May 11

Well I made it. The journey started at an appalling 4:50AM and hasn’t slowed down much until now. Frankly I’m a bit tired to relive the details but it involved over 5 hours of delays, my jeans soaking up cranberry juice, and one 800 meter sprint in Dullas. But eventually I checked into the Millenium hotel here in downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is a classic northern city, dirty and bleak. You get the impression the city struggles to keep ahead of the ice, wind, and salt that bombard it year after year. Much like making your bed when you’re just going to sleep in it again, I suspect the city is hesitant to invest in the elaborate landscaping I’m getting used to in the South. But what the city lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in humanity. I’ve yet to meet an unfriendly individual here and you can tell by the way the wrinkles are set in the elderly that a warm smile is the dominant expression.

Once I checked in, I had an hour before the athlete dinner so this meant no fussing around with training. I put on the worn down Piranhas (I still like them more than my new ones) and attempted to run the course. Run is a loose term as I had to stop for heavy traffic every block. There are 12 blocks to the mile. Regardless though, I got the lay of the land running the course in both directions and I’ve developed a good gameplan for the race. The conditions will have the final say in how I race but I think the course should play into my hands nicely. And speaking of conditions though, tomorrow night calls for thunderstorms… we’ll see how that goes.

The final note of the day is how power packed the athlete dinner was. I mean I’ve never been at such an explicitly social event with so many fast runners that I’ve actually heard of. I managed to trick just about everyone into talking to me at one point or another. The exception being the Halls. Sad. I just don’t have much of a lead in with them. Hopefully the next time we meet we’ll be able to¬†reminisce¬†about the epic mile road race we ran through the eye of a tornado… Or something like that.

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  • good luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck mack-attack! hahaha

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