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Sep 7

Fartlek – Norwegian for Speedplay

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Up at 7am for a track session today. Last night was my first night in the new place and despite not having any bedsheets, I slept like a baby. Still didn’t stop me from grabbing some java at Cafe Sole on the way to the track though.

Started off on a 1.5 mile warmup before meeting Jay at 8am for our second session together. Training started with a lunge matrix and some custom skipping routines. Once we were good and ready for the fartlek, I laced up the flats and set out to find my pace for the 150s.

The workout was 2x5x800 where the first 150m was at 3k goal pace and the the next 650m was “steady”. However, this was preceded by 3×150 with 250 jog in between.

First set went fairly well. Tired, for sure, but hit low 23 avg for the 150s, so that would be 61-62 pace. Completed the set averaging 5:19s.

Took 800m jog. Slooowww.

Then hit it again. Same thing. 23.5,23.4,23.3,23.2,23.3 for the 150s and maintained a decent recovery clip in between. Averaged 5:30s or maybe a little more. Regardless though, really felt nice to be getting that much volume in without getting bored.

Finished up with hurdles, myrtl, light core, and leg swings. Summary:

1.5 mile warmup
lunge matrix, skipping
5×800 (150@3k, 650@”steady”) – 23.lows – total 13:14
800 jog slow
5×800 (150@3k, 650@”steady”) – 23.lows – total 13:50
hurdles, myrtl, light core, leg swings

Weird not to do a jog cooldown, but there was plenty of mobility in the exercises post-workout.

Now to catch up on work and furnish my place…

Jul 20

Thousands at Lactic Threshold

11.5 miles + Workout · Comments Off on Thousands at Lactic Threshold

Standard morning run.

4 miles. 14:41 out. 12:51 back. 27:32

Definitely not a slouch this morning.

Went out at 6pm with Wade and Patronus to Fairview Track

1.5 mile warmup
5x1000m. 3min jog RIB. (3:04, 3:05, 3:02, 2:57, 2:49)
1.5 mile cooldown

Pretty encouraging workout. Felt quite good through 3 so probably could/should have run them faster but was very unsure of the altitude affect.

Jul 14

High Altitude Tempo

8 miles + Workout · Comments Off on High Altitude Tempo

First big workout of the new regime. Happy to report that I made it 12 days out here so far. Today I had a 6 mile tempo in the works and was fortunate enough to be able to partner up with Sunshine and Patronus on this one. Also, if I didn’t have 12 days up here already I’m this one would have gone south. I was feeling physically great but cardiovascularly  right on the verge of breaking down for the entire last half.

1 mile warmup. 6 mile tempo (6:15, 6:08,6:03, 5:55, 5:46, 5:30). 1 mile cooldown.

The times were a bit fudged because we were really doing 5 laps around a 1.2 mile loop at Coots lake. I kicked in well though, probably closing out the last quarter under 5min pace. Found it really hard to catch my breath and I did NOT bring enough water. I’m going to have to start bringing a gallon to these things.

All in all though. Very encouraged. The paces were quite progressive but roughly equivalent to the 6 mile tempo I did two weeks ago with Clay at ~800ft above sea level. I’ll call this progress.

Jun 20

Rough Day at the Office

5 miles + Workout · 3 Comments

First off — No need to reach for the tissues. But this post ain’t pretty…

Had a reality check today, and a reminder of what summer’s really like most places. The day started out well enough. Got some good sleep. Cleared my todo list pretty efficiently. By high noon I was feeling restless and ready to run.

I heard it was gonna be a pretty hot day, so I drank a glass of water during my pre-run drills before finally setting off for the nearest Natick, MA track, flats in hand. Stepping outside, I wasn’t exactly blasted with that awful wave of sticky heat all too familiar in C’ville, but there was definitely a solid temperature bump. Took about 30 steps to start sweating and by the time I made it 1.25 miles to the track, I was already wishing I’d drank more. But joy of all joys — There was a water fountain! I quenched my thrist and thought back over what I wanted to do.

The Plan: Goal today is embarrassing to even share at this point. Was supposed to be 3mi, 2mi, 1mi with 400m jog in between, all at 5:30 pace. Continue reading »

Jul 6

Wednesday – Last Gasp

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After taking Monday and Tuesday completely off, not a single step of running, I was curious as to what the effect would be, and, predictably, I was itching to get out the door for a workout today. The goal for me today was pretty simple. I was going to run a workout that should tell me what kind of shape I’m in. The effort wasn’t supposed to kill me but it wouldn’t be pleasant by any stretch. The workout is the same one I ran on May 8th and you can find rational behind it there.

Briefly, it is a “russian”1500 split into 800, 400, 300. Rest after the 800 is 90s and after the 400 is 45s. Goal paces are 1:59, 58, 41. which would be a 3:38 total time. The reason being, I’m pretty confident that I can run whatever time I hit in this workout in a race. Continue reading »

Jul 2

Well it’s been 4 weeks since I’ve felt the heat that settled on Chagrin today. Got into the 90s for the first time this summer and the humidity was cranking up. I was feeling antsy though in our AC house and by 5:30 I just couldn’t wait any longer. I hopped in my VW Beetle and drove to the CFHS track. Today’s workout was born out of a lack of any personal idea about what to do. I have one workout left this year by my design and I’m going to run it on Tuesday. Tuesday is too far away though for me not to do anything today.

Continue reading »

Jun 25

Saturday – Highlights

11 miles + Workout · No Comments

Today more big stories happened that I have time to tell about but it started with a good workout with Matt Elliot and his buddy John at South Eugene Track (John, by the way, might be one of the country’s biggest track fans, road tripping from San Diego with some friends to watch Pre earlier this year). The workout was one of his design and I just tagged along but it fit the format I was used to. The idea was 5k at 5:10 down to 4:50 pace. Get the legs good and tired. Then slap on the spikes for 10×200 at almost all out (like 25-26). Full recovery in between. Continue reading »

Jun 20

Last workout before nats. All that’s required is to touch on race pace and just see how I feel.

2 mile warmup. Spiked up. Did a few strides and leg swings.
4×400. 60s RIB. (59.9, 60.3, 59.1, 59.7)
2×100 (13.3, 13.1)
1.5 mile cooldown. Continue reading »

Jun 17

Friday – Speed Play

6 miles + Workout · No Comments

I honestly had no idea what to run today for the workout. It took a vast collaboration of ideas to come up with a plan that made sense. Everything else was “too fast” or “too long”. The idea that finally made sense was to focus on a little speed play. Some race mimicking situations. I was going to run a tempo 800 as is becoming usual and then a 700, 600, 500 with different parts fast and slow. Continue reading »

Jun 14

Tuesday – Workout

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Today I wanted to touch on those systems that I haven’t worked in almost a month now. The long rep, 10k pace stuff. Nothing terribly taxing (don’t want to be sore) but enough to get me really working aerobically. I also need the confidence of knowing that system is still tuned up. Donnie and I had some ideas but we asked around a bit too. The two of us collaborated with Vig and Jesien to come up with the following: 4xmile, 90s rest 5:00 cutting down. 3×300 46-44-42 with 100 jog rest. It was a perfect night out and with Donnie leading the long stuff, me leading the short, it worked out really well. Continue reading »

Jun 10

Well the clear weakness of my training remains my final 200meters. Today was all about getting my body to react to my mind’s command to run… fast. So this workout I’m proud to say is my own creation. It’s simple, 4x600m with the first 400 a little slower than race pace and the last 200 “all out but smooth”. Full recovery. In this case 5 minutes. Oh and like last week, just warm up with a casual 800. Continue reading »

Jun 7

Tuesday PM – Baker Special

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Credit for the format of this workout goes to Mitch. I wanted to build off of the workout I did 2 weeks ago (6-4-4-4). His idea was to open with something a lot slower than the 60-pace 600. Then do something that has me running fast for longer. 500s. Here’s what I came up with based off of his recommendations. 800 (2:20). 3×500 (56s pace). 3×300(40s). Infinite rest.

The workout took better shape when Donnie told me what he was doing (3x[race pace 800, 45s rest, fast 300]). This worked out great because I could pace off of his 300s with my 500s. I would get something like 6 minutes rest. Then we both got together for the 300s at the end. The workout went GREAT. Having someone running with you for this fast stuff is MONEY. Continue reading »

May 27

Friday PM – Race Pace Workout

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I felt decent this morning. The left Achilles wasn’t great but I was excited for the workout today. It was really the first time I’m focusing on my mile pace for a full workout. Here’s the idea:

4×500, 4×400, 4×300. Paces should range between 61s to 58s. The rest wasn’t as important. It was more about running fast. Smoothly. And with an emphasis on be able to recover back to normal and do it again.

Here’s how it went down… Continue reading »

May 24

Tuesday PM – Lactic Threshold Workout

8.5 miles + Workout · Comments Off on Tuesday PM – Lactic Threshold Workout

Great workout today (once you factor in heat, humidity, and crap track). Full credit goes to Dan Murray for this one. The idea was 1600m@70, 1200@68, 2×800@66, 2×600@64. 2min rest between all. I hydrated well during the day and as noted, the morning session felt pretty good. Continue reading »


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