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Feb 11

A Dramatic Return to the Mondo Mile

Mile + Race + Seattle + Travel · 1 Comment

Long and tangent-riddled. Whatever. Video below.

I had just finished a nice sunny morning shakeout when, with still sweaty hands, I picked up my phone. I figured I had about 20 minutes to answer any business related calls, emails, texts, etc that required immediate attention before I had to execute my pre-determined itinerary that ended with me at TD’s house in Boston.

Now normally I’m not one for serious planning (a luxury I can afford thanks to smart phones, the internet, and minimal responsibilities), but for this trip I had everything worked out weeks in advance.

See, this was the BU Valentine Invitational Weekend. This was my first mile in 20 months and the stars were aligning for the ultimate track race. I’ve run at BU 6 times. I’ve run personal bests all 6 times. It was 2 years ago to the day I ran 3:58.80 at the same race. I was going to have family there. I was going to have friends there. The Williams track team was going to be there. My best friend and training comrade from Charlottesville was rooming and racing with me. Everything. Was. Perfect.

But what the hell was this? My phone had blown up; all notification icons alight. At first I thought web-disaster. But no. Even worse. Winter storm Nemo had Boston in a tizzy and BU had been cancelled. NEEEMOOOOOOO!!!!! Continue reading »

Dec 14

USATF 2012 Club XC Rrrr… (Photography)

Lexington KY + Photo + Travel · No Comments

Well I thought I was finally going to be able to crack my knuckles and whip off a nice race write up. And some of you may have seen the social media indications that I wasn’t able to race. My Achilles was at like 99% the morning of the race, but the course was a em-effin nightmare. Crazy fun as far as XC courses go, but an ankle’s worst nightmare.

I actually went to dinner the night before with a guy from NC that was pumped for this bad boy. Then I saw him again in a bar the night after. He had his right ankle all wrapped up and propped high on a stool. Ruptured Achilles… Anyways, he assured me I made the right decision. (PS. He felt the pop at mile 1.5. Finished the race. Legend.)

Anyways, I couldn’t race. So I took pics. Without a camera in my hand, it would have been a really painful 30-40 minutes… But here is the result, along with some editorial commentary.

This album is also on Facebook.

I should mention the trip was still an incredible success. Not only did I have a lot of fun with a solid travel group but I revitalized (somewhat) my passion for candid photography. I haven’t released a good album since the sandy-camera incident in NZ 2 years ago… but I now have one solid item on my Christmas list. Huge thank you to Jay for the use of his camera.

I happy to say, I am 100% healthy again. I’m sitting here with a healthy ache in my glutes, hammies, and calves (the good kind – the result tough track workout). I gotta say, for 3 months I’ve been amazed by how healthy my lower legs have been. I used to have all kinds of problems down there. But, heck, except for this Achilles thing (the result of a strain rather than overuse) I’ve been super healthy. This has gotta be a testament to the effectiveness of both ART from Richey and the Phil Wharton foot/ankle drills I’ve been doing on almost a daily basis.

If you’re curious, some of the routine is posted free on Hmmm, incidentally, I HIGHLY recommend the full DVD. You get a LOT of the stuff that I’m doing (and paying a lot more for) at like a $50 price tag. Very much worth it!

First race of the season will likely now be late January in Seattle.

Jun 19

Morning 6 with Rufio

6 miles + boston + Travel · Comments Off on Morning 6 with Rufio

Well it happened again. Despite the 1AM bedtime, I had no choice but to get up at 6 after a full hour trying to shield myself from the direct sunlight coming in through the wall of windows. Not saying it was unpleasant to actually feel like getting up at 6, but my stomach revolted when I hit the pavement for an easy 6 with Rufio.

6 miles. 40min

Minimal accessory activity. Back to bed for an hour at 9 before hacking away at this todo list.

Jun 18

Boston 8

8 miles + boston + Travel · Comments Off on Boston 8

Great day today in Boston. Highlights were fishing with Bill, lunch with Brickly, dinner with some more 09s, and by far the best weather Boston has ever thrown at me. I’ve always loved the people in Boston, but it’s no secret I am no fan of the city itself. However, today it’s risen in the ranks past the likes of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and pretty much every other city in the midwest (Columbus is kinda cool though).

8 miles. 55min. Stretching. Light Core.

UPDATE: Landed a nice pic in the Boston Globe with BillBoston Fishing

Side note — when asked where I was from, I really had no idea how to respond. Colorado was on my mind, and so I blurted “Boulder, Colorado”. Hence, I’m from Colorado!

Mar 22

Homeschool Reunion

Denver + Homeschool Reunion + Travel · 2 Comments

I am now on the flipside of one of the most memorable adventures of my life.  The past two action-packed weeks were the culmination of 6 months of planning with my childhood and fellow homeschooled besties with testies (and one wife). All footage is from Colorado, which ended up being a central location and great adventure platform for the eight of us.

There are a whole heck of a lot of talking points. I could have written a full-fledged blog post everyday. Truth is though, this whole writing thing is kinda tiring after 48hours of catching up on work emails. I’m gonna try something new and let some pictures do the talking (though I help out with some captions). Continue reading »

Mar 12

Mountain Men

Boulder + Homeschool Reunion + Travel · Comments Off on Mountain Men

The first week in Santa Cruz went almost as well as I could hope for. Could have been better if that coffee shop barista had accepted my proposal to come to Denver for two weeks… As a track captain once told me, “Can’t win ’em all”.

But now it’s time to reveal a plan that has been in the works for over 6 months. It’s time for a distinctly different kind of fun. Mountain fun. Mountain fun with the homeschooled boys of New Hampshire! Continue reading »

Mar 2

The Verdict

Santa Cruz + Travel · 7 Comments

Well, in the end I went with the little tiny studio I first picked out on Craigslist over 3 weeks ago. In years to come I will forget that I even waffled over hundreds of other places (I hovered over Craigslist channels like Cathal hovers over Xbox headlines), and warp this story to be love at first sight. Actually, had it been sunny instead of stormy the morning I checked it out, I’d like to think I would have taken it immediately. Yes, that will be my story down the road…

My First Solo Apartment

So I apologize this is going to lack so much detail. Truth is I’ve done very little web work this week and I’m a bit behind. Gonna play some serious catch-up today. There is so much I’d love to share, funny little things I see and stories to tell. But it seems there’s never the chance or time to tweet/blog about it while I’m living it. I suppose that’s how it should be. That said, I’ll try and write a little something daily, and I promise it will get more training oriented here soon. But on to the apartment…

Continue reading »

Mar 1

Where to Live… Hmm

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on Where to Live… Hmm

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to go to bed early then when I crashed into my hotel room at 9pm last night. I was exhausted. For good reason though. I successfully checked out 7 different living situations. None of which were quite perfect but all I would be happy with. Well, except for maybe the one that would bankrupt me. But I did a good job of diversifying. I’ve got a tiny studio right on the beach. A shared 3br place with 6 other surfers who work elsewhere but come down infrequently. A 1br condo. A shared 3br house in a gated community. And two other more normal options.

I was thinking about writing a post comparing the pros and cons of all of them but that would take too long. So while I have a ton of options, none of them gave me that spark of excitement that you sometimes get when introduced to a new living situation. Money aside, there are cons to all of them. Because of that, I’m definitely going with something that’s only 3 months. I want a chance to get out if I want to. Unfortunately, the 3 month thing eliminates 4 of the options.
Continue reading »

Feb 28

California Bound – Skittles and Airforce One

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on California Bound – Skittles and Airforce One

Hot damn! On my way to Santa Cruz, CA. Been wanting to live in CA ever since surf camp in SD my freshman year of high school (Thanks Granpa Keen! R.I.P.)

Good lord I love heading to new places. Something about that just gets me all pumped. Or maybe that’s just the sugar talking… I just popped a bag of Skittles on the last flight (thanks KP!) but felt a little sick after just 2 handfuls (sorry KP). Apparently, Cake: OK. Skittles: Over-the-top. So I finished off the red ones and dispensed of the bag. Next experiment up: Starbursts (thanks KP!). Continue reading »

Feb 28

Operation Funtimes™

Santa Cruz + Travel · Comments Off on Operation Funtimes™

Well the past 6 months have been a joke. Just been one long depressing story. I’m 25, and I’m choosing to live my 25th year by making all the sacrifices of an elite runner without being able to run. This might be changing soon, true, but I don’t think I’ll have any shot of being able to compete on a national level this year. This means no all-paid trips around the US and Europe, no sub-4 miles, and no bragging rights. Succinctly, the payoff isn’t going to be enough to meet my funtimes quota for the year. Continue reading »

Nov 22

I Want to be a Hero!

Hairbrained Idea + Travel + Video · No Comments

I’ve been someone that has taken a camera on some of my more epic runs, dating all the way back to Spring Break of  ’06. Most training runs I do are grueling (and I don’t even particularly even like running most of the time), but sometimes when the weather is really nice, the leaves are changing color, I’m at the top of a mountain or running in a new location, I get this incredible feeling and more importantly, the urge to communicate it. I don’t think it can be categorized as the “runner’s high” because it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m running, but more of the setting of the run itself. I get this feeling, for instance, when I was traveling around New Zealand or on various spring break trips, running a new trail every day. I’ve always loved taking pictures on these runs and these pictures have turned out to be some of the best I’ve ever taken (check out my top NZ images).

Rod Dixon Helmet CamThinking about these experiences, I’ve toyed around with the idea of just travelling around the world and running with a video-camera (that’s right, stepping it up a level) on my head or chest. The problem so far has been that I haven’t been able to find one that is completely weather-proof, stabilizes the image (running is kinda bouncy), and also cost-effective. However, I was just talking to Rod Dixon a few moments ago and he launched into the story of how he was commissioned to run with a 25lb camera on his head for parts of the NYC marathon back in 1985 (image to the right)! It obviously never caught on, but today there is very viable option — The GoPro Hero2 Camera.

And I can’t believe they’re offering it at $299! Passion revitalized! Continue reading »

Oct 12

God this seems fun.

“3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films…..”

The other 2 clips can be found here.

Jun 23

USATF Championships 1500m Prelims

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Well it’s been a while since I really dove into an entry. I apologize about that. Simply put, its been a busy couple of weeks at a point in the year when I would like the most free time. I’ve also had fairly little alone time, which personally suits me fine, but cramps my ability to write. It’s weird, now that I think about it, I can code under any condition. I can even have brief conversations with people while writing a function and 5 minutes later realize I have no idea what was said. The same is not true for me with writing. Music about as much stimulus as I can handle. If someone’s making a sandwich 10 feet away, it would seem I’m far more interested in their choice of condiments. Continue reading »

Jun 4

Music City Distance Carnival Mile

4 miles + Nashville + Race + Travel · 3 Comments

Besides being a palindrome (MCDCM), this race was pretty cool for a number of reasons. First, it had some tunes going on. They put a couple of speakers out on the infield and after the gun, they dropped a beat, inspiring runners to unnatural feats of speed and endurance. Also, its a twilight meet; it represents the state’s first successful attempt to attract some distance running (2005 was the first time a sub-4 mile was run in TN. Famiglietti. At this meet’s premier.); and it was the first opportunity I’ve had to visit Kentucky or Tennessee (drove in through Kentucky). Continue reading »


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