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Jun 23

USA Champs 1500m Prelim: Withering Heat

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Me with 200m to go…

Hubba, hubba, hubba…

Took me a while to have the courage to face this writeup. But don’t worry, I’m good. No waterworks all over your nice new shirt.

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t give USA’s too much thought. Heck, I was unsure as to whether I would make the A standard as I planned to be focusing so much on speed work. However, I did know that if I made it, I should have a pretty good chance of doing well (at least better than I should based on my 1500m fitness).

As the year went on, and I realized not only was my speed improving, but also my strength, USAs started to look pretty tasty! I PR’d in the 800m 11 days out, ducking into the 1:49s and it would seem the lead-up was going beautifully… At least better than any other year.

Not much to note in the days leading up to the prelim other than that they switched up the heats 2 hours before the race. It wasn’t much more than an annoyance, and fortunately I had Jay there to talk it out. Therefore, allow me to fast-forward all the way to the beginning of my race. Bottom line is that there was very little to complain about.

My mind was right. The race plan was solid. I had a great opportunity in front of me!


Runnerspace doesn’t embed well, so click to watch on their site…

Bang goes the gun and I take my usual time getting off the line, perfectly happy to steer clear of trouble and linger in the back. Continue reading »

Jun 16

Portland Track Festival 800: Resumé Boost

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Well this post will certainly be lowering the bar for future writeups… Life’s been busy enough recently (between work away from the office and some quality half-altitude training / exploring in Bend, OR) that some of the little luxury and low-priority tasks like napping, friend-stalking, and blogging have slipped to the wayside. I gotta get my thoughts down about this 800m before they slip away forever though…

Glorious group of people for this meet (this trip in general). Kenyon was my true partner in crime, but appearances by Patrick WD and his athletes from Long Beach made my time in Portland pretty memorable and comically relaxing.

Warmup for the race was pretty unremarkable. Same 2 mile jog, leg swings, and 2 fast 120m sprints spiked up before the gun. I think these helped.

The race was very well set up for me for the first 400m. Pulled through by the field in 53.low. Then I believe I went 27, 29 for my next 200s. I was boxed in a little on the 3rd 200m. I wanted to be rolling a little faster by that point. But other than that, even on the final 100m, the race played right into my hands, opening up in lane one for me to move past 5 people! Sadly, I was not up to the challenge and the finish was rather unimpressive.


If I could have run that last 100m with strong, poppy stride I would have been thrilled with this race. As it is though, I’m still pleased with the nice PR and finally some respectable numbers next to my 800m time personal best. Also, this is one of the first times I’ve PR’d in anything running positive splits.

A couple comic notes:

  • Note the IRISH boy spotting the field an extra 3m and still getting out to the front after the first 100m… Must have been 12 flat pace from a standing start.
  • Somehow our rabbit lasted a whopping total of 250m. Mad props to the guy that took it hard after that…. And still beat me too. Stud.

OK, I told you this was going to be short and unedited. We’ll just have to accept that for now. US national championship 1500m prelims on Thursday! Should be a lot of fun!

May 3

3:39 and Just The Beginning

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It’s ironic really that after one of the most memorable races of my career, I’ve been absolutely, flat out buried in work and unable to celebrate or share the experience!

But finally, I’m once again tapping away on a red-eye flight to Boston. Ideally I’d be sleeping but I’m a little to amped at the thought of finally writing this. Also, waiting for me in Massachusetts is a bachelor party for the ages. 40 men blowing out for 48 hours in honor of one Bill Ference. It’s going to be LEGEN…

This will officially be my last post regarding the Dark Ages, colloquially known as the period from July 2011 to May 2012 AD. With a 3:39 1500m I am, as of now, BACK and as strong as I ever was in 2011! And boy does it feel good.

It’s funny that it should happen at Payton Jordan, because it was at Payton Jordan one year ago that my ambition first stirred after 3 months of (blissful) dormancy. I distinctly remember wheezing my way through a 3 mile warmup with my old friend and steepler, Donnie Cowart. I felt somewhat pathetic as I made my way back to the bleachers, while he went on to run a personal best 8:26 that night. I had been right there with him not one year before… As I watched heat after heat of the 1500m break 3:40, fist pumps abounding, I realized I still wanted that. Continue reading »

Apr 23

Four in One

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It has been a stupidly busy past month for me, resulting in a bout of radio silence. And while life isn’t slowing down too much, I’ve at least got a couple race reports for ya (albeit rapid-fire).

CU Jerry Quiller Classic

First up is an 800 at the early season CU Jerry Quiller Classic. I went into this race with the weight of a DNF at indoor nationals on my shoulders and responded by returning to my sit and kick tendencies.

Gun went off and I went straight to the back. I must say, I LOVE starting in lanes. Screw waterfalls. In lanes, no one clips your heels if your stride is too long, and you can eyeball the perfect spot for an entire turn. I came through feeling comfortable at altitude in 56.5 and turned it on with the whole field in front of me. By 150m to go, I had the lead and didn’t let off the gas all the way through the line. 1:52.2. Not too bad. Not a PR but it ended up being a negative split.

Finished up the day with a 4 mile tempo and a 52.0 4×400 split for team Cheetah Lightning (huge fan base. No big deal. I think that’s mostly because of our 6’5″ anchor leg, who’s only known in the racing world as Blackdog.)

CU Invitational

3 weeks later I had another opportunity at the same event. Another altitude 800 (incidentally, I was told the common conversion rate for 800s is .7 seconds at a mile high), and another chance to race for the win. I let the race unfold the same way. 56.flat this time through 400 and then went wide on the back turn. This was the first race I felt a little pep in my step on the last 100 and the result was a new PR: 1:51.24 for the win! And if I hadn’t run so wide on that turn it would have been faster. Continue reading »

May 8

Intermission Time Sanity Post

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Well, in order to stay sane while the Flyers teeter on the brink of elimination, I punched up YouTube to watch a few of my comfort videos. This one is just soo effing cool I can’t help but share (and can’t believe I haven’t before).

Many can piece together sweet videos of epic scenery. But FAR fewer can take the last place in the world I’d wanna live and make it look so darn sexy! God that’s inspirational. Clips like this are inching me towards that moment when I feel compelled to invest in learning how to do that… Continue reading »

Nov 22

I Want to be a Hero!

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I’ve been someone that has taken a camera on some of my more epic runs, dating all the way back to Spring Break of  ’06. Most training runs I do are grueling (and I don’t even particularly even like running most of the time), but sometimes when the weather is really nice, the leaves are changing color, I’m at the top of a mountain or running in a new location, I get this incredible feeling and more importantly, the urge to communicate it. I don’t think it can be categorized as the “runner’s high” because it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m running, but more of the setting of the run itself. I get this feeling, for instance, when I was traveling around New Zealand or on various spring break trips, running a new trail every day. I’ve always loved taking pictures on these runs and these pictures have turned out to be some of the best I’ve ever taken (check out my top NZ images).

Rod Dixon Helmet CamThinking about these experiences, I’ve toyed around with the idea of just travelling around the world and running with a video-camera (that’s right, stepping it up a level) on my head or chest. The problem so far has been that I haven’t been able to find one that is completely weather-proof, stabilizes the image (running is kinda bouncy), and also cost-effective. However, I was just talking to Rod Dixon a few moments ago and he launched into the story of how he was commissioned to run with a 25lb camera on his head for parts of the NYC marathon back in 1985 (image to the right)! It obviously never caught on, but today there is very viable option — The GoPro Hero2 Camera.

And I can’t believe they’re offering it at $299! Passion revitalized! Continue reading »

Oct 27

Oldie but a goodie. I went looking for this and couldn’t find it for ~10min so I’m remembering it here…

“How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big!!”

Jun 30

Animals Being Dicks

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This is a real gem of a website

Here’s a sample:


WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
· Run a 3:57 Mile | 3:39 1500m.
· Build sweet websites.
· Live in Wellington, NZ
  Charlottesville, VA
  Santa Cruz, CA
  Boulder, CO.
· be convicted of grammar crimes.
If you're intrigued...
This is what to expect.