not even sure if I have any… And I’m turning off comments so you can’t either… But I thought this was clever and enlightening enough to remember here. Check out this comparison!

Federal Debt Visualized

Nov 15

Ubuntu 11.10 Node.js Heroku PG Install

Git + Heroku + Node.js + PostgreSQL + Ruby + Serious + Ubuntu · No Comments

This post is more a personal memoir than a tutorial designed for public consumption but this worked for me installing a virtual machine from scratch on VirtualBox. The purpose is to develop Node.js applications that are deployed to Heroku. Continue reading »

Jul 8

A Year in Running – What I Learned

Recap + Reflection + Serious · 7 Comments

What up all!

Well, it’s been a good long season for me, but with surprisingly few races. I think I only ended up running a baker’s dozen.

Here’s how it broke down: Continue reading »

Jun 1

Wednesday PM – #NationalRunDay

6 miles + Core + Hip Drills + Serious · No Comments

Goooood afternoon everyone. So today, I recently discovered, is National Run Day! (And there was much rejoicing.)

Apparently, according to Ryan Fenton, it is a tradition to go around the table and have everyone say what their Thankful for. Then you eat the… no wait, that’s not it. Let’s look at his post. Ah, that’s it, we are to answer the question “Why do you run?”… Continue reading »

WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
· Run a 3:57 Mile | 3:39 1500m.
· Build sweet websites.
· Live in Wellington, NZ
  Charlottesville, VA
  Santa Cruz, CA
  Boulder, CO.
· be convicted of grammar crimes.
If you're intrigued...
This is what to expect.