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Jul 17

So last week I passed up the opportunity to get out and run a tempo with Bret and the Boulder Trail Running Club. The reason: I was scared. The run description was “straight up hill” and then “straight down” and “it’s a beast”… So I passed. This week sounded a lot more manageable though; a tempo along the Mesa Trail, which was a lot of harsh up and down, but not continuous.

Mesa Trail

This gives you a great idea of a the locale. (courtesy

Met up with the group not feeling too good about what was about to go down, but after a 10min warmup to the trailhead (at 6000ft), I was feeling significantly better. The idea was 15min out and then try to negative split coming back. 30min tempo all together.

1 mile warmup uphill. 5 mile undulating tempo. 1 mile cooldown.

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Jun 29

AM Tempo

7.5 miles + Tempo · Comments Off on AM Tempo

Got up early this morning for a tempo with Clay. I was actually pretty jacked up to do it having watched Donnie place 4th in the steeple last night! At first I was bummed for him, cause he was one away from making the team, but then it dawned on me… HE’S ONE SPOT AWAY FROM BEING A FREAKIN’ OLYMPIAN!!

6min warmup. 6 mile tempo (6:03, 5:44, 5:47, 5:57, 5:47, 5:59). 6min cooldown.

Extremely happy with that effort, though I was definitely struggling to find the right rhythm and maintain consistent, proper form throughout. I think I’m going to pivot my training a little bit to include more 3-4 mile tempos in the middle of my 7-8 mile runs.

Here are Donnie’s thought’s on the race by the way:

Dec 16

For years now I’ve feared that I’m somewhat bipolar. Not emotionally, but actively. Energetically bipolar. When I’m on, I get shit done. Type A. Knockout. But when I’m not, I love me some hermitude. Cup of tea. Sweaters.

All I want to do is chill out or play sports. Sit back with The Album Leaf or thump to Avicii remixes. It’s baffling.

Question is: Am I unusual? Or do others experience the same energy swings but just temper them better? My energy level spikes and dives like a heartbeat monitor. I feel like other’s tend to read more smoothly…

This is an intro topic for the entry because today I set out to just do an easy 40minute run with Donnie and Patrick before the 7 hour drive back to Ohio. However, neither ended up being able to make it and when I got out of the car at the Fontaine hills I felt awesome. I didn’t have any music or anything but for some reason I made an instinctual decision to tempo for 4 miles. I still don’t understand why I get those urges but I love the feeling of knowing what I want to do and then executing. The decision paid off big time. I have no ill effects from the run. My calves are beat up but only because they’re chronically pathetic and whiny. Continue reading »

Jun 30

Thursday PM – Return to Tempo

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Went out to the polo fields with Clay to run a 6k tempo. The course was a 1500m  (exactly) loop so the splits are naturally in 1500m. For reference, 4:48 is about a 5:10 mile which is what we were shooting for.

1.5 miles warmup. Flats on. Leg swings

6000m tempo (4:48, 4:51, 4:41, 4:39)

2 mile cooldown

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May 29

Blossom Time Fun Run

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Blossom Time Festival goes off like a bomb in downtown Chagrin Falls. People flock from all over to get their parade/carnival/day-drinking fix. Heck, I’m a great example, coming all the way back from Virginia for a good dose of crazy hats, bat-mobile floats, and Labradoodles. However, fortunately for runners everywhere, the day starts off with a 5.25 mile road race. Continue reading »

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