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Aug 18

Sprint Lab

5.5 miles + Core + Drills + Gait Lab + Strides · 1 Comment

Single bigger session today stringing together a lot of elements.

Started at 4pm with some core and upper body work. Light lift with free weights.

Jogged to the track and set up the droid for a little gait lab action. I gotta bring the GoPro one of these times but I keep forgetting (actually the fisheye might not be great. But the 120 fps would be!)

(Actual strides happen at 0:40, 1:22, and 1:58) Continue reading »

Aug 14

Flat Double

9 miles + Core + Drills + Strides · Comments Off on Flat Double

Still taking precautions for my ankle, which I’d like to clarify feels like I pinch something if I’m plantar-flexed (running uphill) and don’t support my ankle by turning on all the surrounding muscles.

Got out this morning with Minen though for a good jaunt.

5 miles. 30min.

Then came back for an all-around evening session.

1.5 miles to track
Drills, leg swings
800 at 2:17
4x 30-30-30s
2x 100 all out (12.05, 12.11)
1.5 miles home

Definitely one of the better sessions I’ve done and while there wasn’t that much mileage involved, I felt like my aerobic system was engaged for almost 90 minutes.

Got back and watched a great video recommended by Jay Johnson on foot and ankle flexion.

Aug 7

Taking Strides

10 miles + Strides · Comments Off on Taking Strides

Got back in the saddle with a double today. Still not a ton of peripheral training but at least I felt good getting my mileage back up. Normal morning shakeout

4 miles. 15:00 out. 12:15 back. = 27:15

Evening session was on the track in flats because I wanted to test them out a little before the Pearl Street Mile on Thursday night. Started with a 400m in 64 to test race pace. Was breathing hard at the end but I’m hoping to get into the 4:teens in that race. It is at altitude and on a twisty course that usually runs around 4:12 for the win so we’ll see… Then 4×30,30,30s working on changing gears and finally 2x100m all out.

1.5 mile warmup.
Drills. Leg swings. Stretching. (Felt good)
400 in 64
2x100m (12:04, 12:01)
3 mile cooldown

Very happy with my sprints today. Much more respectable times than my inaugural attempt 2 weeks ago, but I still felt pretty untidy on my feet. Going to be a lot of gym work ahead of me this year to get down under 11.5 feeling smooth. But I think that’s the key to being able to run a 48.x 400, a 1:46.x 800, and a better closing 200 in my 15s. Very happy with my work today.

Even happier with the US team’s result in the 1500m. Can’t wait to train my ass off and become a contributing member to #USMidDistance

Jul 18

Wednesday Double

9 miles + Strides · Comments Off on Wednesday Double

Woke up this morning not feeling too bad after the tempo yesterday. Got out even before I had a chance to grab some coffee. Only because I’m out though…

4 miles. 16:01. 13:28. 29:30

Not sure if it had anything to do with the lack of caffeine but my slowest morning run yet. No big deal though.

Evening session was meant to be some speed work at the track. I set out with the goal of just doing one mile on the track, in spikes, sprinting the straights and jogging the turns. However, once I got there, I was struck with a brilliant idea! Why not just test my paces? I figured I should be OK to throw a 2:08 800 and a 60 second 400 on the front end of the strides. Yeah, that’s effin’ brilliant!…

…until I actually tried to accomplish it.

I laced up the spikes and did some dynamic drills and leg swings. I should have taken note of the fact that high knees was causing me to suck wind. But I didn’t. So off I went, blasting my first 400 in 64. And feeling winded. I called the first piece at 600 feeling like I’d run the full 8.

Two minutes later I blasted my second piece. A 400. And this one I finished in 58.5 but hands on knees.

Finally I’d come to the mile of strides. Off I went and it was over after 2 laps. I was only running 14s 100s.

1.5 mile warmup
600 @ 1:36.
2min rest.
400 @ 58.5
4min rest.
800, jog turns, sprint straights. (13.5, 13.98, 14.72, 13.5)
1.5 miles home.

So this was the first time I really suffered from the altitude. I’m certainly not discouraged, don’t get me wrong, but I should have just stuck to the original game-plan of building some top end speed. I did not accomplish that today. On the plus side, it was another higher mileage day and I’m still feeling completely healthy. We should be close to 60 miles this week!

Jul 15

Welcome to My Training Grounds

11 miles + Strides + Yoga · Comments Off on Welcome to My Training Grounds

Woke up this morning to a little Lulu Yoga with Bret. Decent class. Scenery wasn’t stellar if you know what I mean, but the difficulty level of the class was perfect. Came out of it feeling good. Even better after an Einstein bagel.


Chilled inside for most of the day cause, well, it was hot out. T’storms came through around 4. After which Minen and I went out for a long run at Marshall Mesa. And just so you all have a feel for where I’m running. Welcome to my training grounds:

Marshall Mesa

Not only did this turn into a 70min run for me but we were also cruising for most of it. I felt the struggle bus pulling up behind me at about the 55min mark but then we crested a plateau and cruised home. 4 fast strides to close out the day.

11 miles. 70min. Strides



Jul 1

What’s 1100m Anyways?

3.5 miles + Strides · No Comments

Today. Was a hot day. And unfortunately for me, I didn’t get up early enough to take advantage of morning temperatures. So screw it. Long run in the evening. Only problem is Cathal and I still need to complete our 400m runoff and he works Monday… so once again, screw it. Long run on Monday.

Most of the day was spent taking sloMo dunking videos with C. By his request and for the sake of white men everywhere, I will not be sharing these travesties with the world.

Afternoon was dominated with some silly sporting events like EuroCup 2012 finals (How did Italy make the finals?), America’s Cup (disappointing result for Coots), and some casual track and field (Missed half the coverage due to NBC overriding our station for a storm warning). Fortunately, we did get service back just in time to see Leo close out the 1500m finals in a 53s last lap.

Funny thing is, that ended up being exactly what I ran in the Chaffee 400m showdown. 53.6. Brother ended up finishing in 56.2 seconds, but the race itself was more interesting than that. We ran in lanes, him in 4, me in 5. He made up the stagger on the first turn and I was nervous. I picked it up to maintain with him on the back stretch, thinking if i could maintain on the turn, momentum would carry me in front on the homestretch. He hit the wall at 200 though, a testament to 4 weeks, no training. He ran a 51.5 at the end of his track season though, and I got a new appreciation for how fast that actually is.

3.5 miles. 400m in 53.6

So 53.6 feeling pretty smooth… Just gotta throw an 1100 at 59s pace on the front of that…

Jun 25

Chaffee Olympics

10 miles + Strides · No Comments

Beautiful day in Ohio. High of 73 and breezy. Perfect day to push the mileage envelope. Got out early for 6.5 miles on the Frohring Meadow loop. Surrounded it with a good amount of drills and stretching.

6.5 miles. 42min

Afternoon session consisted of a little free-throw competition with Cathal, event #3 of the Chaffee Olympics. I lost 4 of 10 to 5 of 10. It was a dark day. I am working with a lead though, having won arm-wrestling and basketball-spinning-on-finger. Not much consolation though since I’ll certainly lose bench press, and likely lose pullups as well… Trying to push those events off as long as possible to give myself a chance to train. Bah. Ping pong will be a tough battle. Despite having the worse PR, I like my chances in the 400 after seeing Cathal try to jog 2 miles with me… Speaking of which:

4 miles. 7xbarefoot stride.

Drove out to Kenston with Cathal and Clay to do a little jogging and then do my first strides of the new regime. Went pretty well. Started at 80% effort and increased to 99%. The 7th stride was on the track (still barefoot) and with a running start, I ran 12.26 for the 100m. Clay might have dipped under 12 but he had to jump off the track onto the turf halfway through. The track wasn’t pleasant on my feet either which is good feedback that I’m not being very efficient. I felt like I was jamming my foot into the ground with each step. Probably want to get the balls of my feet further under my body. Good start though. Wonder if I’ll ever be 10.9 like Galen…

Dec 30


Strides · 2 Comments

Finally the day I’d been looking forward to for 5 months. Today I get to attempt some strides.

I ran 30min with Clay and Lisa before trying them to ensure I wasn’t going to be too eager or ambitious. It finally snowed here a few days ago and unfortunately the track isn’t high on the plow man’s priority list, so I ran in the Gurney parking lot. I’d say the total distance of each stride was about 100m. Certainly no more.

Drills and stretching before hand.

4xstride. First was at about 85% effort and increasing from there. The actual speed was probably pretty pathetic. I felt a little schizophrenic trying to get my turnover up. The last one I chopped my stride length drastically and focused on just turning over as fast as possible. I’ll need to do that a lot more moving forward. I get the sense that my body’s forgotten how to sprint. Predictably. Continue reading »

Apr 27

Impromptu Gait Analysis

5.5 miles + Gait Lab + Strides · No Comments

Using a high tech video camera (Panasonic point-and-shoot) and sophisticated analyzing software (Photoshop) I took a couple clips of my running gait today. I had a good meeting with a real legend in the gait analysis field last August — Jay Dicharry. He dissected my stride with crushing honesty. It was awesome. I still remember a lot of the stuff he showed me in the session and I have a document he whipped up for me as a post-analysis. Based on that I was able to see some improvements 9 months later, but there are still serious problems. Images:

Continue reading »

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