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Jul 15

Welcome to My Training Grounds

11 miles + Strides + Yoga · Comments Off on Welcome to My Training Grounds

Woke up this morning to a little Lulu Yoga with Bret. Decent class. Scenery wasn’t stellar if you know what I mean, but the difficulty level of the class was perfect. Came out of it feeling good. Even better after an Einstein bagel.


Chilled inside for most of the day cause, well, it was hot out. T’storms came through around 4. After which Minen and I went out for a long run at Marshall Mesa. And just so you all have a feel for where I’m running. Welcome to my training grounds:

Marshall Mesa

Not only did this turn into a 70min run for me but we were also cruising for most of it. I felt the struggle bus pulling up behind me at about the 55min mark but then we crested a plateau and cruised home. 4 fast strides to close out the day.

11 miles. 70min. Strides



Jul 9

Ass Kicked. Body Sore

4 miles + Core + Lower Lift + Yoga · Comments Off on Ass Kicked. Body Sore

Got up this morning for an 8AM lift with Bret. Definitely now feeling the effects of the lift 36 hours ago too. But spanked out some leg work anyways. Lots of stretching afterward and a 4 mile run home, meandering through Boulder bike paths.

Lower Lift. Core. 4 miles easy cooldown

Definitely quite sore (in a good way) once I sat down for a minute. It was only just a minute though as I was picking up my new bed today (puuuumped!). Hopefully this means better sleep from here on out.

Afternoon session ended up involving no running but the most legit yoga session I’d been to in my life. 90minutes constant stream of exercise, an ocean of sweat on my mat, and way too many people in the studio to witness my distress. Actually, I held it together pretty well, but the amount of sweat pouring off of me gave away the fact that I had my try-hard shorts on.


Walked out of there in search of multiple bottles of Gatorade.

May 26

Thursday AM – Allergic to Jungles

6 miles + Yoga · Comments Off on Thursday AM – Allergic to Jungles

I’ve never had a problem with allergies in my 24 years of life. Charlottesville has certainly put me to the test though. This morning, after:


Donnie and I set out on an hour run. We picked one of our favorite trails from the winter that we hadn’t run for a while. Apparently for good reason too, the route was a jungle… It was hot, humid, and there was a lot of stuff in the air. We ended up having to cut it short cause I was coughing up a storm. I think I pulled my upper crotchal-region coughing muscle. It’s kinda tender right now. Oh well… Continue reading »

May 5

And yet another shakeout…

2 miles + Yoga · Comments Off on And yet another shakeout…

Don’t have much to comment on this morning. Yoga was perhaps a little risky the day of the race but I’m pretty used to it at this point and it isn’t too taxing. I did that and a 2 mile shakeout in flats afterward. 4x100m stride just to bring me up to speed. Hips are a little tight today but I should be pretty set for a good couple races come this evening. I kinda wish I could just get them out of the way though… I’m drawing comfort right now knowing I trained through pretty well.

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