Nov 26

Thankful for… Things

Thank you + Yes you

Aww, so thankful

Easy topic. Often boring topic. What can I possibly be thankful for that isn’t obvious? Well let’s see.

I’m thankful that:

  1. I can tell how cold it is outside by touching my wall.
  2. Jeans never look dirty.
  3. Snow here melts as fast as it falls.
  4. People say you can run a 10k at least 60s faster at sea level than you can up here.
  5. Short hair looks good regardless of how awkwardly you sleep on it.
  6. I can get from my bed to my bathroom in 3 steps.
  7. There’s a pink wine and it has a cool name.
  8. Psych is releasing season 7.
  9. There’s a coffee shop close enough to walk to regardless of weather conditions.
  10. When you wear holes in your clothes, they just get cooler.
  11. Based on recent conversation polls, women prefer Depp as a pirate to Bloom as an elf. (Cause who wants to be an elf…?)
  12. Einsteins makes a pumpkin bagel AND pumpkin cream cheese.
  13. There’s an Einsteins on the way back from all workouts.
  14. I can end this list on any arbitrary number.

And I gotta admit, this Thanksgiving it was particularly easy to get in the thankful mood and rattle off this list because of the fine folks around me. Whether it was my coach, Jay Johnson, inviting me to share the day with his large and jolly extended family,¬†friends who have reached out, including me on group meals/events,¬†or coach Brad Hudson who’s been incredibly open and friendly when most coaches just get protective of their groups from non-members. And then of course those abroad who have shared notes of support and encouragement, I thank you all!

And 2013 is going to. be. epic.


Just epic.


Yeah, I need a better camera…


  • iPhones have better cameras

    • Than my laptop? True.

      15. Apple warns me if a product’s theirs with a conveniently located extra letter.


  • Aw, but then you use “epic.”

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