Apr 24

About The Site

Website Launched + Welcome

Who are you?

Hi. My name is Macklin Chaffee. I am a 2009 graduate of Williams College with a bachelors in Computer Science. See happy college grad to the right.

Why is this happening?

Glad you asked. After a summer of turmoil regarding my life’s direction, a few surprises, and an “aha” moment, I found myself in New Zealand, pursuing my collegiate sport of running to whatever end I could manage. They say you’re only young once. or only live once. or something.

I’ve since moved several times, now nestling into Boulder, CO to live and train under Coach Jay Johnson, and grow a web development business I call Golden Orb. I’ve become a little faster, my websites are a little better, and I’ve learned a bit more. I figure it’s about time I started remembering & sharing, and heck, if it ends up helping anyone I’ll be effin’ amazed pumped.

What to expect?

This site is my alternative to facebook/phonecalls/email. Really, it’s a way to keep a little journal when I need it, plot my running/training progression, consolidate my thoughts on work, and keep my folks happy knowing I’m still breathing when they go to bed.

  • Miler’s Log
    • Once used as a training log during my self-coached days, I’ll only be sharing milestone workouts, revelations, and race results.
    • I race “the Mile”. PR = 3:58.1. It’s short. It’s over quickly. And I won’t be bed-ridden for weeks after a race.
    • Mad respect to you marathoners. I don’t get it, but whatever it is, it’s damn impressive.
    • Sprinters… If you’re reading this, you’re lost. Go find something cooler.
  • The Internet
    • I love tech. For the time being, I’m focused on building pretty websites.
    • This section is dedicated to the Design | Development & Marketing of websites on the internet.
    • And let’s be honest… It might get a serious post every other month, but otherwise will likely just be short comments on new links.
  • Daily Dose
    • There’s lots of cool stuff out there in this world. When I happen on it, I’ll remember it here.

How are you finding the time?

I kept a training log on notepad anyways, saved links and resources to word documents, wrote little thoughts down in your stereotypical black book… I figured I’ll at least put them online where they’re backed up. Some people spend 30 minutes on Facebook. I’m going with this option. Worth it.

See ya ’round

2012 UPDATE: I’ve taken to traveling quite a bit as well. At this point, I’ve lived in:

  • Hanover, NH
  • Chargin Falls, OH
  • Williamstown, MA
  • Wellington, NZ (that’s New  Zealand)
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • and now, Boulder, CO

I’ve also had the opportunity to visit quite a few places in the US and even a few abroad:

  • Kenya
  • Bonaire
  • New Zealand

While not an official category, I’ve labelled my travels with a tag — Travel.



  • that’s a badass ampersand.

    glad you created a blog, looking forward to reading about your adventures on and off the track

  • I know, right? I keep forgetting to use it too…

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WTF is this?

This is my little space in which to play. I ramble about what it's like to...
· Run a 3:57 Mile | 3:39 1500m.
· Build sweet websites.
· Live in Wellington, NZ
  Charlottesville, VA
  Santa Cruz, CA
  Boulder, CO.
· be convicted of grammar crimes.
If you're intrigued...
This is what to expect.