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Aug 20

Paying the Price

12 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Paying the Price

Woke up not feeling too bad after the last 48 hours. Calves tight but loosened up with a little convincing. Had a higher volume evening session planned with Minen so didn’t want to do too much this morning.

2 miles. Core

Just enough to warrant a shower.

Evening session started with was just a long session. Started at 5:50 and finished after 8.

3 miles to the gym
Met Minen
7 miles
Upper lift – chest/arms.

The combination of doing a little more mileage than I wanted to + something wasn’t agreeing with my stomach during our run + calves starting to tighten up led to a pretty lackluster lift afterwards. I definitely did a little too much today. Would have been better to just do 4 in the morning and 6 in the evening by myself, but it was good company.

Aug 16

Hell of a Day

12 miles + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Hell of a Day

Woke up today feeling a bit wiped out. I slept for 10 hours, so hopefully most of the fatigue has been mitigated but still was a struggle to get the blood flowing in the morning. I only made it out for an easy 2 miles. Ankle still feels like it needs to be popped, but after running through a 5min foot flexibility routine it was A-OK.

2 miles. Ankle drills

Got back and stretched a bit. Felt much better afterward.

PM session was a 65min run with Minen. Followed by some weights at the CAC

10 miles. 65min.
Upper body/Back lift.

Focus today was on back. Upper body and back. But included some dead lifts for good measure and because a friend was raving about them. Followed all this up with some more stretching and a burrito. Wiped out and going home to watch Suits.

Jul 19

Thursday Lift

Core + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Thursday Lift

Went to the Lifetime gym today with RC. Really nice gym. Good all around session.

Upper Lift. Core. Lower Lift

No running today though

Jul 16

Kohler Mesa Mountain Run

8 miles + Plyometrics + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Kohler Mesa Mountain Run

Cranked out a bunch of work in the morning before getting out for a 2 mile shakeout around noon. Post-office and back.

2 miles. Upper Lift. Plyometrics

After getting back I did a body-weight upper body lift. 2×10 pullups. 25, 20, 20 pushups. Plyometrics. Stretching. All of this anaerobic stuff is definitely more tiring at altitude.

Once again t’storms dumped on us in the late afternoon but left the air 20 degrees cooler for my run at 6:30. I got about 12min in, about as high as I usually go up snake canyon trail, but for whatever reason felt compelled to climb some more. Took about 23min to get to the top, but I was rewarded with a pretty sweet view from the foot of the giant cliffs of the flatirons. Running back down was predictably shitty though. Temped to only call this a 25minuter despite the fact that I was out for 40.

6 miles. 40min.

I gotta figure out a way to get a bike dropped off for me at the top of these mountain runs. So much wasted potential energy…


Jul 7

Gym Search

3 miles + Core + Drills + Lower Lift + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Gym Search

Pretty down day today. Did some drills in the morning, had a great time at the Boulder farmer’s market, and then joined Mearns and Minen at Boulder Athletic Club for my first gym session in ~4 months, and first lower leg lift.

3 miles. Upper Lift. Lower Lift.

It was the nicest gym I’ve ever been in and even had some incredible stretching machines. I think those will help me significantly. Gonna see if I can get them to wave the $199 initiation fee.

Jul 2

Monday Long Run

10 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Monday Long Run

AM – Upper body lift. Core.

PM – 10miles. 66:10

Jun 27

Lift Day

6 miles + Core + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Lift Day

Boring title for a boring post. This morning I woke with some soreness for the first time (hopefully phantom pains?) in my left groin area. So I decided against a morning run. I compensated though with a good upperbody lift and an intense core session.

Upper body lift. Core.

Watched an incredibly boring game between Spain and Portugal. Boring because I like the emotion you get from goals scored and this game was very safe/defensive. 0-0 after 120min and then Spain won (deservedly) in PKs.

6 miles

PM session was 6 miles. I definitely felt my left pubic bone a bit during the run. Tomorrow is a scheduled down day (some reports say 99 degrees out), so I think i’m just going to take it off from everything other than maybe pushups/pullups. We’ll see. Anyways, I’m rocking the ibuprofen right now. Fingers crossed.

May 16

Monday PM

3 miles + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Monday PM

The soreness got a bit worse throughout the day due to being behind on business work and the corresponding sitting position required to complete said work. I was thankful for the break once it came time for my afternoon session. I quickly decided though to make it more of a shakeout for the legs than anything else. I simply hate running when my upper legs are sore.

1.5 miles to AFC
2x8x25lbs curls
2×10 bodyweight rows
1x10x20lb triceps extensions
Mad hip mobility/balancing drills
1.5 miles back home


Apr 28

Thursday Medium Run

10.5 miles + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Thursday Medium Run

Today’s run was another struggle. I started feeling better by mile 3ish but my calves and Achilles were still unpleasantly tight. Also annoyed because I forgot to switch up the tunes on the old Shuffle… Stuck with 30 Seconds To Mars all run. I ran the long Rivanna loop and ended the first 9 miles at the AFC. Completed my upper body workout from yesterday by getting after the arms this time (bicept/tricept mostly). Did some abbreviated stretching but wasn’t up for any balancing drills. That’s OK, I was planning on doing them tomorrow morning anyways. 1.5 miles home was rough but manageable and somewhat expected. 10.5 miles is getting to be a pretty long run for me these days… Even with a break.

Random thought of the run: I think the phrase “scissor kick” should make it into a hip-hop song. It has such a nice aggressive feel to it…

Apr 27

Midday Gym

3 miles + Balancing + Upper Lift · Comments Off on Midday Gym

Feeling decent after yesterday’s workout. Achilles are still plain stiff but I’ve got two solid days to pamper them before calling on their skills Friday. First session of the day was a jog to the gym.

1.5 miles run to the AFC

Focus was on Pecs and Back.

Balancing and hip drills afterward.

1.5 miles back home.

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